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Gertrude Barkhorn, witch, member of the Karlsland air-force, highly decorated and disciplined soldier. That last part is the most notable. She always sticks to the schedule and as such lives an organized life. So it came as much surprise when she woke up one morning and realized that she forgot to leave herself a clean pair of panties for the day. She usually sleeps in the nude and the laundry crew already came to take her dirty clothes, so she had nothing to wear down there.

“Shit, shit, shit!” she said as she frantically ransacked her clothing drawers, hoping to find a misplaced pair of panties that she could wear. She currently had on her usual uniform which left her posterior completely exposed as she was bent over searching her dresser. Had someone decided to open the door to her room they would be greeted with the sight of a full moon despite the current time of day.

Barkhorn was the type of person who would give the panties off her ass if someone needed them, as was seen when Yoshika was forced to go commando, but right now she needed them for this was a different matter of pride. Just about a week ago Barkhorn had chewed out Hartmann for stealing panties since she lost hers. So if Barkhorn let anyone know that she forgot hers then Erica would not let her live it down. That, and she wasn’t to keen on allowing the men stationed on base to catch a glimpse of her bare ass and hairless crotch. She was often curious as to why she couldn’t grow any hair down there.

“Fuck there aren’t any here! I could have sworn that I still had a few pairs left.” Barkhorn cursed as she shot up to a standing position. She then began to rack her brain. What should she do? She couldn’t just go without, her uniform was to exposing to hide the fact she was panty-less. If she borrowed from someone else then that would ruin her image as well, plus Hartmann would recognize them as not being hers.

“Achoo! Damn it’s breezy...” Barkhorn said as she felt a draft waft across her buttocks.

Barkhorn had to find someway to make it until 10am when the laundry would be finished. But that was 4 hours away and she couldn’t just hide in her room until then. She had duties to attend to and she couldn’t skip them, and what if there was a Neuroi attack? No, she had to come up with a solution.

Then it hit her. Her old sweatshirt that she still kept for chilly days. It would be long enough to cover her nether regions, if only barely. Trude quickly cast off her standard uniform before adorning a loose gray hooded sweatshirt. It was shorter then she remembered as it only gave her a couple inches of leeway in terms of coverage. If there was a strong breeze or if she bent over then she would be completely exposed with her ass hanging in the breeze. Having resolved herself to her current predicament she reached for her door handle to leave and go about her daily routine.

With the usual scowl on her face she left her room to take care of her first job, getting Hartmann’s lazy ass out of bed. Barkhorn walked at a steady pace so as to not cause her sweatshirt to sway as she made her way to her fellow Karlslanders room. She then banged on the door with her fist.

“HARTMANN!! Get your ass out of bed this instant!”

This was such a common occurrence that Gertrude had long since forgotten when this had become a part of her daily routine. She was about to burst in through the door when it suddenly opened revealing an awake and fully dressed Erica Hartmann.

“Geez you’re loud. I’m sure you woke up the Neuroi as well.” Hartmann said as she covered her mouth to yawn.

“Hmmph! Well nice to see that you’re up on time for once. Are my wake-up calls finally starting to work for you, or is this just a special occasion?”

“Special occasion?” Hartmann stifled a smirk. “Something like that.” she whispered under her breath.

“What was that?!”

“Heh, nothing Trude. Say, why are you wearing a sweatshirt?” Hartmann asked so as to change subjects.

“J-just a little chilly today.” Barkhorn stuttered ever so slightly as a faint blush crept across her face.

“Whatever, now let’s go, it’s time for breakfast.” Hartmann said as she took off down the hall before stopping to spin around and face Trude. “I’ll race you to the dining hall! If you lose you have to let me sleep in tomorrow!” she playfully called before taking off again.

“Wait what?!” but Trude’s protest was too late as Hartmann had already turned the corner and was out of earshot. “Grr! There is no way in hell I will allow that!” she screamed before taking off after her lazy friend. Little did she know was that on the other side of Hartmann’s door, hidden in a corner of the room, was a pile of pilfered panties that belonged to her.

