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This is a fanclub for our beloved men of Final Fantasy, for both - the Heroes and Villians!

All work must feature a male character from Final Fantasy so pairings and groups with females are allowed as long as there is one male character shown.
However please no character or pairing bashing~

Please put all submissions into the right folder from the start, fanfiction must go into the fanfiction folder.
Cosplay can go into the catagory that fits the photograph best.
All Crossovers with any final fantasy series must go into the crossover section.
If you have any problems putting them in, please feel free to ask me!

Last but not least please try to avoid copy frames, unfortunately we can not accept bad quality!

Now I wish everyone a lot of fun~

Your FlockeInc





Hey guys~

So what do you think about doing a contest like every month or so? I would announce the theme every month and you have time to submit your art. I will then decide the winner and he or she will get a llama or something else like points or a request (so we also need ppl who would donate). So what do you think? Good idea, bad idea? :D
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I'm pretty open with affiliates, but please no groups that bash another character, or pairings.


VINCENT VALENTINE BY CAELPHER by Caelpher VINCENT VALENTINE BY CAELPHER :iconcaelpher:Caelpher 150 17 Mighty Cloud by TheRealSneakers Mighty Cloud :icontherealsneakers:TheRealSneakers 0 0 A calm Squall by TheRealSneakers A calm Squall :icontherealsneakers:TheRealSneakers 0 1 Fantasy Star by NamuChan Fantasy Star :iconnamuchan:NamuChan 320 34 FF5 x FF7- Faris and Cloud by meru-chan FF5 x FF7- Faris and Cloud :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 2,563 266 Welcome Back Riku by rubyd Welcome Back Riku :iconrubyd:rubyd 5,718 931 Cloud Strife- Forgiveness by xXExenoratedXx Cloud Strife- Forgiveness :iconxxexenoratedxx:xXExenoratedXx 159 47 Vincent Valentine Stipple Art by Koshain Vincent Valentine Stipple Art :iconkoshain:Koshain 6 2 KADAJ by SHINOKAZI09 KADAJ :iconshinokazi09:SHINOKAZI09 15 9 Comm-Sephiroth FF VII by SHINOKAZI09 Comm-Sephiroth FF VII :iconshinokazi09:SHINOKAZI09 43 10 Noctis Lucis Caelum by Lord-Nadjib Noctis Lucis Caelum :iconlord-nadjib:Lord-Nadjib 119 41 Don't You Go Dying On Me by CL0CHE Don't You Go Dying On Me :iconcl0che:CL0CHE 487 48 Balthier by SabrinaFranek Balthier :iconsabrinafranek:SabrinaFranek 18 0 Vincent by KalePaksi Vincent :iconkalepaksi:KalePaksi 5 0 Cloud Strife SacAnime 2011 by hugyucom Cloud Strife SacAnime 2011 :iconhugyucom:hugyucom 15 0

Gallery Folders

Final Fantasy I
Light VS Chaos by Dzoan
Warrior of Light Doodle by eveneechan
Final Fantasy I Monk by DenzelAJackson
Final Fantasy II
+Prize+ Firion by Getemono
Dreamer by Ro-ul
Sketch WIP 5- The Emperor Mateus by WizzardFye
Final Fantasy III
Don't worry! by shizonek
Final Fantasy III - Luneth by ArtofMilee
FF3: Ingus by Aerinyxx
Ingus Casts Shadowflare! by TheClassyDinoBat
Final Fantasy IV
Cecil the Paladin - Final Fantasy 4 by PleasePleasePepper
Golbez by ManuSauci
Kain Highwind by Wind-Goddess-Eri
Cecil Harvey by Wind-Goddess-Eri
Final Fantasy V
Bartz Klauser:White Mist Cape by ClaireRoses
Final Fantasy V : Bartz Klauser by ArtofMilee
Chibi Bartz by ClaireRoses
Exdeath by miniVictor
Final Fantasy VI
Gambler by SunakoNakahara1990
Final Fantasy VI: Sabin Lineart by Dark-Bahamut-Zero
A gambling vagabond by ManuSauci
Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Strife (Portrait) by Zelengeist
Sephiroth   general of shinra by akonyah
Cloud and Tifa by Scarlet---Sky
Cloud Strife by OpalOccultist
Final Fantasy VIII
Thinking... by shizonek
Inner thoughts with Squall by Rin-Lyn
Bolt out of the Blue - Family outing at the mall by Lunael
Final Fantasy IX
Chibi Ziddy by 7marichan7
Zidane by selph-styled
XMAS 2017 Santa black mage by 7marichan7
Final Fantasy X
FFX - Seymour Guado by Midorisa
Final Fantasy XII
KING OF THE SEA, A FFXII Fanfiction by airbendergal
Final Fantasy XIII
Lightning and Fang plushie version by Momoiro-Botan
Final Fantasy XIII Type 0 - Agito
Kurasame Susaya - Final Fantasy Type-0 by Aneurin847
Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Ardyn Izunia by NamiyaKou
Other FF Games, Tatics, XI, XIV
Episode Prompto by Secretie
Warming pad 2 by EBirchalle

Mature Content

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Hey guys. Are you active? I was trying to submit my following drawing(s) and they got expired
Warrior of Light by SohruKurisutaru   Squall Leonhart by SohruKurisutaru   Noctis Lucis Caelum by SohruKurisutaru   Kingdom Hearts Squall Leonhart by SohruKurisutaru  
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Cloud and Sephiroth by kevinsbrush  '~'!
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The board game Final Hearts is a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts cross over game at JCINK, set in the world of Terra, where all the worlds are countries and easily accessible by things such as airships, boats, planes, and so on. Our story currently uses Kingdom Heart's darkness plot but will snowball into other things as time goes on. The lifestream is also spitting out dead nobodies, dreams and the dead themselves. Meaning you can play anyone who died. Please head over to our humble game, click on the forum Onto a Prelude and read through the information. We also welcome original characters as well. Thank you. <3
Jiubeck Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! Hey guys,
currently I am doing an "art give away". The first 10 people responding get free drawings of their choice by me for free.
Hope to see ya.
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   Noctis of Lucis - FFXV by Forty-Fathoms

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May we affiliate? :iconfinalfantasy-ix:
GoreChick Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015
Arent original characters allowed? Like from ffxiv?
Pomjo07 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hi all
I'm a new recruit to this group. How's everyone doing?
GoreChick Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
I take it you dont accept mature art? Couldnt find any rules about it
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Can I submit the genderbent version of the female characters?
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