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i miss you glomping me

for =Emoticiety glomp contest :)

EDIT : ok i made the plz account :XD:
:iconineedaglompplz: :iconineedaglompplz: :iconineedaglompplz:
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This is excellent. The main emote is fantastic with plenty of detail packed into such a small space. the animation on this little guy is spot on, the tears and the nose rub could be lost given the blue colour, but they aren't and it works very well.

The glomp animation is also a really good rendering of a popular existing emote, not too long in it's appearance and the thought bubble is smooth to appear with a great pop ending. The only thing you *could* add to this would be a little shadow under the main guy, echoing the shadow's under the glomp characters, simply for consistancy. But you would be justified to omit that if you intended this emote to work against any background so this really is a very small issue.

all in all spot on! keep up the good work
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Bravo :clap: very well done!!
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thank you :aww: you'r right, just before saving it i deleted the shadow under the emoticon for the reason you said, usually i keep it, but this time i didn't because the main emoticon don't jump or walk, so i didn't think the shadow would be usefull! :)
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That’s how Pinkie Pie feels about Wander over yonder 
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this is me. That emote right there. It's me ;-;
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My boyfriend sent this to me when I wasn't on for 3 days.
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aaawww thats cute X3
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omg im srry XD
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But now I have a NEW one!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! XD
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who is he C:
but still YAAAAYY XD
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A boss guy named Chad.
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That is so sad...:(

Yes, yes you may! :manhug:
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Awww, this is sweeat :) I'll be using this for my boyfriend :( :XD:
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