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Batman Returns Poster contest

By memorypalace
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What a mess.

I know I was going for the scratchy, messy, Burton style, but still.

This is my entry in :icontimburtonfanclub:'s contest in which you had to design a poster for one of Burton's Batman movies.
I chose Batman Returns, drawn in a Burton-esque style. Originally this was going to be all traditional, but there is some digital tinkering here, like I used my original Catwoman sketch, when the first Catwoman on the poster looked sub-human :(

Kinda fun to do, I may do Batman Returns again, it is a cool film :D
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Cute! I like that you got Miss Kitty in there :)
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Michael Keaton is missing... :(
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Just like in real life...XD
This was for a Burton contest, and I thought the villains suited his style much more than ol' Batman :)
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I generaly like Tim's films but in both his Batman movies he took the characters far too far away from the comic books. A sewer dwelling mutant as the Penguin!?
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Why thank you! :D
(actually I finished second, but hey :shrug:)
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Love this! You got my vote :D
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Thank you so much :D I'm glad you like it :)
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You have caputred the sketchy Burton style very well!
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Thank you kindly, I'm glad you like it :D
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Very cool!, you've totally captured Tim Burton's style in your drawings of the characters :D
Good luck with the contest!
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Thank you so much :D Burton's style is a lot of fun to draw in, and it makes a good change from my usual digital stuff :nod:
Oh, and thanks for the good wishes, too :)
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You're most welcome :heart: ^^ you did a very wonderful job!! :D
And awesome gallery too btw! :)
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Fantastic,i love it :D
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You are very kind :D It feels odd posting this sort of thing instead of my usual stuff, but it was enjoyable to do :)
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Hey,its good not to stick to the same thing,and when it looks as great as this,why not? ;)
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I love how well you drew the characters in his style. It makes for such a nice poster. Also love the coloring and how the background fades from dark to light.
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Thank you, this is quite different from my usual style, but I wanted to draw it as if Burton had actually made the poster himself XD
Anyway, thank you for such a considered comment :)
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Totally diggin' the Burton sketch take to this movie, there's something so pure about it and it tickles a very soft spot in our hearts :horns:
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You are very kind, thank you :D I was trying to capture the almost child-like quality Burton brings to his sketches, I'm glad you like it :)
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