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No right to complain as I did this to myself. Had all of these opulently detailed characters (one of them is not mine, but still) and then realized the problem of painting all of them in the same picture. I started that in July! Well, didn't work on it all the time, but still, it was quite some time ago.

So anyway this is for my my fiance who wanted a picture of his character (here's a pervious picture of him:… ) interacting with this one of mine.

In context, his character was the person who made the mechanical parts of the carrier centaur (… ) and also crafted the armor. So he's technically gifting her this steed.

And she's actually the entity whose cage it carries, but the cage doesn't really serve to confine her. Her regular form actually looks like this (… )

But she gained a bit more power and control over her physical body so she's able to take on a human form. Usually it's the same color as her regular form (as in this picture :… ) but when she really tries she's able to gain a more humanlike color scheme (like here:… ). 

His character has recently become unusually fascinated by her after waking up from a coma, after getting transported into another dimension. She finds this newfound enthusiasm and attention quite confusing. As for the environment, it's uh, part of his nebulously described art collection.
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