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Seramyu Super Sailor Chibimoon



Musical version of Super Sailor Chibimoon.

My favourite senshi, which explains the amount of Chibimoon drawings in the Sailormoon category in my gallery :)
Back in December 2002 I also drew Chibimoon in a similar pose - here. Good thing I improved a bit XD

Others in this series:
-Sailor Moon
-Sailor Chibimoon
-Sailor Mercury
-Sailor Mars
-Sailor Venus
-Sailor Jupiter
-Sailor Neptune
-Sailor Uranus
-Sailor Saturn
-Sailor Pluto
-Artemis, Luna and Diana

My own characters:
-Sailor Libra
-Sailor Moonplanet

Other people's characters:
-Sailor Rose
-Sailor Glacium

Drawn for the SoCal project.
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looking good; and in the myu she wears purple?