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New emoticon :)

I was working on a battleship game yesterday that i made for my school, i did it using php and jQuery and i'm pretty happy with the result :phew: i will maybe make a journal to let my watcher try this game because this kind of work can't be uploaded on deviantart :)
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Personally, i love this emote. The way you basically constructed the emote is fantastic! I love the way the blue-purple emote keeps losing! Wait..... There are only a few things i have to gripe about.

-You must have rushed it a little bit! It looks a little bit to fast paced. Maybe try to make it a little slower, but the bomb is great.
-The blue-purple emotes facial expressions. His expressions don't really express the feeling! He is losing the game! And all of his ships are blowing up!

But, there are some things that i just adored!

-The mini explosion! The first time i say it, it made me flinch! It was really cool how it turned out.
-The game board. It actually looks like i'm looking right at it, watching them play battle ship!
-The pink emote. The way he just sits there looking innocent is really funny! I mean, he's blowing his friend up, for christ sake! And yet he looks so innocent!

All i have to say is keep up the good work!
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thank you for your critic on my work :)
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Your welcome!
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you sunk my battleship
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this is awesome!
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already its better than the movie
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This should of had a DD by now. :paranoid:
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lol :) why thank you :p but i don't think i'll get more DD, and i would prefer that my flash work was more featured as i already have alot of emoticon DD :)
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Yeah I think youtnew bunnies farm game should get a DD. :)
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Awesome idea! They look so cute playing battleship. I love how the blue one reacts, so cute.
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Just to let you know this emote was featured in the latest copy of So i herd u liek emotes?? :dummy:
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Vraiiiment drôle xD J'adorais jouer à Battleship quand j'étais jeune avec mon frère et ma soeur! :D
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oui c'est marrant :lol: merci
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Wow, awesome animation! It's very cool! :iconclap-plz:
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You're welcome :3
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