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Frogster game concept 01

Concept from a cancelled game project.

Done for Frogster Interactive Pictures AG
Art Direction: Boris Kiselicki

By now the pieces are almost two years old and I'm definitely noticing mistakes, but I figured I'd show them anyway. I still had fun working on them.

Hope you guys like them =]

Daniel Alekow
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This piece of artwork is extremely good. The colours and techniques used are amazing.
The concept of the floating islands being tied down is well thought out, although it creates a little bit of an unbalance with the ships.
To me the chains seem futuristic in a way that you have floating islands, but then you have old century ships that date way back.

You also have a highlight on the main ship at the back of it, and a little bit on the bottom right corner, but i think it may have looked better to do a little bit more of a highlight, just so it looks balanced.

The style you have used to create the sky and clouds is extremely effective, but one thing, you have the lightest part of the sky to the left, but you have the highlights on the ship and island coming from the right, it may just be me, but it looks a little odd.

But all in all, this is a great piece of artwork, and extremely original. % stars for that!