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Hetalia World Twinkle : Brunei and Singapore


- haha so has anyone seen season 6 yet? i have and it was awesome XD ( i just love the Nordics~ ) 
 i really had the urge to draw Brunei and Singapore together, so this is the result ^^ ( trying so hard to imitate the style just like in the series ) i'll continue to practice :) any tips on improvement will be highly appreciated ~w~
(( Singapore is not my original character, i just borrowed it (with permission lah) >w< I REALLY LIKE HIS DESIGN AW MAH GAWD :iconzxcvbnmplz: ))

Singapore (oc) by: NeJano

Brunei (oc) by: Meng-Chii
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This is so awesome i love it
ArmelleAvacado's avatar
What both Brunei and Singapore have in common? they both are rich and smol bebu :3
VRB14's avatar
how rich we talkin
iiCrystalix's avatar
Me when I first take a glance at this: Woah is this an extra episode I didn't see this before what

Me when I click this: holy how is this possible-- so similar-- what-

So well drawn .o. keep up the good work >w<
Meng-Chii's avatar
Ahh thank you so much! XD
iiCrystalix's avatar
You're welcome ^^
S-prinkIes's avatar
I'm from Brunei and this makes me happy >w<
And yeah,I have cousins at Singapore,I is suu happy ;w;
VRB14's avatar
What are people from Brunei like?
Meng-Chii's avatar
I'm glad to make you happy XD
Simply-Prussia's avatar
You draw just like the anime! I wonder what prussia would say?
Meng-Chii's avatar
He'd probs deny those two :iconheplz:

( Ohh, and thanks! ^^ )
Simply-Prussia's avatar
Yeah but Malaysia will have a different story I bet.

(You are welcome I luv the nordics too and have a nice day)
Liebschtein's avatar
Wow, and here I thought it was real... #speechless 
Meng-Chii's avatar
ahah I'm still trying to improve but thanks XD
Archiblitz's avatar
I actually thought this was a real screenshot, elated that Hetalia finally made this bro's debut. Imagine the disappointment when it's just a cool artist's art, but I really like how you imitate the style so well :'D 

Malaysia's actually a female tho, official design came out already -->…
Akiraka-chan's avatar
Nope, actually it's not the official design, It's just Himaruya's Malaysian friend or something
Archiblitz's avatar
Where did you get that? The written text next to Malaysia depicts her personality, meaning she's a fiction character. She may be inspired by a friend, but it isn't a drawing for a friend if he puts in with other country's potential designs and even inserts character data along.
Akiraka-chan's avatar…

Not entirely sure if it's a friend or his image of Malaysians 
It's not an "official" design and that's for sure

So, Malaysia is not officially a female
Archiblitz's avatar
Before I say anything, I thought it'd be okay to let you know that I didn't really think she was official, as of like America's official design, yeah, or even manga-official like India. I just meant it as potentially official, but I probably got that wrong (never write things at midnight, kids.) Anyhow, in the other hand, it shouldn't be that they are just portraits of his friend. I can clear that, because; the characters in the strip were specifically described. I'm not sure if you can read Japanese or not- or had seen a translated version, but it is described characteristically, from designs to basic behaviors. Hence, I'm very sure she is a potential character design (not necessarily representing Malaysia, mind you,) and not a friend or whatsoever.
Akiraka-chan's avatar
Sorry if I came off rude or something, I'm just quite sensitive when it comes to people saying Malaysia is officially a female-
It's just my opinion that I didn't like my country to be portrayed as a female ^^;
But if Hima decided to do that, I'll just be with it 

I can read Japanese and I've seen the translation as well
That "friend of Hima's" was a mistake, sorry about that. Please do forgive me. 
Yes, she's a potential one like Portugal, which later turns out to be relatively cheerful instead of a grumpy face lol

But my whole point is, you wrote 

"Malaysia's actually a female tho, official design came out already"
But that's a...quite old comment so... I don't know if you realize that- 
Yeah, I guess you did somehow? 

I'm not arguing about the fact about if that design is a friend or a potential character design 
I'm just pointing out that it's not official haha :XD: Sorry if I mistaken you with the way I spoke
Archiblitz's avatar
I can be really straightforward without logic, so I hope you can excuse that attribute of mine. It causes a lot of misconceptions xD And no fears, I didn't think you were aggressive at all. In the end, we did clear out a few misunderstandings we had, so all's great.

Anyhow, I do want to point out that there may be two Malaysias'. There's the mainland and Borneo. At least to my perception and perspective, I believe Borneo would be a male, a brother to Brunei and Singapore. Borneo is also much more 'carefree' in a way compared to the mainland, hence I suggest that mainland would be female, as mainland undergoes much more work, bringing up a sort-of business personality, yet she is actually considerable playful and cheerful- Kampong spirit, yo.

I would always see mainland fighting with sister Indonesia XD (We know how much this two bubs rivals in reality, yet they end up looking like they have a mini siblings rivalry instead :'D)
Akiraka-chan's avatar
Hahah that's good :la: 

Well, honestly, in my opinion, I see 2 representations for a country would be in case, if they have a different culture, like the Italy Brothers.
I wouldn't say I know East Malaysia (North Borneo) too well to discuss about if there's culture difference or not
But yeah I could see what you said, considering Mainland is more...Kampong→City-typed person whereas Borneo is more Kampong lol :XD: 
It's kinda a confusing topic if you were to discuss if there should be 1 or 2 representations for Malaysia

XDDD Sibling Rivalry between Indonesia & Malaysia is the best

Tbh, with the "shipping" system in the fandom, It'll be kinda hard to decide which gender should Malaysia be, considering the fact that it's an Islamic country and ofc, no Yaoi ships lmao
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