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Hey guys.
Title says it, I`m open for commissions.

By interesst to commission me feel free to drop me a note :)

What I offer:
You can have your OCs or characters from your friends/ from your fan obsessions right now.
Most important:
I need refs for the appearance & pose,
best would be for a BG too if you want one,
and of course always tell me the copyright owner.

When you are a writer and want to have your OC drawn by me, I would need a proper description of the appearance of your character. Best would be with some little examples when you have a conqurete Idea, like "Do it like this haircut of this singer"

It´s no matter what subject, normal subjects, straight sexual, yaoi, Yuri, Hentai and so on, I draw everything :)

Please beware:
I accept only payment through paypal and I draw only when being forepayed.

it depends, I tell you honestly:
I can draw very fast, sometimes thought depending on work and my mental scheldue it can take longer.
I try my best though to not let you wait too long.

When you have refs please use stash or send me links from your gallery or google in note.

To the prices:

Headshot 5 Euro:

Sonja by MemoryFragment Castlevania  Alucard by MemoryFragment Adamante by MemoryFragment Ivoyn by MemoryFragment Noel by MemoryFragment HoD: Yulia by MemoryFragment

every additional character would be 5 Euro plus, like this:

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the Patriots by MemoryFragment Share the hell by MemoryFragment Love you as you are 2 by MemoryFragment Eyes on me by MemoryFragment Lovers part 2 by MemoryFragment

Halfbody to fullbody would go for 10 Euro:

Mature Content

Gore-punish the sinner- by MemoryFragment
Kiborg-graph by MemoryFragment MemoryFragment2018 by MemoryFragment Owl by MemoryFragment Rhani by MemoryFragment 666 by MemoryFragment Jenna by MemoryFragment Wahooo!! by MemoryFragment Ark by MemoryFragment BoF Dragon Quarter: Nina by MemoryFragment Fiends Gamble Protagonist by MemoryFragment Glorious Iwaka by MemoryFragment OC sheet: Haste by MemoryFragment Commission: Set by MemoryFragment

for every additional character it would be 8 Euro more:

Over there by MemoryFragment -Nobody will hurt you anymore- by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Gore-Why don't you die?- by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Hentai: Sexyribbon by MemoryFragment
LOGIV Entry: darkest night by MemoryFragment Laguna and Raine by MemoryFragment Final Fantasy 9: Zidane and Vivi by MemoryFragment Familie Range by MemoryFragment LoZ: Anju and Kafei by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Hentai: Gysking1 by MemoryFragment
Guilty Gear and Painkiller by MemoryFragment

plus Backgrounds would be. 8 Euro:

1 mile further to hell by MemoryFragment Gebrochenes Versprechen by MemoryFragment Commission  : Now it is the time by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Commission: Refreshing time by MemoryFragment
Nightfall in the dessert by MemoryFragment Futures end: Fire inferno by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Lucia - Tower of Succubus by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Hentai/ Ecchi - Commission:  Waterfallshower by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Commission: -Yuri -kiss by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Commission:-Hentai- by night... by MemoryFragment

Mature Content

Commission: underwater -ecchi- by MemoryFragment

I draw creatures for you. (Demons, anthros, furries, etc.)If selfcreated, fandom based subject= No Limits :)
10 Euro per creature

Lord of Arcana Summon: Grendel by MemoryFragment Anima The Aeon by MemoryFragment Silenthill4  Twinvictim by MemoryFragment BoF III: Gaist by MemoryFragment WIP: Final Fantasy X Bahamut:  MEGAFLARE by MemoryFragment Aximoona by MemoryFragment

Commissionofferings for Writers/ Authors:

When you want me to draw give your OC an appearance by descriptions, it would cost 8 Euro for humans

1.Write me your characters appearance,
use references if you like.
2.We create your character together untill you say "This is it!", and not that I just smear something out what you wouldn´t like ;)

Backgrounds, additional characters are going by the usual prices.

Commission for writers: Kyo Takeda Outfit 2 by MemoryFragment Commission for Writers: Kyo Takeda by MemoryFragment Commission for writers: Kyo Takeda Tattoo Designs by MemoryFragment Commission for writers: Vii by MemoryFragment Commission for writers: Al- Kahinat by MemoryFragment

When you want me to give your OC by appearance by description when it´s a creature (alien, anthro, furries etc.) it would cost 10 Euro.  

1. Write me your characters appearance as detailled as possible, best would be here with refs.
2. Same here:
We create your character together untill you say "This is it!", and not that I just smear something out what you wouldn´t like ;)

Little Sidenote:
I also do offer Hentai and Ecchi Commissions.
The prices are the same as in the upper examples, I don´t take more just because it´s explicit thematics :)
By interesst drop me a message.
(Subject I do NOT draw: Loli - Shota - Beastiality)

I offer you to send you the original pictures of your commissions when you pay the shipping price.
Just when you decide to do this I would love to ask you about absolute honesty if it really arrives.
We will follow together the tracking number of your pictures and when you hold the envelope in your hands I'd love to ask you to make me a picture. It would honor me a lot.
We can do it even like that:

You pay the shipment once and I hord commissions for you untill you decide "okay, now you can send the pics."

  1. Like : you make one commission and tell me to wait untill we have like 5 pictures through commissions.
  2. You send me the shipment on my paypal and I will send you the commissions we have saved up untill than at once. ^^
  3. Sidenote: When you have private/ hentai commission wishes feel free to drop me a note ;)

    Thanks in advance, have a great day :)

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