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U187 Retribution

Was this necessary? Not really. Was it fun? *inhale*  Neehehee by Memuii 
I got a big, handsome and shiny gift! Thanks again to all responsible! I am not sure if I deserved it but I'm very much happy and I tend to make good use of this huge chunk o' gold. ;-; 
I fast-forwarded and already designed his armaments which he'll eventually get as he levels up (talk about over-excited)I am a dummy! 

Champion by BU-MP
ID: U187
Registered name: Retribution
Nicknames: Gyldir, Lion (French pronunciation)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10
Height: 21hh / 213 cm
Breed: Boucle Unicorn
Type: Bataille
Phenotype: Palomino
Genotype: ee/aa/nCr
Birthstone: Rose Titanium
Breeding Anomalies: Alternate Birthstone I
Birth Defects: n/a

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Bow
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Arrow
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Breeding Slots: Slots are open to anyone who wishes to try their luck! c: His fail rate is finally on 50% instead of 90%. I am a dummy! 

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! 
Retribution's slots are primarily open for people who do not yet own a Bataille (and have no unused slots to other Bataille/s, with exception of Bataille mares owned by someone else). These slots will always be free! You can only get one slot at a time, if it fails/results in Classique you can get another one. Mind that the slots are fairly limited until he's leveled up a bit.

Bullet; Green I accept slot trades to other Batailles (mares/stallions) this includes backup slots if he has enough left.

- Champion lvl = 33 slots total

1. PrinceJackdaw - Dam: --- - Failed
2. SilverShadows-Stable - Dam: F131 Arabesque - Foal Twins: V216 & V217
3. Ciy-chan  - Dam: J166| Startea - Failed
4. AmethystAbyss - Dam: V053 - Falcata - Failed
5. Memuii - Dam: J166| Startea - Failed
6. AmethystAbyss - Dam: V053 - Falcata - Foal Twins: X063X064
7. Ciy-chan - Dam: J166| Startea - Foal Twins: X265 & X266
8. Memuii - Dam: J166| Startea - Foal Twins: X263 & X264
9. firedragoran / BurnedArchives - Dam: ---  - Failed
10. firedragoran / BurnedArchives - Dam: V410 Gorgon witch - Foal Twins: Y049 & Y050
11. (useable) badazal  - Dam: x - Foal: x
12. closed/backup - Dam: x - Foal: x
13. (useable) AmethystAbyss - Dam: x - Foal: x
14. closed/backup - Dam: x - Foal: x
15. senuhir  - Dam: Z234 Natti - Foal: A682
16. (useable) bovidaeloony - Dam: x - Foal: x
17. (useable/backup) bovidaeloony - Dam: x - Foal: x
18. open - Dam: x - Foal: x
19. open - Dam: x - Foal: x

Import: Boucle Unicorn Bataille Import U187

U187 Plaque by BU-MP

Personality/Backstory(most is authentic to Boucle realm) Retribution acts a lot like a Classique Boucle, in a way he's much calmer and thoughtful. He's overall pretty chill to be around but prefers Classiques over Batailles as they make him more nervous and on guard and are more likely to provoke him into aggression (verbal or physical). In any interaction, he prefers to listen first and act accordingly. If the situation gets heated and there's a way out he prefers to leave and not fight (though if he's got friends with him he'll do anything to protect them). If the situation's comfortable he likes to stick around and hears what others say but rarely speaks himself.

He can get very emotional and is quite clumsy at explaining why so very often he just doesn't do it which can be a bit awkward. When he was living in the valley he was mostly out and exploring, he met his mentor Algiz very early in life and would vanish for days and sometimes months. Because of that he's mostly unknown to his four brothers and they are the same to him. He doesn't have tight bonds with them and does not seem to regret it as he found a new family within the group of Classiques living in the city of Winfair, a northern port city and capitol of Glacia (Corne D'Or for Boucle realm).

