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Dashed hopes

By MeMyMine
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Nobody had expected that Tanya even owned swimwear. 

And this is my first try in making large images with clean lineart. Much easier to paint. This is really odd to me.
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I can't get over how ridiculous this is. Keep up the satire!
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I was reading this today at work and snorting a lot xD i love how you crusade to point out how ridiculous female fantasy armors are, the world needs more people pointing it out. As to the comic itself it was quite a surprise to see this type of content from you. It looks very fine though and it's great that you challenge yourself to work different stuff, like black and white comic pages. Who knows maybe we'll see colorful comic page from you once too xD you surely have the skill <3
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Crusade sounds a bit too serious, I just mention it occasionally... okay maybe more often that I should. 

Well I did some color pages back in 2011 I think, over sketches. However stuff happened and I didn't get around to finishing the sequence with the entire subplot, did 10-11 of them. So recently I took them back offline as they were very outdated regarding my skills and newer pages would clash and older pages would need rehaul and it's of no use. At least the original pages had the first more detailed drawing of the character that is on my tumblr avatar. Initially she was going to be an extra but I really liked how she turned out.

But inked pages like this are easy peasy to just color. Coloring over sketches is much faster than inking and adjusting the sketches for me, when i paint I do more precise lineart only on places that are really important for me, like faces and slowly paint over the rough sketches of the rest. I don't even clean the faces fully before paint, when you start building up volume you notice stuff on the sketch much easier, such as how stylized it actually is but in 2d it feels more realistic.
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I meant it as a compliment xD to me its somewhat crusadish because youre the only person I've ever seen pointing it out (sure there is this general opinion that women are sexualised in riduculous ways in fantasy but i dont often see such posts, guess im not following many people xD).

I was painting the way you describe, over sketch with lines only to emphasise needed places but im a beginner with no idea about shading so no volume can be built, also i don't know anatomy well enough yet so i just go round in circles and it takes hours on hours. So i stopped trying to paint for now. First i need to learn proper anatomy and lineart, clothes, light sources... xDD at least i already learnt to get poses down quicker.
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The style as always is beyond beautiful, but it seems you have gotten trapped into my trap of comic making. Over extending a joke sometimes backfires. Still the style is good enough to just overshadow that backhanded complain of mine. 
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Yeah i put too much plot around the joke even though I'm not so likely to have a continuation regarding where are these guys sailing to and what's with the instrument and what about fighting. Although I know the answers but they're irrelevant to the joke itself.
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