As Barkhorn ran down the halls she kept pressing her hands over her rear and crotch so as to prevent her sweatshirt from rising up as she took her long strides. However with each step the sweatshirt would rub against her lower parts which resulted in a rather tingly sensation. At the rate she was going Hartmann would beat her with ease. So seeing as how there was no one around she said to hell with modesty and broke out into a full on sprint. With each stride her sweatshirt lifted up above her waist revealing her perfectly rounded ass and secret garden to the world. Thankfully there was no one around to witness it. As she reached the stairs she heard Hartmann call up from the bottom.

“Looks like I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow!”

A tic mark appeared on Barkhorns forehead as her frustration level increased. If she didn’t hurry up she would lose so she decided to take a risk and jumped over the railing and fell down to the first floor. As she fell her sweatshirt fluttered about leaving her exposed. She landed on the ground with a thud and quickly pulled her shirt down so as to cover herself. She then let out a sneeze from her breezy maneuver. Barkhorn quickly turned to see Hartmann halfway down the hall and almost at the entrance to the dining hall.

She then lurched forward into a sprint as she attempted to catch up with Erica. She quickly caught up but had to lag just behind her lest she reveal her bare bottom to her comrade. Just as they reached the final stretch Trude lunged forward, crossing into the dining hall just ahead of Erica and landed prone on the ground with one hand holding her sweatshirt over her buttocks keeping her shame safe.

“Aww man, I lost.” Hartmann whined.

“Damn right you lost.” Barkhorn growled. “So tomorrow you are going to wake up on time alright!” she said as she stood up carefully.

“Tch, fine. Well anyway... It’s time for breakfast!” Hartman cheered as she headed over to the kitchen. Today was one of the days that the kitchen staff was on duty so she grabbed a tray and loaded up on food. She had a few things to choose from including omelets, bacon, sausages, and pancakes but she primarily went for the meat. Trude then walked over to join her. As the two got their breakfast they then headed over to the table and took their seats. Trude reached across the table to grab the salt and pepper for her omelet but accidentally knocked over the salt shaker.

“Oh that’s bad luck.” Hartmann remarked.


“You knocked over the salt, so now you are going to have bad luck unless you take a pinch of it and throw it over your shoulder.”

Trude gave her friend an incredulous look. “Unlike you, I don’t believe in bad luck. Besides, I’m not going to make a mess with the salt just because of silly superstition.”

Hartmann shrugged her shoulders. “Whatever, it’s your loss.”

The rest of breakfast time passed uneventfully as the rest of the members of the 501st came down for food minus Sanya who was sleeping. Barkhorn and Hartmann were the first to finish their meals so they got up first. They were heading to the sinks to drop off their trays when Erica dropped her fork.

“Hey Trude, can you get that for me?”

“Sure.” Trude responded as she began to bend over but quickly stopped when she felt her sweatshirt rise over her butt cheeks. She then stood back up from her mistake.

“Something wrong Trude?” Hartmann asked.

“N-nothing.” Barkhorn answered with a slight blush on her face. She quickly turned around to see if anyone saw her and let out a relieved sigh when she saw everyone was too busy eating to have noticed her exposed ass. Having mentally reprimanded herself for her slip up, she then proceeded to crouch down ever so carefully to pick up the fork. She then proceeded to the kitchen where she dropped off her tray at the sink, but as she turned to leave she slipped on the wet tiled floor. She landed on her ass with her legs spread outwards, allowing all the world to see her uncovered pussy. Her hands quickly shot down to cover her shame as she looked up to see if anybody saw.

“Are you okay Trude?” Minna asked.

“Yeah, just slipped on the floor.” she answered as she closed her legs. But as she readjusted herself her bare ass was pressed against the cold floor which sent a shiver up her spine. The shiver caused her hair to stand on end and resulted in a rather amusing facial expression, a mixture of tension and embarrassment. Her eyes widened and her teeth clenched as she bit down on a moan.

“Here, let me help you up.” Erica said as she offered her hand.

“Thanks.” Trude took her hand and carefully stood up and made sure to adjust her sweatshirt to cover herself. Hartmann made to leave, but Trude refused to let go of her hand. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Uhh, to take a nap?” Erica responded as she scratched her chin. A nervous smile plastered on her face along with a sweatdrop.

