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Aimp Modern Skin

Aimp Modern Skin For Aimp Player
Version : 3.7.7

• Interface Developer in Aimp : memo-se

• Yapım Tarihi       : 25.05.2013 den 19.10.2020 ye kadar

( Special thanks )
( The person making the original skin : Winamp )
Original Winamp Modern for Winamp

Skin: Winamp
Skin type: Modern
Skin author: Winamp

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awesome, thank you

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awesome, thank you

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Thank you for your interest.

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• Version           : 3.67 updated as
fixes and enhancements, was
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Aimp Modern Skin update 

Version: 3.61

Custom Context Menu Options Added
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Version : 3.59

1. The visualization in the middle of the main window has been added to another visualization.
Click to stop or change.
2. When playing a file from a playlist, the active tab is highlighted normally.
3. Fixed some bugs were noticed
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Hello, memo-se!

Could you please fix some problems in this skin for AIMP Player? It would be good if one could select a playlist window or a main window of the player with hovering a mouse pointer over it (without clicking). It worked in versions 3.0.1, 3.0.2, and it doesn't work in version 3.1.0 -3.1.3. In the current version if a mouse pointer is in the playlist window, one has to click Play/Pause twice in order to start or stop playback. With the first click a mouse pointer highlights a window and only with the second click selects it while in the previous versions one click was enough.
Also in the version 3.0.2 one could place a mouse pointer in the playlist window and start scrolling playlist without actually clicking on the playlist window. As for main window of player, in the previous version one could turn the volume up with a scroll wheel or with volume slider if the program scroll bar was in the playlist window and the mouse pointer was in the main window. In the current version these options don't work. It would be great if you could make them available.
Thanks in advance.
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First of all, thank you for your attention
I installed the 1.7 version now, if you have the error persists, please let me know.
Thank you.
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And where can I download version 1.7?
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version 1.7, you can download from AIMP
I've now updated to version 1.8 of the page
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Everything written above referred to Aimp Modern Advanced and Basic. You can correct these flaws in it?
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This Skin I lost the Project File, Unfortunately I can not update
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I do not understand
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Another menu-language for skin?
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Now there will be no update ..
I'm afraid the notation of the graphic equalizer in enhanced mode is strange.
"31 63 87 125 175 250 350 500 700 1.0k 1.4k 2.0k 2.8k 4.0k 5.6k 8.0k 11.2k 16.0k" is right?

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have shown that the error has been corrected
Thank you for your interest.
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'll take care of this peasant
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• Version           : 3.1.0 updated as
Advanced Removed
fixes and enhancements, was
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• Version           : 30.5 updated as
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• Version           : 30.4 updated as
There are two units interface with the original version of one
Other lang version
Wow. I am new to the skin scene and i love this skin. I have a question though. How did you make the beat meter (the on when you activate the advanced view)?
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