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It's done!
HE HE by Memuii
Now I'll have to find a way how to simplify this hellspawn because I feel like my brain is melting each time I draw him.

Deity by BU-MP
Registered name: Fénix (means Phoenix in Slovak)
Nicknames: Nix
Gender: Stallion
Age: 17
Type: Classique
Height: 18hh/ 182 cm
Phenotype: Modern Metallique Extended Draco Extended Plumes with Ancients' Blessing of Fire
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCr/nPchm/Bfb/nDrcex/nPlmex
Birthstone: Titanite and Smoky Quartz
Breeding Anomalies: Narwhal Horn, Feather Wings, Dual Stone, Alternate Birthstone I
Birth Defects: n/a
Foal Design: V226 Fénix

------------------------------------------ SSS: G141 Rosien
----------------- SS: G258 Lolipop
------------------------------------------ SSD: G101 Inaria
Sire: K306 Revi
------------------------------------------ SDS: B117 SR's Souk
----------------- SD: G443 BSS The Swan Princess
------------------------------------------ SDD: F386 Artemis

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: B217 SR's Flameth
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Also related to: 
A419 SR's Burlesque
A272 Phaerl 
B212 SR's Koba
D133 SR's Vanille Surprise
B252 Halcone di Vetro
C283 Felicie
A199 Bashful Narcissism
A332 SR's Asteria

Breeding Slots (unlimited): Bullet; Green Open to slot trades or for 5BP to any of my non-Berserker Batailles! ;-; 

1. OfDarkestFantasies - Dam: R068 Her Majesty, Empress Quilin - Twins: x - x
2. (useable) LupinHallow - Dam: x - Foal: x
3. (useable) Smallgremlin - Dam: x - Foal: x
4. (useable) Memuii - Dam: x - Foal: x
5. (useable) Memuii - Dam: x - Foal: x
6. (useable) KlairneyArts - Dam: x - Foal: x
7. (useable) Ciy-chan  - Dam: Y155 Arielle - Foal: x
8. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x

V226 Plaque by BU-MP

(Boucle magic) Fire, Illusion (for his humanoid form - change is only visual and not physical but can appear more human = remove feathers, tail, scales or wings)
(other realm magic) Transformation (change is not only visual but also physical, all visual characteristics carry over to his new form and none can be removed)

Personality (identical for Boucle realm)Fénix lacks the vanity of his father and older brother but is as much (if not a bit more) reckless and daring. He never hesitates to act when action (even the smallest one) is required, be it in a face of danger or in his ordinary life and relationships. He always tries to see things for what they truly are and judge them accordingly though he's not much of a thinker and tends to simplify everything. Because of this, he believes anything is possible, all mistakes (of which he can do quite many) can be fixed in some way and you don't have to be who you were yesterday. He refuses to give up and because of his youth can be a bit naive but having a healthy sense of self he can quickly learn from his mistakes and better himself.

Random facts: Nix was an odd foal growing up and terrible at making connections. It was a colt named Hermés that befriended him and to this day they remain best friends. They both met Lion later in life.
(non-Boucle Transformation magic) Nix has a born talent for transformation magic and it has manifested very early in his life just adding to his weirdness. He was often seen running around partly transformed making everyone around just a little creeped out. Nowadays he partly transforms only for laughs in front of his friends.
(Boucle Illusion magic) Nix can use illusion to appear as something (or someone) else than he is but if you happen to bump into him = the part of him you can't see because of illusion, he gets knocked out of it. Because of that, he's very careful when and how he uses this magic.
Nix is a city unicorn and sometimes you can see him soaring above the buildings.
He got recently employed by The Helpers Guild.
Nix likes Calla Lilies, they are also, like his name, a symbol of rebirth. c:
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KlairneyArts's avatar

Hi, do you have a plan to open slots? And what is the price? 🧡

Memuii's avatar

Ah, I forgot to update his ref, but yes, his slots are open for slot trades or for 5BP to any of my Batailles. ;v;

KlairneyArts's avatar

Ooooh can I take one slot then? :D

Memuii's avatar

Sure! Do you want to do a slot trade or art? ;w;

KlairneyArts's avatar

If you want slot from any of my boucle that's okay, but If not I'll do art! :3

Memuii's avatar

I think I'd be interested in a slot to T075 Calcite once he's in the group and if that would be okay with you. I always liked his design and had no idea he's now yours. ;w;

KlairneyArts's avatar

Oh, yeah, I trade T075 with whitehund for another geno ^^ and it's okay! I'll mark you :D

Memuii's avatar

I've marked you down as well! ;w; Thank you for the trade and good luck!

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Memuii's avatar

Thank you! c:

PoisonSoldat's avatar

Boucles are a curse, they look really awesome and fancy, but then you got to draw them... :lmao:

Honestly, Fénix looks dropdead gorgeous, I also like the idea for transformation!

Memuii's avatar

You got that right. They are a very lovable curse. xD

And thank you! c: I always thought of my Boucles more as a humans so I guess giving them an actual humanoid form is a natural progression. xD

PoisonSoldat's avatar

Indeed they are :')

Ahh I see, it makes sense ^^

Ouroboros-BySam's avatar

"Now I'll have to find a way how to simplify this hellspawn because I feel like my brain is melting each time I draw him."

I feel that! I created a character for a comic thing I'm drawing who's got like seven tentacles o.o And they're not retractable or anything they're always, like.. there, doin stuff. Like dang every time I draw this dude I gotta figure out what seven other arms are doing DX why did I do this to myself?!?!?!?

That said your design looks super rad and shiny!!!

FatCatDoesArt's avatar

Yes finally! Thank you for taking my name suggestion!

Memuii's avatar

You're welcome! c:

OfDarkestFantasies's avatar

Ahhhh yes! He's reffed!

R068 Her Majesty, Empress Quilin

Each month I plan to breed Quilin to one magnificent AB stallion using a twin reward, I've already done February and April--would I be able to use him with Quilin for the month of July? (Smoky Quartz and other brown birthstones!) One twin would be yours to keep! Would that be okay with you?

Memuii's avatar

Yes, that would be okay. I want to do a Boucle Academy Foal Classes with him so that's a plenty of time to do them. c:

Also, I don't know if you want to use any pralines (for example guarantee a gene for AB's), but in case you do I can provide some.

OfDarkestFantasies's avatar

I like seeing what RNG spits out normally, but if you have two Guarantee a gene pralines we can ensure both ABs pass from both parents!

Memuii's avatar

I see and I have, I'll get them transferred to you asap! c:

OfDarkestFantasies's avatar

Hey! Just want to confirm that I can send in the breeding between him and Quilin this month to get our twins!

Memuii's avatar

Absolutely! c: His foal classes were confirmed done so he's ready to go.

OfDarkestFantasies's avatar

Okay, sent! Can't wait to see what we get!

Mocarro's avatar

You do have a soft spot for fancy horses :D Super handsome kid, mind-blowing design :3

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