“Wrong answer. Since I’ve got you up on time I’m going to capitalize on this opportunity. You are going to join me for morning exercise.” Barkhorn said with a devilish smile. Despite her predicament she would not allow Hartmann to get away with being lazy. Especially on a day when she woke up on time. “First things first, we do laps around the base.”

“Aww come oooonnnn.” Hartmann moaned as she slumped over. “We just ate.”

“Too bad, we need to work off that meal. I saw how much you ate.”


“No buts!” Trude interrupted. However her statement only reminded her of her current predicament. Every time she thought of being bottomless she felt more aware of any breeze that brushed up against her. The look of tension returned to her face as she dragged Hartmann out of the dining hall.

After they left Mio let out a hearty laugh. “Ha, ha, ha, stubborn as always isn’t she?”

“Got quite a stick up her ass though if you ask me.” Shirley added.

“Speaking of ass, is there a reason why she isn’t wearing any panties?” Lucchini asked plainly.

The rest of the group turned to her with looks of disbelief.

“What do you mean by that?” Yoshika asked.

“Wellll,” Lucchini started with a playful smirk. “When she bent over to pick up Hartmann’s fork I saw a full moon. It was quite traumatic.” she continued as she made an overdramatic pose with one hand over her eyes and the other in the air. “I think I might have PTSD!”

“I’m sure you were mistaken.” Minna said as she wiped her mouth of the coffee she had just spit out.

“Nope, I’m telling you I saw it all! Everything was out in the open! Just like when Yoshika climbed that tree last week.”

“Wahh! You promised that you wouldn’t talk about that!” Yoshika said as her face turned a bright shade of red.

“So, it turns out the stern Barkhorn has a bit of an exhibitionist side to her.” Mio said as she scratched her chin in contemplation.

“Oh this is just perfect.” Shirley smiled devilishly at the thought of this blackmail class intel.

“Now hold on, we don’t know for certain. After all how do we know that you’re not lying? As I recall you are quite the prankster.” Perrine stated.

“Fine how about a bet!” Lucchini said as she stood up from her seat.

“Oh you can count me in on this.”

“Me too.”

“I guess I’ll join in.”

“This should be fun.”

Soon the room was dived in half. On one side was Lucchini, Shirley, Eila, and Mio. On the other stood Minna, Yoshika, Lynette, and Perrine.

Lucchini took it upon herself to set the rules. “Alright here are the rules- If she is not bare down there then we lose, but if she is going commando then we win. If you want to win then you need evidence of the fact. Shirley go get some cameras.”

“On it.” she said as she left.

“Next- combat takes priority over this so if a Neuroi shows up then the bet is called off. Also, no direct contact with Barkhorn is allowed. We can’t let her know we are onto her and I don’t want you girls giving her panties to wear so you can win.”

“Very well.” Minna started. “And what shall the wages be?”

Lucchini let a sinister smirk creep across her face. “The losers have to do the chores of the winners for the rest of the month!” she declared.

“Might I offer a bonus?” Mio asked.

“Like what?”

“Let’s say that if you can’t get a photo of Barkhorn’s ass, panty-less or not, then you have to go without bottoms tomorrow.” she offered.

Most of the girls present were shocked at her declaration.

“What?!” Perrine shouted.

“Heh, I like it!” Lucchini approved. “If you can’t get a picture of the captains nether regions then you have to go commando tomorrow!”

“But that’s kind of...” Lynette trailed off.

“You’re free to back out now, but if you do then you lose and have to do our chores.”

Lynette nervously fidgeted in place. “Fine.” she relented as Shirley returned with eight cameras in hand which were handed out to the group.

“Oh Shirley, you are going to love the new rule we came up with.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“I’ll tell you as we run.” Lucchini replied as she grasped the camera in her hands. “Alright, the time limit is until the end of the day. Time to go ass hunting!”


A chill ran up Barkhorn’s spine. ‘I got a bad feeling for some reason’

She was currently running laps around the base with Hartmann who, instead of being the one to lag behind, was running ahead of Barkhorn.

