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Dark Souls / Demon's Souls: Vile Knights

Lautrec, Creighton and Yurt, the villainous knights of the Souls series.
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I always had a soft spot for Creighton, that dirty bastitch lol

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The way you did Creighton's eyes is amazing and terrifying, it's like he's staring into my soul and would say "I will kill you one day" very nice. Shame I never played Demon's Souls and encounter Yurt. He looks epic.
And in DS3 while you could argue its leonhardt, the true murderer can be you, should you choose to kill orbeck for Yuria and/ or kill the fire keeper at the end after giving her the eyes. Mind blown.
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Undead Criminals!
I'm dubious about your choice of dark souls 2 character as neither are really trustworthy or shown to be villainous, thought he is the knight and the other guy probably would be a bit out of place...
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Creighton is revealed as a full-on psychopathic murderer in DS3. He counts.
So who is the DS3 nasty knight? I think that sunless realm mound maker guy.
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I want Creighton's armor in DS3 so bad
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Well did you found it yet?
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Yeah I just recently got it you get it on the bridge after he invades you after you help Sirris kill him
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I know.
Needed to be in NG+ for that 'cause Sirris Quest is easy fucked if you join any Covernant.
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It took me more NG+s than it should have because it took me a long time to notice you're not supposed to help Sirris after killing Sulyvahn
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Well you just need to help her at the Bridge.
the afflicted beggar would fit right in with these jackasses, and then leonhardt would have the company of another lunatic (get it? 'cause the root word is "luna", meaning moon? and the beggar is from bloodborne, while leonhardt is a bloodborne expy with moon magic?)
but....but why?

why would someone say something mean.....on the internet?

i just don't understand........

also, the asterisks on either side is a kind of awful stylistic choice. standard keyboards need better symbols. 
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Do you play dark souls 1?
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I kinda like Lautrec and Creighton, still have to play Demon Souls, though
So good, who are the guy in the middle and right out of interest?
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Creighton (Dark Souls 2) in the middle, Yurt (Demon's Souls) on the right.
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God DAMN that's a clever idea and a nice picture too.Also this is my wallpaper now
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It's interesting...

Demon Souls we have Yurt, a psychopath who aims to murder all humans in Balataria.
Dark Souls is Lautrec, who murders people, and an innocent firekeeper for his Goddess.
Dark Souls 2 we have Creighton, a murderer from Mirrah who wishes to murder Pate. Whether he's in the wrong or right, there's no doubt he's vile.
And even in Bloodborne we have the Abhorrent Beast who murders everyone in the chapel, even if not by his own will. (or you could argue Brador to fill this post)

... what about Dark Souls 3 though? We have yet to see a successor to Yurt and Lautrec's character archtype.
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Well I guess it's Leonhard, he sort of bamboozles you when he kills Rosaria and takes her soul, similar to Lautrec.
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True, but I don't feel like Leonhard is a psychopath who you find locked up in a cage...


But yeah, he does surprise us there when he does that thing, but I don't feel like he's that sadistic, psychotic bastard level that Yurt, Lautrec and Creighton are.
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