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04 agosto 2014

I am some back in DA hope you like my SS im work  in this in some terminal stuff like mpd terminal player and some linux config whit this same stuff.

OS: iam back to w7
theme by me based on peek fro neiio
alternative sell:litestep
lite step theme helix mod .. mod by shiish..little mod by me
foobar: foo_ncmpcpp_modded
Cad modded by me from jonny stuff
fonts:HaxrCorp 4088 ,calibri, Arial 
info rainmeter by me
rainmeter  base used:torn paper by ultimateRT
iconos: by me added to icons geo to updated
start page by folten x
dock: by neiio modded
wallpaper by me
grj2 by me
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3840x1080px 3.2 MB
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Awesome screen design :D like it 
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Any update on the icons bro? It really looks good, or .psd will work :) thanks!
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whats the top bar?
wongSlam's avatar
Any update on the icons being uploaded?
allannyholm's avatar
Awesome screenshot
septuplet's avatar
loved it. I'd like to walk myself through the dark ways of theming over windows. Where's a good place to start? I'm a linux user.
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Spent three hours searching for it, but finaly got something. Here is the highest resolution I could find of the wallpaper;…
If you guys find a higher resolition please share.
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Sudl's avatar
you're welcome
Can u send wallpaper please !?
collegepanda's avatar
omg! wallpaper please!! :3
very cool  <3 . Can u share the wallpaper please ?
LeetShadow's avatar
Any news on the updated Geo icons?
Kaze95's avatar
Huh, i can't see a link to the wall in the description, what happend?
CuH2O's avatar
cool, mind sharing wall?
memovaslg's avatar
Sure check the description today
geekstink's avatar
Can you please share the updated neo icons?
memovaslg's avatar
Yes bro today i am uploading
geekstink's avatar
You must be really busy and probably forgot to upload the updated icons. Thanks
Hello ! i love the icons too ! But i can't found the updated icon set... have you uploaded it ?
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can u share the wallpaper plz... nice work 
memovaslg's avatar
Sure let me a moment
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