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just a little new emoticon for the fun :meow:

EDIT : :iconcongratsplz::iconcongratsplz::iconcongratsplz:
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<img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconcongratsplz:" title="congratsplz"/> i have to say; this is one of your best icons yet!
i like the way the 'congrats' disaperas and then comes back, no just staying there or flashing.
i have some questions for you;

1] who are you giveing the congrats to?
2] how long did it take you?
3]how do you think YOU did??

Here come the things i think you should of done!!

1] make hte plumpy thing a different colour! something like purple or blue to match the word
2]the eyes to ahve more meening; i think the 2 dots are meaninless!

all i aahve to say is <img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconcongratsplz:" title="congratsplz"/>
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thank you for the critic :)
i don't know who i planned to congrats with this, i think it took me a little bit more than one hour
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your welcome!
i was wondering; do you make icons for other ppl?
if so; could oyu mak eone for me???
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i did make avatar icon before, but i stoped since some week because i got too much avatar request, and i couldn't make them all, so you can send me a note with you idea, but i can't promise to do it :aww: if you want something not to hard i could have a bit of time to make a try :)
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:congrats: this is a rellyy cute emote!
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*gasps* It works! :XD:
Yay! Nice job. :nod:
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nice, dA needed a plz acount that said congrats :meow:
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