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Seramyu Sailor Moonplanet



My senshi character Sailor Moonplanet and Epona (the small unicorn) in Seramyu style. I wonder how they'd do Epona's glowing, floating ball on stage XD

I drew this image on the same page of my sketchbook as this Inuyasha image. Same white hair XD But I had already thought up my character and her hair colour before I knew Inuyasha existed.

Moonplanet site: [link]

The rest in this series:
-Sailor Moon
-Sailor Chibimoon
-Sailor Mercury
-Sailor Mars
-Sailor Venus
-Sailor Jupiter
-Sailor Neptune
-Sailor Uranus
-Sailor Pluto
-Artemis, Luna and Diana

My own characters:
-Sailor Libra
-Sailor Moonplanet

Other people's characters:
-Sailor Rose
-Sailor Glacium
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I think they will use fishline :) From a distance, you wouldn't see that!

Yay! New art from you! And awesome art as well!