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U279 Algiz

Elmo en llamas 
*wheezes* Another weekend, another ref.
I'm going to confuse you all for which I apologize. My Boucles now live double lives. I had to move their story from Unicornia to another world because when I started to write a script for their story I realized I would need to ask a lot of questions, and while that could be okay I started to worry that doing an elaborate story in Unicornia might later backfire. I don't want anyone to think I own the world of Unicornia or that I represent what's the group about. I know the founders are very kind people but I also feel that everyone has their limits and my zeal can get a bit much. Plus all my stories so far crumbled on the fact that they were happening in the world of someone else and I had to start making things up to fill the gaps where info just wasn't available. I don't want to repeat my mistakes and waste your or my time. 
This doesn't mean I'll be leaving Boucles or anything, it simply means that I will now use my Boucle designs outside of the group where I'm not obliged to follow the rules of the design (for example by genetics Algiz was born with a permanent stone 'mask' but outside of the group this mask is an accessory that can be removed or altered). These references still follow the official requirements up until personality where I already placed the character into their new home. I am a dummy! 

Sorcerer by BU-MP
Registered name: Algiz
Nicknames: Stenbjørn, Clan Father (title) 
Gender: Stallion
Age: 60
Type: Classique
Height: 18hh/ 182 cm
Phenotype: Albino Classic Metallique Joker Masquerade Étoile Tache Björn with Ancients' Blessing of Stone (True Kirin)
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCr/nPch/Bsb/nDeB/nJo/nMs/nEt/nTch/(tK)
Birthstone: Black Opal
Breeding Anomalies: Albino, True Kirin
Birth Defects: n/a
Foal Design: U279 Algiz

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: A008 SE Judicael
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: A070 | SR's Perses
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: A012 Sylvaine
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: P412 | SR's Clover
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Breeding Slots: Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Closed!

1. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
2. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
3. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
4. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
5. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
6. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x

U279 Plaque by BU-MP

Earth, Stone

Personality/Backstory: Algiz is the Clan Father of Kara Azir, a stronghold located in the north of Laria. His role is to protect the clan from all physical harm and he takes this task very seriously. He became Clan Father at the age of 36 after the war took the life of the previous Father. 
There is not much to say about Algiz, he's a very calm and silent individual who embraces his position. His actions are controlled and he lives to lead by example. During his life, he became a father-figure to many young lads and lasses and is widely respected by outside leaders and members of other strongholds. 

(Backstory in Boucle realm: Algiz lives with his sister near Unresting Hills. He travels a lot discovering all the secret spots of the Hills. During one of his travels he found Gyldir stuck in glacier and freed him. Gyldir was injured so he took him to his sister which helped him heal. From that time Algiz became Gyldir's mentor and they spent lots of time together wandering through Hills. He taught him everything there was about Boucles and Unicornia. He teaches the guild scouts how to survive in harsh environments.) 

Random facts: Because of the injury to his vocal cords, his voice sounds very raspy. He doesn't talk often and is always very brief.
He was a surrogate father and a mentor to Gyldir.
His twin sister Jera is a Clan Mother = spiritual guide.
The heraldic emblem of Kara Azir is that of peace, protection, strength and generosity.
He is one of the founders of the helpers guild.

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Omg I love this boy 😍 his Mumma and Pappa love him very much in every universe

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This ref is amaze! I really love these character refs you’ve made recently! <3 I just wanna say this would be 100% approved in the boucle group, mask, world and all ;)
Memuii's avatar

Aaaah thank you! ;v; I honestly wasn't sure if it's okay to share art of Boucles we use as OCs elsewhere but when I think about it now it's quite silly to think we can't. :dummy:

DonPurrleone's avatar

I get the worries! I get worried too about silly things xD <3

ToffiARPG's avatar

ooooh, i had a semular idea some months ago, but i coudn't see me trying to get the Story working cx

Such a lovely Designe and Ref art <3

Memuii's avatar

Thank you! c:

Unicornia is such a nice world and I have no doubt I'll be revisiting it now and then to soak it's good energy. I really love all the deities so maybe I'll just do a mini comic including all the things I like. Day56 - Happy Cry

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That is a really awesome ref and character!

Memuii's avatar

Thank you! c:

LupinHallow's avatar

What an awesome design! Just wanna let you know that everything you said is a-okay, the group allows them to be used as OCS/as whatever the heck you want really!

Memuii's avatar

Thank you! c: I knew we are allowed to do that and it's the thing I absolutely love about the group, though I wasn't sure if we can share art of Boucles that we use as OCs within the group. But guess they are still Boucles so its just my silly brain overthinking stuff. XD

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I am going to have to learn more ways to say something is amazing causeeeee <333333333333333

Also your creativity with your boucle designs is great!!! :D

Memuii's avatar

In that case I should find some creative ways to say thank you... so eh um cheers I guess! xD

These designs are honestly so challenging with all dem genes I don't like. xD

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One day I want your illustration skills ;o; The way you can create such a huge variety of objects, settings, and scenery so flawlessly and at multiple perspectives and angles is incredible and I aspire to it :love:

Memuii's avatar

Thank you! c:

This boy's face was a challenge. Having a bear's head over horse's head and make it fit so that it doesn't look absolutely weird (I think it still looks weird, mainly from front because the head shapes just don't fit together very well but I've tried my best). xD

Also, I believe you could do it, anyone probably can. Each in their own style but it's not that complicated, maybe just a little time consuming but at the core it's just picking a theme/s for your character and exploring all the possibilities. c:

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