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Invisible Illness: Anxiety, NOW ON KICKSTARTER



Hey guys! I'm proud to present to you my 1st Kickstarter project. ♥

We've come forward with being accepting towards those of us who suffer from mental illness,
but there is still a lot of stigmas and a sense of taboo when it comes to discussing it.
We believe we still need more awareness and open dialogue about how many,
if not all, of us suffer throughout our lives from wounds that aren't visible.

We chose to explore anxiety for our anthology.

We managed to collect original works from more than 30 artists from around the world,
some disabled, some queer, some just your average Joe, to explore their experiences with anxiety.
We have over 90 pages of content that consist of

comics, illustrations, sequences, and images that are deeply moving, some disturbing, some soothing. 

I've put so many months into working on this,
and the topic in itself is important for me as well.

Please check out the Kickstarter, share it if you will, and,

if you believe in our cause & like the anthology, back us!

Thank you. ♥

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Some of the artists featured in the anthology:

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