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Seramyu Super Sailor Chibimoon

Musical version of Super Sailor Chibimoon.

My favourite senshi, which explains the amount of Chibimoon drawings in the Sailormoon category in my gallery :)
Back in December 2002 I also drew Chibimoon in a similar pose - here. Good thing I improved a bit XD

Others in this series:
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My own characters:
-Sailor Libra
-Sailor Moonplanet

Other people's characters:
-Sailor Rose
-Sailor Glacium

Drawn for the SoCal project.
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looking good; and in the myu she wears purple?
mene's avatar
Pinkish purple actually - [link] .
My drawing has two layers of pink and one of reddish purple (I have one blueish purple and one reddish purple), but it was still a bit more purple than on the photo.
kittyocean's avatar
Ah, so that's why. Did you already manage to use the paint I gave you?
mene's avatar
Yes, I used it in the Mercury drawing :)
kittyocean's avatar
Oh cool; which colour? the blue? which paint? XP
mene's avatar
The blue indeed XD It was used for Mercury's hair.
kittyocean's avatar
waaaai! did it work as nice for you as it worked for me?
mene's avatar
The structure of the paint wasn't what I expected (when I started using more layers of it), but I still have to try the other two paints. It gives a nice colour though :)
laprasek's avatar
I think you've found your style of drawing, compared to the old picture :)
Chibimoon is one of my favourite senshi XD Although I kinda like all of them.
mene's avatar
Probably :) That old picture was art17 and this image is art339... (though not all inbetween drawings are drawn in manga style)
Flamy-Star's avatar
The change I see here is an improvement of anatomy compared to the old drawing (duh xD)
The only thing is that she looks really static >3>

For the rest, well done :)
mene's avatar
That's her standard pose ;)
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