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Bow Ties are cool

By memorypalace
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Bow-ties ARE cool.

Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor.

When I first saw Matt Smith in costume, I was unsure, but he's really fitting into the role well, and brings a freshness to the show, with his floppy haired slightly awkward Doctor.
First time I've tried a background like this, too. Looks a little Dave McKean-ish, though that wasn't the intention.

Oh, and please fullview to check out his tweed jacket, I took a while making that texture, and I think it works pretty well, I'm thinking of posting it in scraps.

That tweed texture [link] :D
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Ooh, I love this! :D
The background is seriously cool - how'd you get it? :O
memorypalace's avatar
:D Thank you :)
The bg is simply pages from a dictionary scanned in and cropped/arranged, then the "colour" is a pic of space added on top and altered slightly . It's more obvious when you view it sideways :O It just so happened that the light/dark areas corresponded with the pages XD
Anyway, I'm glad you like it, I may post the bg in scraps one day, but it is simple enough to make in the meantime :)
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ahhh the background is very clever ^^ and that smy favourite line too, good job :)
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Thank you, I didn't want to make a big thing of the background, I just hoped that Dr Who fans who were paying attention would get it :D
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:aww: you are very kind :D
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Wonderful pic!!! ^^
memorypalace's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like it :D
Ilssii-Koschei's avatar
Yes, they are ^_^
memorypalace's avatar
:highfive: Bow ties rock like never before :D
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I love the texture of his jacket and I really like the background too - brilliant work! :D
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it :D
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I like the boney, oldish look of his face.
It makes the Doctor look more his age, while still resembling the young Doctor.
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Thank you, I do think he looks a lot younger/older from different angles actually, which suits the character very well :D
LacarnumxInflamarae's avatar
Oh, love the background.
memorypalace's avatar
Thank you kindly, I'm pleased with how it turned out :D
Zombiesatemyyoghurt's avatar
Bow ties have always been kl however tweed is a sign of inbreeding :D
addictedtogerardway's avatar
WOW love this :D and adore the dictionary idea for the TARDIS words :D
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