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        Hello Everyone!! 

      I am finally back and I hope everyone remembers me! I can't believe it has already been a year since I last updated this journal. A lot of things happened during the year and I'm going to tell you guys about it now. So after two years of hard work at Orange Coast College, I am finally going to transfer to University of California, Irvine as a History major!! I can't believe I got accepted by UC Irvine and UC San Diego, because I had too many units from my old university at UC Riverside. This is the reason why I shouldn't be able to get admit to any universities, but I'm so lucky I was accepted to both :cries:. I was torn between the two, since both universities are so nice and I didn't know what to pick, but I decided to pick UC Irvine, because it's only 15-20 min away from my home. I can't wait to start my journey at a new UC this fall hehe!! :D Also, not to mention my parents are so proud of me they bought me a new 11.6 in HP Pavilion laptop. This laptop makes everything so much easier when taking notes in class, because I love typing more than writing. It's more convenient and faster. I had a 17 in laptop before this but it's too big to carry around... anyway, I keep cleaning the new laptop and hold it like it's a precious treasure hahaha xD I really need to find a good laptop case because I want to keep my laptop in mint condition.   

    Anyway, now that's over, I'm going to be really free this summer. I think this summer I will try to find a job, since all my friends have a job and I don't...and I'm pretty old so I need to be more independent. I'm also going to practice my driving this summer, because my driving skill is so horrible...I really suck at driving LOL T_T I prefer to get rides from people so I can enjoy looking at the sceneries, sleeping, relaxing, and listening to music on the car haha...but I'm old now so I should stop depend on people driving me. I need to practice until I can drive on the freeway. I hope my mom will let me drive on the freeway after this summer and I hope she won't have a heart attack lolsss :P

    If you guys didn't know, I'm currently working on writing a story. I hope that if I am good enough as I get more experiences in life and improve my writing skill, I can turn it into a novel. That's my dream. Right now, I will try to write the first chapter and post it on my WordPress blog and here when I am done. I will be working on this story through the summer. I will also illustrate the book cover and important scenes from the novel. Once I draw enough pictures for the story, I will design a new website for the story alone with music and everything.  Here is a synopsis of the story so far. There is also a scene for the story on my Instagram.

    The story is called “A Fields of Dreams”. This story is about a young man in his teenage years who is a poet and a musician. He is the real son of Marcus Devon, but they don’t get along because Marcus used to be in the military so he wanted his son to be different than how he is. This young man is always seen with his guitar that he carries on his shoulder. He also spends most of his time looking toward the silhouette of the distant land, longing for something beautiful, something unattainable. Later, he wants freedom more than anything so he decides to leave with a band of traveling musicians and dancers and move from town to town. This story is mainly about his relationship with his father, other characters, his observations and what he learned on his journey and travel. I want to make this story philosophical and personal, but hell, I think I need to read even more and have more experiences with life to write like that...I think I don't have enough worldly experience T_T
    Virgil from  Virgil the Wanderer by MementoViola is the main character of the story. I will change his name to something else later, I don't know yet. We'll see. I will also write this story in first person so that I can relate to the character and put myself in the character's shoes. The songs I imagine his voice to be and how he sings are Sufjan Steven - Should Have Known Better (It makes me imagine his relationships to his parents and maybe brother) and Elliot Smith - Between the Bars (it gives me the image of him writing until late at night with only a small dim light in his room and his voice singing at night). I have a lot of images in my mind about this character so I will try to draw A LOT this summer for sure. I have a list of topics of what I should draw that I put on my notes app and I will be working on that.

    Finally, GAMING. This summer is going to be my "the summer of gaming" LOL. I have been waiting ALL this time to start gaming again. I did play Pokémon X my on 3DS during my weekend, but all the studying and essays made it so hard on me to really forget about everything, concentrate on gaming, and enjoy myself. I had to take my 3DS to my uncle's house when I visited him to play on my spare time. This is why my gaming progress for Pokémon X is so slow.  

This is the list of games I'm planning to play and re-play during the Summer:
Finish Pokémon X - I really need a Modest Ditto right now to breed and get a Modest Gardevoir with Trace Skill....

Buy and Play Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. I might buy Pokémon Sun or Moon as well but I am not sure yet.

Re-play Fire Emblem Awakening - I lost my game so I have to start over again T_T I'm so sad though, because for my first game, I was pretty strong too. Luckily, I still have my partnership combinations, job changes' plans for each character, and skills plans for all the characters. I will list them here later; it's on my main computer not my laptop. 

Play Harvest Moon A New Beginning - Umm I don't know if I should marry Neil or Amir. I really like Neil's personality though T_T

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town - I think I will play this game again but marry Gray this time. My other play-through I married Cliff haha :D For the boy version of this game, I married

Earthbound - I don't know why every time I get to the last part, I would lose the game. I can never finish the game so I will definitely finish the game this summer.

Focus on my new Wii I got as a gift from my parents because of good grades LOL 
Harvest Moon Animal Parade - Who should I marry? I am torn between Gill, Owen, and Harvest King LOLOL :D Nahh Harvest King is hot but it's too hard to marry him because he requires too much work and items (AND he doesn't even live with you bummer >_>) so I'm thinking about Gill my first play-through (OR Wizard, I forgot about him for some reason. Omg I can't choose anymore :cries:). I want to marry Owen, because I want my kids to have red hair lmao xD

Play Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn on my Wii. Need to buy the game. I don't know why it's so expensive online...

Might Re-play the Fire Emblem for Gameboy Advanced too...I wish I still have my old game so I can play Hector's play-through. Hector and Lynn <3 Hector is my savior; he epically defeated ALL the enemies surrounding him ALONE with no characters' help, can you believe it! I hate Elliwood WHY IS HIS STATS ON MY PLAY-THROUGH SO LOW AND BAD :( I gave up on him and he is the main character too -_-

Rune Factory 4 - I LOVE Rune Factory 3 and so I bought Rune Factory 4 much later but only got to the first part of the game. I will definitely play this game during my summer

Re-play Chrono Trigger - For my first play-through my main team was Chrono - Lucca - Frog. (Screwed Magus LOL he sucks xP just kidding) I beated Lavos by spamming Frog's Heal and Delta Storm and Flare. I think this time I will try a new combo team.    

Replay Final Fantasy IV & VI - I miss Terra from FF VI and for FF IV, I miss Cecil AND Edge x Lydia couple :D

Finish my second play-through on Golden Sun I and II

Trickster Online - I will play as a Fox again. I had a lvl 50 Fox account but I didn't log in for a long time so they deleted it. I like Sheep too but Sheep is harder to play for me so I had to switch to Fox. Fox will be my main and Sheep will be my second character :) 

Maple Story - I miss this game sooooo much. I remember I played this game during the Beta phase almost 12-13 years ago with my cousins so I'm going to download the old version before Big Bang private server to play. I was a Fire Mage by the way. 

Someone teach me how to play League of Legends, I keep on dying...T_T 

Yeah enough about my gaming chattering. I think I will make a gaming blog later to give people tips and my gaming experience :D
As you can see, even though I said I have a lot of free time this summer, I still have to draw and gaming and find a job, but I will manage hopefully :D I have too many plans I hope I can accomplish them all T_T.
Anyway that's all for this journal update. I will update my journal more frequently in the future and my Wordpress too. Please stay tuned!!

Bye and Good luck on Finals to those who are in college like me :D
- MementoViola /Serenus Arc 
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