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Lab Notebook

By Memzee
Just an updated version of an icon I made a few months ago.

It's being used as the icon for 'Lab Assistant' when the developers get round to it, but you guys can get a sneak preview and use it as an icon for whatever you want. :)

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May I please get the .psd for this? Thanks and great work
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wow this is great. but i was wondering if there was any way of getting rid of that spill. can you release a version without the spill please
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PNG for those of us who dont have Mac's
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Oh wow, fantastic update! I still don't know what application this is, and I know I can Google it, but whatever. Great icon! ^^

Thank you. (:
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I've been using it for a few month now and wanted to thank you, it's an awesome icon.
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I love this! In use now, on my Experiments folder. Thanks!
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Nice update. What I didn't like about the liquid has been improved. Nice job on the details.
OMG, this is a great icon for my actual labnotes!

Keep up the good work and thank you!
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nice work on this icon.
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That's a really nice job. I think the beaker looks a little 2D, though. Just my observation.
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So great mate, thanks for the hardwork!
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Much, much better. Great work on the liquid and the beaker now looks awesome
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