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Lullaby by MementoViola Lullaby by MementoViola
Sing for me for thousands of years
Tell me about life
When I no longer exist
What can I get from the other world
except emptiness?

Like the birds
on top of hills near the ocean  
I try to find the life that I have lost
In this crossing of time

Love is like a knife
Love is like a sharp point of a knife
Softly and Sweet
Cutting the First love

Tools: Watercolor,  Prisma Colored Pencils, Mechanical Pencils 0.5mm 
Listening to: Guillaume de Machau - Douce Dame Jolie
"for falling asleep in a blossoming garden and wearing lilac silk."

I know I need to submit new works soon, but I haven't had the time to draw anything new because school is seriously a drag and is killing me right now. I have two exams philosophy and US history on the same day next week and I want to cry because I haven't studied or read anything yet T_T I am really screwed. I know this picture is a while ago and I keep submitting old works, but I feel like I should submit this picture because of the colors fit with the autumn season to me. Also I was inspired by vintage artwork like this one (a href="…"> Link and I want to keep my gallery updated most of the time so it would be more vibrant. I don't know lol. I even forgot that I painted this picture, seriously, until I found it again! Anyway, for this picture, as I was saying, I was inspired by Vietnamese Vintage artwork and some old European Folk tales artwork like Arthur Rackham for example. I know the picture looks a little off but I can't find a way to fix it. I'm planning to draw another version of this picture sometimes soon because I really like how the background turns out, just not the the people in the picture. I tried to make the picture a little romantic but I think I failed again! Which is sad I know...sigh. For the passage text above, I was inspired by the lyrics of two Vietnamese songs I heard on a radio one time. It's called Khuc Thuy Du by Thuy Duong and Ru em Tung Ngon Xuan Nong by Trinh Cong Son . Thuy Duong has such a sad and soulful looking eyes when she sings and it's so inspirational that I want to draw eyes for my art like that in the future. I want to mix Asian and European art for this picture but I don't even know if it is working out anymore! Oh well, I will try to make the next version of this picture better when I redraw it.

P/S: I also started on a story a while ago but I didn't want to reveal it to the public. Now I am. A glimpse of it can be found under Ernest the Night Rider picture. It is just some small summary and personality revealed for the character that I just newly added. I will draw a new version of Ernest again because the character is very dear to me. (So are the other characters, but still) So please stay tuned :D 
Edited: Just found another song that fit with this picture! Sorry for the notification! 
CroPro Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, this is not really my field but I believe that in some of your drawings you should really give some extra contrast in...because some of them as this for example looks a little bit flat...It would be much nicer in my opinion and probably the other hand on most of your pieces your contrast is really good and deepth is I don't know if it is on purpose or not...(probably is)...but I would really like if it was a little bit deeper...because clearly birds for example is behind young couple? are there? :D
I have the feeling that right bird is in front of that young man, but it is clearly on the tree that is behind and it confuses me a little bit...but i really like the colors and the atmosphere it really looks amazingly peaceful :)
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November 14, 2017
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