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Dark Souls wallpaper

Just experimenting with cropped pics.
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Dude, that looks epic!

Artorias La 
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Oh gosh! I love how awesome it looks * T*)/)
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I never saw a closeup picture of Manus, geez, he looks mean!

I mean he is that already, a big monster with a huge left and magic, oh boy. Fighting him solo is a pain.

Nice work as always, ah, whom I kidding, awesome work!
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This piece just blew my fuckin' mind man, no joke. Dark Souls is my number one game and seeing this high is just mind blowing. I just smoked the sickest shit I ever smoked so the mind blow is real yo.
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hey man, I really love your artworks, keep it up!
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Will do, thanks :)
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From Left to Right.






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bad ass wallpaper ^^
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no problem ^^ 
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Simply Amazing. Gwyn looks like a boss! well done.
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here's my next wallpaper-awesome job!
Kalix5's avatar! **
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Great work, like always!
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Fantastic work as usual :)
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This is great.
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Seriously, there needs to be more Kirk fanart.
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Yeah, what gives? First he gets friendzoned by the Fair Lady, then the fans ignore him. Being Kirk is suffering.
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