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Frogster game concept 05

Concept from a cancelled game project.

Done for Frogster Interactive Pictures AG
Art Direction: Boris Kiselicki

By now the pieces are almost two years old and I'm definitely noticing mistakes, but I figured I'd show them anyway. I still had fun working on them.

Hope you guys like them =]

Frogster game concept 01 by memod Frogster game concept 02 by memod Frogster game concept 03 by memod Frogster game concept 04 by memod Frogster game concept 06 by memod Frogster game concept 07 by memod

Daniel Alekow
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Thanks a bunch! :)

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This is just awesome and, even though I believe you that there are some mistakes here, I cant see any of them! The scene is just great and makes me think of northern, medieval architecture of the viking world - great work!
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depth impressed me. liked it
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teshekür ederim! I'm glad you did =]
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Thank you =]
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Nice mood and palette)
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It reminds me of an icewind dale concept art. I like it! :)
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I am glad you do, thanks a lot! =]
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inspiring work! love the details
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Oh..ich mag diese Häuser..sie sehen sehr schön aus...geheimnisvoll...)Hug
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 Your work is very beautyful, Ive seen it for a long time ...congratulations!
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Would make a fine game <3.
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Thank you so much :aww:
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Excellent example of game design I wish I could do paints like this.
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I'm waiting for the day when game graphics can look the art concepts they are based on. Damn shame this was cancelled. I reckon it would have been a good one.
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Great job...dig the scope of the shot and value structure. Check out some of my work when you get a moment. :nod:
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You see this one look like you came into my head and grab it. I exactly the way one of my city look.
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*It look exactly
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I'm gonna rewrite this sentence:
It look exactly like one of my city would look like.
Bad translation in my brain.
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my fav from the series!
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