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S242 Hermes

Gasp!!! by Memuii
Wheeee....another ref sheet done! Funnily I have now two palominos who are also best pals (this guy I had first though so it's just fair he gets refed second). xD
Also, I know the refs are needed just for breeding which ain't gonna happen to this boy anytime soon but good lord these are so much fun to do. Day56 - Happy Cry 
A note: although on his foal design the mane and tail are just made of wings I mixed the look of new and old foal lines cuz I like both. ;w; 

Witch/Wizard by BU-MP
Registered name: Hermés
Nicknames: Mes(s)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 17
Type: Classique
Height: 15hh / 151 cm
Phenotype: Skeleton Palomino (classic bonbon, smoke carrier) (Seraph)
Genotype: ee/aa/nCr/ns/nbon/EvSEvS/(E)
Birthstone: Pumpkin Spice Latte Stone
Breeding Anomalies: n/a
Birth Defects: n/a
Foal Design: S242 Hermés 

------------------------------------------ SSS: E118 | SR's You Ooze You Lose
----------------- SS: I220 | ODFS It Came From Beneath the Sink
------------------------------------------ SSD: B476 | SR's Valerie
Sire: J467| Warewolf'ton
------------------------------------------ SDS: C373 Aries 
----------------- SD: F398 BSS City Beneath the Sea
------------------------------------------ SDD: D152 Legion

------------------------------------------ DSS: H242 Amoux
----------------- DS: I208 Faolan
------------------------------------------ DSD: I159 Bellatrix
Dam: K040 | Ouija
------------------------------------------ DDS: A419 | SR's Burlesque
----------------- DD: D430 BSS Finding Neverland
------------------------------------------ DDD: C401 DNE Luisa 

Breeding Slots: Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Closed!

1. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
2. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
3. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
4. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
5. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x
6. xx - Dam: x - Foal: x

S242 Plaque by BU-MP

Personality/Backstory: Hermés is a city fella through and through. He likes the noise and all the different species living there. Here he works as a guild's courier delivering letters or traveling outside the city to deliver supplies and all kinds of stuff. He has many connections inside and outside of the city, making friends anywhere he goes though not all of the bonds he makes are nearly as strong as the ones he shares with Lion and Fénix (<-- his childhood friend).

Hermés is also a strange individual with unusual tastes which despite his best efforts to keep them secret tends to be widely known. For this reason opinions on him wary greatly, some flock to him in adoration while others shun him (silently or otherwise). Nowadays he rarely speaks of his desires and only with those he truly trusts but the tales keep on spreading, and if you go to a tavern there's always a slight chance of hearing a story of his strange behavior though not always you hear his name. 

He can be annoying and his straightforwardness tends to be mistaken for rudeness yet despite all his flaws he's a reliable individual to all his friends (even those he met just yesterday). He will go to hell and back and risk his own safety for them and without much thinking. Some see his willingness to help as admirable while others think it's just reckless and tragedy is bound to happen. Hermés believes that it is a risk worth taking and the happiness of his friends is more important than his own. 

Hermés is a very earthly individual who dreams of heaven. He's obsessed with flight and wings (big ones, not the small ones like he has). Because of that he worships only Cloud Makers and visits their shrine regularly to ask for their blessing. At times he falls into depression and curses the deities which he feels plays tricks on him, both giving him what he wants (ironically) while also depriving him of his true desire. When he hits the low point he turns irrational, desperately seeking refuge in earthly pleasures (often these actions are what gets known). Eventually (and with help of his best pals) he snaps back to his regular cheerful self but the shadow always lingers behind and he dreads the day he'll get once again consumed by it.

(Backstory in Boucle realm: Pretty much the same but instead of Cloud Makers he worships Caeli and lives in the city of Corne D'Or.)

Random facts: Hermés got a feather collection made up of many bird feathers and Boucle plumes, including one from Revi's tail (snatched by V226 when he was a kid) as well as the wing feather from V226 himself. 
Whether he walks or runs he always flaps his neck and tail wings making him shortly float between the strides. His movements are very animated and extravagant.
He has a thing for bits and tack in general which is his most known kink and strangely it's the thing he's most embarrassed about (legend says he's got a bit collection too though it's not confirmed :grinstare:). 
He feels attraction towards both Lion and V226 and tends to tease them just slightly though his deepest fear is that if they knew they would abandon him so it's the only thing he's never straight about. (they know though...)
He's also oddly fascinated with genderswap praline.... I wonder why. Eyes Emoji 
Oh, and his half-brother is a pirate (also taller... handsome prick)! .:Piratela:.

none atm

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this one tho... I've kind of missed all the ref sheets because I'm not that active anymore on dA, but I'm stalking them now and gaaaah this one <3 <3 the atmosphere and background is just 10/10

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Thank you! c:

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Omg love the seraph combo! Love this dude ☺️

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Thank you! ;w;

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I'm in love with your refs! They make me wanna join the group so bad aaaaa

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Thank you! c: Well, if you'll ever want to join it's honestly super easy. xD

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Those wings are so expressive haha :D

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Yep! They are basically like little arms. xD

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You do the best refs EVER!
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Thank you! I'm happy you think so! ;v;

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yes I will take like 20 of these haha <33333 so awesome :D

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Thanks! xD I'm really glad you like these.

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OMGGG another unbelievably awesome ref!!!

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Thank you! ;v;

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