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Several of you have tagged me on your Creature Week posts.

That's very sweet. Love that you think of me when you're talking about monsters and Halloween memories.

But I'm exhausted. I took one look at the stuff Creature Week wants you to do, and I just don't have the mental battery charge. So, I won't get a badge for this (I've never badged in any DA Halloween thing, weirdly), but I'll answer the questions.

My favorite individual monster is Frankenstein's Creature. He's tragic, sympathetic, but still an object of horror. He's relatable. He's the product of the fertile imagination of a teenaged girl who changed literature forever, and his portrayal by Boris Karloff is far more nuanced and poignant than decades of pop culture and cartoons would have you believe.

My favorite monster in general is the werewolf, and by that I mean the old-school, cursed, change-with-the-moon type, not the newfangled, angsty change-at-will CGI bikers with fleas that we see too often now. I'm a purist.

My Halloween memory: October 31, 1994. Nine Inch Nails concert in Houston, Texas. The movie The Crow had come out that year, and every third kid in the arena was decked out like Eric Draven. It was amazing.

So, JessaMar, Asahi-Taichou, CouchSessions and ikazon, my apologies for being lame, but thank you for thinking of me.

Happy Halloween!

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Life's crazy these days. No pressure at all :hug:

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I picked up Frankenstein on Monday. I had planned to read it this weekend, but I got called into work. But I do fully intend to read it! I've never read any of the "classic" monster books. /Is ashamed

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Didn't mean to pressure you! I guess one of the perils of running the awesome AHT contest is that you have less time for other shenanigans...

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Oh, it's less energy in general. The job I'm working now is very physical, but a lot less stressful. So I'm always tired, but a much happier tired.

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It's okay. Mine was just the recipe thing from the scavenger hunt.

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