‘Damn, she’s making me look bad, but if I run any faster then I’ll be exposed and I can’t have that.’

“What’s wrong Trude? I thought you wanted to go for a run?” Hartmann teased as she turned to smile at Trude.

“Grr, I’m just not feeling at 100% today, that’s all!” she bit back.

“If that’s the case then why don’t we go to the infirmary?”

“Are you saying that out of genuine concern or just so that you can take a break?”

“Can it be both?” Hartmann said with a smile as she shrugged.

“Huff, fine.” In all truthfulness Barkhorn was losing her breath as well as she was extra tense from focusing on covering herself. She leaned over slightly to catch her breath as she felt safe as only bushes were behind her. She then heard a snapping sound but when she turned to see what it was all she saw was the bushes.

“Hmm, must have been a squirrel.”

“What?” Hartmann asked.

“Nothing, now let’s head to the infirmary.” Barkhorn decided to play along with the sick act for now so as to pass time for the laundry to be ready. She still had another 2 hours left to go.

Meanwhile in the bushes...

“Hah! Got it! Now I just need to develop the film.” Lucchini declared proudly.

“Yeah well at least you got a shot. I didn’t see nothing. Still can’t believe you agreed to that no panty rule though.” Shirley said dejectedly.

“Oh quit your whining it’s not that bad.”

“Easy for you to say! You’re safe now. My ass is still on the line and it’s hard to get the drop on Trude.” Shirley grumbled.

“Well if I were you then I would hurry up and get your picture, you still have the rest of the day.”


‘Okay, easy now, take deep breaths. All you need to do is take a photo of your superiors ass. No problem. WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING! This is nuts! But if I don’t do it then I have to go through with the punishment.

Currently Perrine was having an internal argument with herself at the sheer absurdity of the situation in which she currently found herself. She was sitting outside on some stone steps reading a book with a camera hidden behind her back. She wasn’t really reading but rather waiting for the captain to pass by so she could try for an upskirt shot of her. The wait wasn’t long as soon she saw Hartmann and Barkhorn approaching from down the hill. As she passed she made quick to snap a photo and return to her book so as to look inconspicuous.

Trude turned briefly to see what the noise was but passed it off as nothing and continued to carefully climb the stairs.

‘I can’t believe it, Lucchini was telling the truth!’


Barkhorn continued climbing the stairway as she and Hartmann approached the main building. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. She just passed it off as paranoia from not wearing any panties. As they entered the base she was surprised to see that all of the windows were open in the hall.

‘Are the cleaning crew working today?’

She continued to follow behind Hartmann but was constantly distracted by the breeze from the windows. Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew up her sweatshirt, exposing her completely. She heard a snap again and quickly pressed down on her sweatshirt to cover her naughty bits. She spun around to see if anyone had witnessed her folly but sighed in relief when she saw the hall empty.

“Something wrong Trude?” Hartmann asked.

“Nothing, just feels like I’m being watched.”

The two then continued down the hall. Meanwhile behind a closed door stood a smirking Eila. “Operation ‘open window’ was a success.” she whispered to herself.

As Barkhorn and Hartmann arrived at the infirmary they noticed that it was currently empty. Trude took a seat on one of the cots whilst Erica rummaged through some stuff.

“Seeing as how you are not feeling well we should first check your temperature.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

“Unfortunately,” Hartmann started. “I can’t find the normal thermometers, only the rectal ones. So, take off your panties.” she said as she waved the thermometer in her hand.

Trude suddenly tensed up at this. She hadn’t thought of this outcome and now she was backed into a corner.

“Come on, drop your pants and show me your ass.” Hartmann said with an eerily sadistic smile.

Trude had to think fast. Hartmann was blocking her way to the door and she would be unable to hide the fact that she was commando much longer. Then she saw it, the bathroom door. She got up from her sitting position and dashed for the door.

