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You and I
You And I- A Code Lyoko Romance fic, by Lucy McGonagle
Three Years Ago-
"Good morning, Jeremie!"
A bright, sweet voice filtered though the fog of Jeremie's mind, waking the boy from his sleep. He jerked up, and saw her. He smiled, and got out of bed.
"Good morning, Princess."
"I hope you got some rest," the pink haired A.I. said, her voice worried, even over the distortion of the computer. The blond genius smiled at her.
"Of course, Aelita, don't you worry."
Aelita smiled, and Jeremie felt his heart melt.
Present Day-
Aelita smiled at the ceiling of her room, thinking of the past. Thinking of when she first met Jeremie. When she was simply a computer program-
And he was her savior.
A blush crept up her cheeks. She remembered what she had asked those many days and evenings, talking with him. Things she had not the nerve to ask or say now.
A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.
"Come in, " Aelita called, still staring at the ceiling.
Aelita sat up immediately, her h
:iconlucymcgonagle:LucyMcGonagle 10 5
Difference is Beautiful
Difference is Beautiful
A Code Lyoko Romance by Lucy McGonagle
Jeremie/Aelita Romance
"Hm? Oh, yes, Aelita?"
"With my appearance now, would I be considered normal in your world?"
Long fingers paused on the keyboards.
"To be honest, Princess, no."
"Why not? I know you, Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd…you all have different hair colors, different voices."
Jeremie grimaced. "True. It'd be scary if everyone looked exactly the same."
"So what about me is un-normal?"
"Your hair, for one thing," Jeremie answered after a moment. Aelita simply watched him, waiting for him to go on. "No one has naturally pink hair. The nature hair colors are blond, brown, black, and red. Grey and white too, I guess."
"But…what about that purple spot in Odd's hair?"
"He dyed it. He used artificial paints to color it. Don't ask me why."
Aelita laughed slightly, then cocked her head to one side. "When I come to earth…should I dye my hair?"
Jeremie shook his head instantly. "No! I mean…well…I don't think you should
:iconlucymcgonagle:LucyMcGonagle 13 7
Wild Child, Chapter 5
Chapter 5. Only Time
Jeremie's eyes snapped open, and he sat up, gasping. He looked around, and his eyes widened.
He was in his own room. Morning sun filtered in though the windows, and birds sang.
His heart dropped at his next thought:
Had it all been a dream?
He stood slowly. He realized he was still in his clothes from last night. Not bothering to change, he opened the door.
"Good morning, my son."
Jeremie was almost knocked back into his room as a small figure- Donvy- pelted into him.
Feminine laughter met his ears, and he looked up. His mother stood there in the room beyond the doorway, and behind her- Jeremie's jaw dropped.
It couldn't be.
A beautiful young woman, her head covered in a shawl, dressed in a soft blue dress, laughed, her green-black eyes alight with amusement.
The girl smiled, and stepped forward. "I see you remember my name, my friend."
Her voice was sweet, almost like song. Jeremie's heart thundered.
She extended a hand to him, to pull him
:iconlucymcgonagle:LucyMcGonagle 5 8
Wild Child Chapter 4
Chapter 4. Shepherd Moons
"Jeremie, son, be a dear and hand your mother that plate, would you?"
Hands slipped on the old piece of pottery, and it fell to the floor with a crash.
Jeremie gasped, and immediately began to apologize and clean up the mess. "I'm so sorry, Mother…"he began.
Cool fingers lifted his chin, and the young man looked into his mother's cobalt blue eyes, two shades darker than his own blue eyes.
"My son, you have been shakes n' shivers all this day. Will ye not tell me what's bothering you?"
Jeremie could never bear to lie to his mother, no matter what was in his mind. Not until now, at least. He was far too afraid to tell anyone about his encounter that morning with the fae woman…
Emerald-black eyes, topped with thin pink eyebrows...a tiny nose, and soft pink lips…Jeremie shook his head violently, trying to get the image of her face out of his head. He had thought of nothing else all day.
He sighed, blinked, and shook his head again. "Mother, I am sorry.
:iconlucymcgonagle:LucyMcGonagle 7 5
Chapter 3- Wild Child
Chapter 3- Paint the Sky With Stars.
