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Birth Of Giants

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but yes... I am still alive. Haven't had time to do much personal painting these past months, but now I finally finished something new. And I am quite proud of this one, can't wait to see it on a really large print. Hope you guys enjoy it. I think I can say with some certainty, that you should be able to see another piece or two quite soon.

Tell me what you think!

Daniel :heart:
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Hey, Lieben Dank :aww: Freut mich, dass dir meine Sachen gefallen :D
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Ja...ich mag es sehr))) Deine Bilder sind hammer!
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Das ist echt lieb von dir :aww: :hug:
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The piece gives an unmatched sense of scale and the name is well chosen. This is a genuinely inspirational painting.
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Thank you very much :D I am glad the scale comes across :D
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Epic painting dude!
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Hehe thank you :D
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A few years ago I went to England on a trip with my father and was able to have a brief tour of BAE Systems, it was fascinating, but your painting is so much more dramatic, and the boat looks much better in the colours you used.
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Thanks for that compliment =] I imagine it must be cool to sea those beasts in person. So far I never had the chance to do so, but maybe one day :D
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I found the whole experience intimidating, overwhelming, and just a little scary. The submarine's cost was 7 billion pounds. And despite feeling enormous on the outside, it did not feel that way inside. I would imagine space ships will be very much this way.
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Yeah it must be a pretty impressive sight. And I am by no means a fan of weapons or war, but I do find the technology quite fascinating. But yeah I bet inside it's rather crammed.
And at least the current space stations are probably like that :nod:
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From the photos I've seen of the ISS there is no room inside for anything.
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Typhoon Class ?
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Nah it's not a specific model. I looked at all kinds of subs for reference just to get a sense for what belongs on a sub and for its scale :nod: It is amazing how ginormous these things are.
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I sereved on a US Ohio class

Large indeed
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Oh man, that must be quite an experience. And inside it's prolly super crammed, no?
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very crammed

no room to yourself

no sense of time or location

every where you look
pipes, valve, equipment
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subs as in sandwiches? ahhhhhhhhhhh
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Wow this is such a great painting! Great foreshortening and lighting^^ Mag vor allem die Leute die schweißen, das sieht irgendwie cool aus!
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Jo danke dir :D Freut mich sehr =] Find auch, dass die dem ganzen noch etwas Leben geben :D
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There is nothing more cool than giant submarines. Another great piece!
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