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Albion Online - Inside Caerleon

That's probably the last of the loading screens for now, but it's also the one that I enjoyed doing the most. I really love the mood in that city!

Hope you guys enjoy it, definitely let me know what you think =] And feel free to find me on artstation, facebook or instagram:

Much love :heart:
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Bhaktapur in Nepal is a lot like this.

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Fantastic shadows. Great job.
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Thanks a lot, they were really fun to paint :D
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nice composition and rendering
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I'm really glad you like it! Thank you =]
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Medieval towns and cities always make interesting subject matter and this painting of yours certainly does it justice! Love the soft evening light and the small details like the woman closing up for the night..
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Thank you so much! =] Yeah I'd quite like to sneak around there myself and explore the location! :lol:
Glad you picked up on all that! :nod:
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I love how you work with warm/cool color oppositions!
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Thank you very much, Maya! :aww: I do try to pay more attention to colour temperatures :nod:
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I know this is random but..
as much I appreciate this excellent work, I alway come to wonder about the hygiene when it comes to medieval cities like this.hmm  
Nevertheless, fantastic drawing! shady and atmospheric! Clap Clap Clap 
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Oh believe me, so do I! :lmao: To paint is also to learn about the things you paint .... and then to leave away what you don't want :D

Thanks a lot! =]
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That rainy, cloudy day mood is really hard to catch IMO but you did an awesome job!
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Thank you so much, Hyejin! I'm really glad you like it! :aww:
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Thank you so much! I'm glad you do =]
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Reminds me of castle town from ocarina of Time
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Hmm I'm afraid I never played that! :lol:
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The first 3D Zelda game?
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It wasn't the first! There were at least Legend of Zelda and Link to the Past before that. Link to the Past being to this day one of my favourite games ever :heart:
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I meant in 3D. Like full on 3D models.

*Fixes goggles* my apologies for not being specific.
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Oh! My bad. Sorry I just noticed that you had actually written that in your comment. Yes then of course you are right. And I do know about it, I just never really played it myself except for some brief five minutes on some friend's N64, but I have literally no recollections of those except that I think there was lava and that I struggled with the controls :lmao:
Impressive! Reminds me of the concept art for video games
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