Random facts:  The scar on his left front leg was the first one caused by accident while he was out exploring and got stuck in a glacier crevasse. He would surely freeze to death if not saved by Algiz. He was a young colt and his savior soon became his mentor but also very much a father figure. Nickname Gyldir - meaning golden was given to him by Algiz.
Through Algiz he met the rest of the guild members of which he became close friends with Hermés and Fénix. He considers them his second brothers.
He got nicknamed Lion after a showcase of his armaments, back then his shield was very much empty but Hermés suggested he puts something epic on it (if he can) and so he made it depict a lion's head. He likes the nickname Lion and uses it most of the time when someone asks of his name.
He adores and loves to watch Classiques magic and thinks the Bataille armaments are useless (with few exceptions that allow him to protect his friends).
He don't like tight spaces and is scared of getting stuck - this includes narrow city streets he prefers to avoid.
Fénix often compare Lion to a volcano that seems dormant but is just about to erupt.

Armaments - 2x sword (technically a rapier and parrying dagger), shield
(future) Elemental Control - fire

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EternalGoddesses's avatar

If and when available I'd love to figure out a slot trade <3

Memuii's avatar

I'd be happy to do a slot trade! ;w;

badazal's avatar

I just realized his slots are open and as his self proclaimed number one fan I would love to put a slot trade offer in :) my boy is currently waiting to have his reference approved into the group but once that happens might you be interested in a trade?

V228 Epic
Memuii's avatar

Sure thing! ;w; I wrote you down for a slot so feel free to use it anytime.

badazal's avatar

Omg I'm so beyond excited! I will let you know once Epic's ref is in the group :D *fan girl screams*

firedragoran's avatar

In case no newbies are intersted in a slot to him I would love to trade Bataille slots ^^

Memuii's avatar

For sure, so far all his slots remain open and he's gonna have some more soon, so I think it'll be okay even if someone comes around. c:

Do you have anyone in mind you'd like to trade slots to?

firedragoran's avatar

Oh awesome ^^

I currently have these two reffed, if either interests you ?

V250 BAD Ivory Taryal [Raider Stallion]
T480 Xi [Champion STALLION]
Memuii's avatar

I think I'd love to get a slot to Xi. I fancied him back when he was up for taming but ultimately tried for Sigma, so maybe this is universe giving me another chance to meet him. c:

firedragoran's avatar

Oh sure ^^

Already put it into his Google Sheets slot tracker and made a comment for your slot on his ref :3

Memuii's avatar

Thank you! I've put you down for a slot as well, hope he gets you something nice! c:

firedragoran's avatar

Thank you very much ^^ I hope he gives you something good as well :D if the breeding fails let me know and I can write out another slot ^^

Memuii's avatar

Sure thing! Same here! ;v;

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FatCatDoesArt's avatar

Here is a surprise gift! Your shiny boy ate too many cream puffs.

Memuii's avatar

OMG! This is so nice of you! Not sure how I deserved it but thank you! La love

PrinceJackdaw's avatar

my slot to him failed, for your records! <3

Memuii's avatar

Awh, bad boy, thanks for letting me know. D: He should have more slots open soon/once his BP gets counted so you can try again if you'll want.

MsBeesa's avatar

I love palominos *O*

badazal's avatar

This is like the best piece of fantasy harpg art I have seen in a while :D so much to look at and so much story telling in just a reference sheet!!! Love it so much :D

I doubt you have time but I was curious whether you would ever consider doing this sort of reference sheet as a commission? :) No pressure just wondering!!

Memuii's avatar

Thank you! c: I was actually considering it because I find creating these ref sheets super enjoyable. I'm currently working on sheets for each of my Boucles and just having a blast (it drags cuz work xD but soon I'll have another finished). I don't know how it would go with unicorns that aren't mine though but I guess I just have to try and see.

badazal's avatar

:D well if you decide you want to try it I would love to get one for my albino boy! He is super simple haha! Just let me know <333

BardArts's avatar

OMG ok you've convinced me I need me one of these Bataille. :hearts:

SilverShadows-Stable's avatar

I would be interested in a slot to this handsome, shiny, boy! I love the details of this ref sheet, it’s amazing! :D

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