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i wanted to make something with some text effect :faint: maybe i did too much, i hide a bit the emoticon animation maybe :p
anyway hope you like it :aww:
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There are lots of emote-punches out there, but this is really something! The animation is wonderfully smooth and the "new" shading of yours is really adorable!

I realise that the point of this was to make something with text, but I really would have wanted it without the text. It's so obvious when the blue one starts blabbering away, so the "bla bla bla" isn't needed at all. I do really like the way you animated "uppercut" but I don't think that's needed either. The punch <is> an uppercut and so the text is only stating the obvious.

I would really love to see this without the text, but of course I really like at as it is now as well.

You have total control of the bounce and the shadow and the emotion - which we all can relate to of course - flows from there! <img src="…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart" />