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I Sense Cuteness in the Future

OOAK Espeon Amigurumi

I started to make all the eeveelutions, and while they are so darn cute, it was a pain in the butt design. If I were to ever do them again, I would use plastic pellets as filling, so they would be a little bit more floppy.

Crocheted, measures about 5" long
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Where's my sexy Umbreon?.. XD great job! ~
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I have started making the eeveelutions in this sort of design, but from a diffrent designer. I can not imagine making all of that for it to be 5 inches! Mine come out to ten inches.
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I use a smaller yarn (sport weight) for all my amigurumi. I like my amigurumi to be small! Small size, but lots of cuteness!
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This is so adorable good work!
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5" is TEENY!  and with so much detail... Excellent work!
And don't forget: if you can cobble together your notes into something reasonable, there are a TON of crafters who would love to buy a pattern :3
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I know >.< I'm just such a perfectionist, I hate releasing poorly written and designed patterns. I'm trying to convince myself it's ok to release patterns that aren't fully charted out! As that is the part that takes the longest, but I LOVE having charts, so I think my patterns should have them too.
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You do CHARTS for amigurumi?  I've only seen them for flat work o.O
I agree that charts are awesome, but I don't think they are necessary by any means.  Heaven knows my own pattern notes are sloppy, but with a little tlc, I'm sure that they could be cobbled into something understandable.  I'd be more than happy to test the pattern for you, even if it's just a rough draft!
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Awesome! I'll keep that in mind when I finally get off my lazy butt and write something! thanks!!
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Would you consider making some more? How much would you sell them for? I would love to buy one. :)
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I probably won't make anymore. I hate making things I don't enjoy as I love this hobby! I never want it to feel like a chore. In the future, if I ever have time, I might make a pattern for them.
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Sounds wonderful! :meow:
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