"Hark the call of crows unfed,
Me thinks I see a spirit undead!"
Green eyes narrowed, and the fae Princess who had just appeared in the hollow glared up in the direction of the voice.
"Hark yourself right out of that tree,
If you dare make fun of me!" she called back, folding her arms.
Laughter burst from the forest canopy as a violet blur dropped down to the floor. Two seconds later, the blond and purple haired faeboy found a metal edged fan pressed to the side of his neck.
"Do you wish him to be disposed of, Princess?" Asked the female guard, looking at her mistress. The Princess shook her head, even though she knew the guard, Yumi, wouldn't actually kill him.
Yumi released her prisoner, who grinned happily at his cousin. "Odd, you'll get yourself murdered one day if you don't save your taunting for humans," she added, glancing at her cousin.
"Well, you 'twas white as a ghost when you appeared, Lita!" Odd explained, giving her an innocent look.
:iconlucymcgonagle:LucyMcGonagle 4 2
The Wild Child Part 1
The Wild Child
Faeries do not exist in our world.
But only for those who have ceased to look…
Chapter 1. On My Way Home
"Watch where yer a-goin', young master!" The old man brandished a stick at whoever had stepped in front of his cart horse. His offender, a young man with blond hair and blue eyes, bowed his head and stuttered an apology.
The old man looked the boy- he couldn't have been more than seventeen- over, peering at him under huge, bushy, gray eyebrows. "Ye don't wanna keep ya eyes on where ya a-goin', ye might run into one a' THEIR traps," he warned, and the boy's head went up.
"Their who?" he asked, keen intelligence and interest glimmering in the sapphire depths of his eyes.
"Them ones," the man answered, nodding out to the misty hills in the distance. "Them fae folk. They always be up to their tricks, mind ya, so be always weary." The boy smiled, and shook his head.
"Naw, sir, they'd have naught to do with me," he said, grinning. "I haven't a coin for them to steal."
The o
:iconlucymcgonagle:LucyMcGonagle 8 3
Graouu by clefchan Graouu :iconclefchan:clefchan 327 42 Fragments 10 by Zcmrrd Fragments 10 :iconzcmrrd:Zcmrrd 15 3
Horsefly - JxA
“Aah!” Aelita screamed. She whipped out her cell phone and pressed 1 on her speed dial. The phone rang once before a worried voice answered the phone. “Aelita! Was that scream you?!” Jeremie responded. “Yes!” replied a frightened Aelita. “What’s wrong?!” Even more worried than before. “It’s just horrible! Please come up and help me!” Aelita screamed into the phone squishing herself into a corner.
She heard a door open and slam shut, then footsteps running down the hall, a muffled “Slow down Belpois! Where’s the fire?” -most likely from Jim- footsteps running up stairs, down a hall, and a door open. In ran Jeremie, insanely worried for a certain pink haired girl who was now squished behind a door.
“Aelita?!” Jeremie called worriedly. “Back here!” A muffled voice called from behind the still open door. “I’m so sorry!” Jeremie apologized as he held out his hand to help her out.
:iconthat-witch-bitch:that-witch-bitch 12 267
Happy Parents by Son-Neko Happy Parents :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 414 127 the mnemonic device by Wakeangel2001 the mnemonic device :iconwakeangel2001:Wakeangel2001 111 79
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Code Lyoko Fanart: Jeremie Belpois

Fri Mar 9, 2012, 10:40 AM

Because features are fun!
And Jeremie Belpois never gets enough love :)

Code Lyoko - Jeremie Stamp by WildSpiritWolf

CL - Jeremie - Model X Owner by ReidHayato Angry Nerd by Son-Neko Einstein by codelyokofan92
Jeremie of Code Lyoko by chibi-jen-hen Jeremy by ligerdarktalon Welcome to Jeremie by CarthEMi chibis plushies: jeremy by LyokoFanLatina
  Get Caught doing it by Son-Neko Late Night Jeremie's Computer by Gazelle1583 Code Lyoko-Geass : Jeremie by Little-Endian
Boy With A Pink Feather by Lovely-Madness-13 Under Control by Replicka Jedi Jeremie by AelitaBelpois
Godfather- Jeremie Belpois by Juice-in-a-box CODE: JEREMIE by ArcherOrin Code Lyoko: Jeremie 2011 by GizmoGremlin77

shameless self-promotion xD
Binarybending by memoire-blanche Jeremie ... in big trouble by memoire-blanche Blue Goalkeeper by memoire-blanche



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