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Sobek ver Arianrhod for HobbesPrime


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Commission for :iconhobbesprime: in 3 outfits.

Edit: Here's her description, she's a Skyrim character that's not from around there (hence the different wardrobe).

Name: Sobek ver Arianrhod
Height: 5'10"
Eye color: Amber
Hair color: Chestnut

The illegitimate daughter of Arianrhod ver Marlui and an unknown father; exiled from her homeland subsequent to her arrival in Hammerfell sometime during the first quarter of 4th Era year 191. She is known to possess a wide range of skills including but not limited to fluency in several languages, a talent for diplomacy, and use of the broadsword, with which she is said to be highly proficient. Believed to have close ties to both the Dragonborn and the leader of the Stormcloak Rebellion.
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oh damn, that's a great one.

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Congratulations, you are definitely an artist who honors patrons. All beautiful, the details are incredible, every single scale of the armor, every embroidered feather of the dress are perfectly legible and accurate.

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The only thing which does not change are the boots.

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Boots. Boots never change.

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It's a cold climate. Everyone needs fuzzy boots to keep their tootsies toasty! And, yes, she's probably wearing them under her court clothes so her toes don't get frostbitten.

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I couldn’t be more pleased! She came out beautifully, and I love all the little details, like the silver threads in the lining of her gown. Thank you so much for accepting the commission, and for making it such an extraordinary process. 💖
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I'm very happy to know that you're pleased both with the final result and with the process!

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hey Mine! it is good to see you again, great work on this one

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Thanks! I had some family matters to attend so I couldn't draw for around a month, hence the long absence...

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looking forward to more art soon

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