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[Gore] It's okay

This picture contains the subject of gore. If you feel offended by such, please don't view the picture and have a beautiful Day :)

Forgot uploading this XwX
Thr guy on top is my OC Haste,
The one on the bottom is the OC of my dear :iconhakadirune: ^^
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Hakadirune's avatar
AAAhhh goodness its so pretty! Haste is such a lovely little thing! I feel so bad for him though ;_;
MemoryFragment's avatar
Thank you dear, but no need to xD when Yunai would go on him like "what the heck you doing, I'm immortal!! Dx" haste would go like "oh... Oops.. But... You're so nice and cute ^^ *regenerates while bleeds like a fresh steak"
Hakadirune's avatar
PPFFT Yunai? Nice? oh boy xD sorry I didn't message sooner as I haven't been on dA too much
devkiv1607's avatar

Haste is such an interesting character. And I agree the chain of events leading to this decisive moment is left to ambiguity. Great job! Keep up the great work. :)

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Tomoe-Tenryu's avatar
:'D so it is Lexy's OC!
They look great!
Um... well Haste looks very much not ok? 83;
MemoryFragment's avatar
Thank you hun :,)
And nah, he´ll be fine XD
Ryselle-3D's avatar
this is a really, really cool picture... It triggers a hundred ideas what could have happend before this fatal moment, and this is astonishing :love:
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