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J.R Thunder Storm Skin For Aimp Player

• Stiyle: JRiver Media Center Player Stili
• Adı: JR Thunder Storm
• Version: 3.23
• Yapım Tarihi       : 01.08.2014 den 11.04.2020 ye kadar
• Only for Aimp Player : 4.60.xx
• Interface Developer in Aimp : memo-se

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When you download the interface or file to your PC, you are responsible.
memo-se does not accept responsibility in any way ...

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When these programs installed on your computer,
You are responsible for all liabilities.
Memo-se is not responsible in any way.
PC software installation yapandadır responsible.
Responsibility of the Koran on it all Their Computer Software
Would have taken.
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• Version: 3.23
;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin)
Errors and omissions fixed 11
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thank you great skin.