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Dark Souls: Ornstein and Artorias

Try this for a boss fight.
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well without Smoug there shouldn't be any backstab xD
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Amazing work! I would dread to face this duo.
imagine if these 2 worked together then i would probably bust some buttons on my controller 
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This boss fight would be amazing, especially since my friend and I cosplay in-game as Chester and the Elite Knight.
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Some one make a video of Ornstien and Artorias sparing with there weapons in front of gwynevere as her amusement
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how about no. Because raging to the point of suicide isnt on my list of things to due in life
Holy crap this is awesome! So I had a question: Me and my friend are starting a Video Game Channel on Youtube called Soulless Gamers (10 points if you can figure out why) and we would love to see if we can use this drawing as our channel cover art. Don't worry we intend to give you full credit for the work. Regardless of the answer keep up the good work.
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Sure, go ahead.
Thanks you're the best!
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No, These two are nightmares to begin with. Fighting them at the same time is terror incarnate.
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yo I'm just letting you know I'm using this image for a vote thing I'am giving you FULL credit for the image if you don't want me to use it just let me know and I'll take it down
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I literally played online with a guy who dressed as artorias and I went as Ornstein. It was awesome because our weapons complemented each other.
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..........DAMN GOOD MAN!!!
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no From, this is going too far! Although they would make pretty awesome Summons XD
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Welp, I just changed my wallpaper. Looks fantastic!
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I showed this to my buddy and said they'd replace smough with arty. At first he was excited, and then he was horrified.
I feel so very very sorry for whatever's about to fight them...
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i love them and i hate them. i don't know if that even make sense.
awesome work man.
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