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MMD3 Green Skin For Aimp3 Player

By memo-se
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• İsim               : MMD3 Green Skin For Aimp3 Player

• Versiyon           : 2.5

• Sadece             : Aimp 3.60

• Yapım Tarihi       : 25.02.2015 den 03.03.2016 ye kadar

• Platform           : Windows (XP/7) Vista'da denenmedi

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• Üretici            : memo-se

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C:\Program Files\AIMP3\Skins - Klasörüne kopyala veya üzerine çift tıladığınızda

( Special thanks )
Skin author: Sven Kistner
( The person making the original skin : bartibartman ro Sven Kistner )
Original MMD3 for Winamp…

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• Versiyon           : 2.5