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Memorieal Charity Artbook


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Theme: Memories.
Deadline for invited artists: May 4th

Artists MasterList

These are the artists that have been accepted into the Memorieal Charity Artbook

Total: --

in no particular order:

Providing Artworks:

:iconjuupion: Juupion :iconpepperin: pepperin :iconkelcake: Kelcake
:iconsakonma: sakonma :iconleirix: Leirix :icontanaw: tanaw
:iconcaephuier: caephuier :iconrosuuri: Rosuuri :iconzigubo: zigubo
:iconpepaaminto: pepaaminto :iconmyst-a: Myst-A :iconsukihi: Sukihi
:iconbunpurr: bunpurr :iconeldriyan: eldriyan :icongalaxase: galaxase
:iconkyoukaraa: KyouKaraa :iconkeerou: keerou :iconerebun: erebun
:iconpencilcrown: pencilcrown :iconhetiru: Hetiru :icongasara: Gasara
:iconkumashige: kumashige :iconluleiya: luleiya :iconraeinni: raeinni
:iconk-kuri: k-kuri :icona1su: A1SU :icon0w0b: 0w0b
:iconforgottenpantaloons: forgottenpantaloons :iconohprocrastinator: ohprocrastinator
:icongolden-quince:golden-quince:iconponchiux:Ponchiux:iconsei00: Sei00
:iconsaiyagina:SaiyaGina:iconyura-tsuki:yura-tsuki:iconmilchiah: Milchiah
:iconnaoyatoudo: naoyatoudo :iconakiocha: Akiocha :iconbairu: bairu
:iconsonny0029: Sonny0029 :iconkugelcruor: kugelcruor :iconjakuu: Jakuu
:iconinstantmiso: instantmiso :icondaisynova: DaisyNova :icona-wen: a-wen
:iconcheesycorn: Cheesycorn :iconenzouke: enzouke :iconeenii: EeNii
:iconpepapen: pepapen :iconyiamme: Yiamme :iconfenrin-kun: Fenrin-kun
:iconminibru:minibru :iconderpybunnies: DerpyBunnies

Providing Interviews:

:iconchancake: Chancake :iconinma: inma :iconleirix: Leirix
:iconiya-chen: iya-chen




Other Artbooks! ALERT
To celebrate the beginning of our pre-orders at :iconaday-artbook: we shall have a raffle XD
Please go to original journal to participate:
A Day Artbook: Raffle Time! #1 [CLOSED]EDIT:// Hi. Raffles closed and I will give out the results this weekend when the books have finished printed. Thank you for your patience as I am doing this by myself and sometimes it is hard to find time :) you've all been amazing!
EDIT:// since pre-order dates have been set, this raffle will last until near the end of preorders. the deadline has been extended. good luck!
To celebrate the beginning of our pre-orders we shall have a raffle XD
but first:
Tictail Store Preorder
Rules (please read):
- you have to link me all of your updates, statuses, journals, polls or whatever you used to advertise our group in the comments. If you have a new one that you did after your first comment. please reply to yourself so that it keeps things tidy and easy to manage.
- no raffle/contest accounts please.
- The update has to contain a link to this journal, our name and charity. All these can be found on our front page. (charity:

but first:
There are free bookmarks and posters for the first 100 earlybird people. So get there quick, cause they will sell out fast

Pre-orders last until March 31st

Raffle tickets:
- post a journal/poll that contains the groups name, charity and link to this journal. +1 raffle ticket
- post update on any other site (include all the details listed above)
* Facebook +2 raffle ticket
* Twitter +1 raffle ticket
* Tumblr +1 raffle ticket
- mentioning 5 friends. +1 raffle ticket
- be a member of this group or are watching it +1 raffle ticket (this can be found top left corner of screen below our group icon. please screenshot that part for us to see to get the ticket)

Total you can get: 7 raffle tickets

- 1 free copy of One Day... Art book
- Free shipping
- 1 free random poster
- 1 free random bookmark
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Shelter Box is an organization that brings food, shelter and many other basic nessesities to people in need. They are a fairly small group but do great work. We wish to help fund them so that we help help the world, even if just a little.
This artbook will be aprox 40-50 pages long, fully coloured, A4 size (aprox) and will contain artists from all around the world who have volunteered their time and efforts into creating wonderful artwork for the world. But not only that, they will be drawing for the people who no longer have a home or their loved ones. We aim to help the world just that little bit, starting with this artbook.





Group Info

An Artbook dedicated to Shelter Box. An elegant, heartwarming story of memories illustrated by wonderful artists. Follow us and help raise funds for a wonderful group

Table of Contents
Please Donate Here!
Information Guide: Book info, Costs and Timelines
Artists Information: Please Read
What we are about: Our Goal
Shelter box website: Who are we donating to?</acronym>
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No. This art book is finished. But thank you for your interest. 
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Hi! I know I missed the deadline by a few days, but is there any way I can contribute to your beautiful project?
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haha! No way... 

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I just received my copy today and I sure was surprised to see your little message that I was the first to preorder. :dance: it's the first time I ever been the first in line when it comes to preorder so I just thought that was the coolest. The book looks amazing and I love every picture with their little description for their memory. It's such a powerful message and yet awe-inspiring to see all the different meanings for each individual. Great job and thank you :clap:
Akiocha Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014   Digital Artist
hahaha, I was always excited when I recieved packages and I thought
since i've always been recieving the packages I thought i'd spice things
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I must have wrote like 50 small messages to people buying it as graduation
presents or birthday gifts etc. I was hoping it added a personal touch, not just
another book in the middle of hundreds.

I'm glad you liek the book ,the artists put so much effort I can't thank them enough for
their time and generosity. I'm glad that the message was got through.

Your always welcome, thankyou for supporting us!! :iconcraiplz:
erebun Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I received my copies yesterday and I would like to say thank you so much for this wonderful book I'm in love with every single illustrations *o* <333

Also, is it alright if we start to post full illustration now? Might be a good way to promote the sales of the remaining copies :D
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