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LOGIV Entry: darkest night

That's my entry for the contest of :icongeisking1: :rose:

All details you can read here:…

Even if I don't stand a chance against the others, the inspiration I had by :icongeisking1:s characterdesign was fun so I thought "eh, why not", x3

You should check this guy out,
His characterdesign is so cool,
I wished there would be a rpg game designed by GeisKing1, he has such a cool oldschool design which makes old people like me feel young again *-*

I wish everybody in the contest all the best,
And a big thanks to :icongeisking1:, for this cool idea, that was very fun \^-^/

Charactercopyrights to the ladies in the picture belong to GeisKing1
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Fantastic work! :D
MemoryFragment's avatar
Thank you very much :D
Tomoe-Tenryu's avatar
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3!
Good Luck!
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Incredible! You've taken my designs and just did something so very special with them.
I can't tell you how awesome this is. Just like one of those old style RPG covers. This is so beautifully done. The composition and style are just off the charts. You've done so many cool things here its hard to describe.
I love the old style too! Thats why I love your art. Its got that classic feel to it. If I saw this on a shelf with Sega and Working Designs on the jewel case, I'd snap it up.

Thanks so much for the lovely compliments and the spectacular entry! You're awesome MemoryFragment. XD
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Thank you for this beautiful compliment my friend :D
I'm really excited for the orher entries of those awesome artists :D
Have a beautiful day my friend :highfive:
GeisKing1's avatar
You're very much welcome. Your stuff rocks
I'm looking forward to it myself XD
MemoryFragment's avatar
You flatter me too much! :iconblushplz:
GeisKing1's avatar
lol well you said some pretty nice things about my design work. Plus its all true what I said about your work. XD
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I think it is the most based drawing of yours! :D (I didn't seen so far such many characters in your drawing at once! :3)
Brilliant work!
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Your work is always lovely! I adore your style :) Good luck with the contest!!! :w00t: After looking at the other entries I have to say I think yours it the best! :D
MemoryFragment's avatar
:icongwompplz: thank you very much dear :D
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