What do you think of the new deviantART eclipse design?
55 votes
Really nice and refreshing ^^
I like it way better than the old one
Old one was really better
Something else (Feel free to say your opinion)

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Ryselle-3D's avatar
I tried, but never get warm with eclipse...

My opinion: Yes, the old DA-design is from a design-standpoint, a mess. No modern web elements, a color-scheme that would give you an F in artschool, and a interface that screens early 2000... But that is exactly why it has a soul. Users trying to make the best out of it AND it is so bland, that the art you post, the icon you have, stands out. Its like an old industry building (DA-Design) with modern elements and furniture (Artworks), it is something unique in itself.

With the new exclipse trying to be so cool that it just feels like another pinterest, instagram or whatever... It lacks this soul.
GeisKing1's avatar
Not really a fan of it. My brain is so used to the old layout that I can navigate the site without a second thought. With Eclipse I have to stop and find things sometimes. Its like having a trail you like to run on suddenly having hurdles and they moved the restrooms along the way.
Tomoe-Tenryu's avatar
I haven't used it. I did watch a video of artists who did and how it works.
I didn't like it.
SteveINSANE's avatar
I still haven't seen it xD
Shen-fn-Woo's avatar
Open up another browser, or log out of your current account and then visit the DA homepage.  You'll see all the eclipse you need.  And then you'll abandon it like most of DA did XD
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Well I can't really give a proper opinion on it if I can't even use it, while logged in. only seems to work when I'm logged out. 
Shen-fn-Woo's avatar
Oh you can have quite a few opinions on it while logged out.  First off, the comments and other features are hard to find if not existing at all, the black screen is jarring, especially if a person has a bunch of line arts against a solid white background, etc.  It's as if they don't allow annonymous to see certain sections of a person's page.
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Meh just a different layout for people wanting something different. As long as it's not being forced on anyone, then it's harmless. I'm mostly on instagram anyway lol
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