“Sorrygottousethebathroomfirst!” she sputtered out as she slammed the door shut and locked it.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you to finish~.” Trude heard from the other side of the door. She had only postponed the inevitable. She lightly knocked her fist against her head as she racked her brain. Then she felt it, a slight breeze against her face. Looking up she noticed the small open window behind the toilet. ‘Yes!’ she thought victoriously. Climbing atop the toilet she then opened the window as much as she could. She would just barely be able to fit through it, but it was enough. Sticking her head out to survey the area she noted the two story drop into the bushes. Deciding to go feet first she lifted her body up and stuck her legs through the window. Her waist passed through with ease and so did her breasts, but as her head went through she hit a snag. Her hood caught on the window lock and as she fell her sweatshirt was ripped off of her body. She let out an ‘eek’ as she fell into the bushes below and landed spread eagle on her ass, the leaves tickling at her privates.

Trude quickly recovered and crouched behind the bushes to hide. Looking up she noted her sweatshirt hanging from the window, just out of reach.

“Great, just perfect.” she growled. Here she was, outside wearing nothing but a bra and a pair of shoes. “Perhaps Hartmann was right about that bad luck.” she said as she stood up and covered her crotch with one hand and her ass with the other.

Sticking to the bushes she crept along until she reached the edge. She gazed across the clearing. There was about a fifty foot dash from where she was to the building interior via a door. Her best bet right now was to get back to her room and get a new sweatshirt. As she scanned the area she noticed that there was no one in sight so she made a mad dash to the door. She threw her arms to the side as trying to cover her modesty would only slow her down. As she ran she felt the wind brush across her body and she had to admit that it felt a little liberating. She then shook away that thought as she arrived at the door only to find it locked.


She kept twisting the nob to no avail and only resulted in an increase to the time that she left her ass exposed.

“Arghh!!! Screw it!” she shouted as she used her magic to rip the door off of its hinges and tossed it aside before rushing inside.

“You saw that, right?” Yoshika asked as she brought her camera down from aiming.

“Yeah, I wonder if we will get extra credit for this.” Lynette replied as she lowered her camera as well. “I never took the captain for being a streaker.”

“Although when I do think about it, she did seem a little to eager to loan me her panties the other week.”


Trude was currently slinking about the base, sticking to the shadows when possible and kept her hands over her privates as she did. She was moving as fast and sneakily as possible as she made her way back towards her room. So far she was able to avoid the others but her luck could only hold out for so long. Then she saw it, the baths. At the very least she would be able to procure a towel to cover herself up for the time being.

She entered into the changing room and quickly grabbed a towel off of the rack and wrapped it around her waist. “There we go. At least it covers up what’s important.” she said as she tied the towel which hung down to her knees.

Now with hardened resolve, she left the confines of the bath to return to her room. She just had to make sure not to run into Hartmann. As she bolted down the hall she ran into Minna of all people.

“Ah, Trude, what on earth are you wearing?”

She quickly made up a vague excuse. “Uh, there was an accident and now I need to return to my room to get a new set of clothes.” Trude however, did not notice how her running had jostled at her towel and as she was talking to Minna it loosened and fell to the floor. “Kyaa!” she screamed as she scambled to pick up her last line of defense.

She heard a click and quickly turned to see Mio and Shirley holding cameras as they tried to flee. “What do you think you are doing!?!?” she shouted, half in anger half in embarrassment as she held the towel over her pussy. She began to chase after the two but tripped over her towel and landed on the ground with her face down and her ass sticking up. She heard another click and when she turned Minna was gone. Trude shot up in anger.

“WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs with her arms flailing about.

“What indeed.” she heard a voice call. Trude turned and was greeted by the sight of Hartmann. Instantly remembering her state of undress, she hastily tried to cover herself with her towel but found it to be in Hartmann’s hands so she placed her hands over her crotch instead and said ‘fuck it’ to covering her ass.

“This isn’t what it looks like Hartmann.” she tried to explain.

“Oh yeah, because it looks to me like you forgot to wear your panties today.” she said as she swung the towel in her hands before tossing it to Barkhorn.

“Geh, well...”

“Here I was worried about how you were feeling, but as it turns out you weren’t feeling sick, just ‘cheeky’.” Hartmann shook her head disapprovingly. “And you chew me out for forgetting my panties when you can’t even remember to wear yours?”

“This was a one time thing.” Barkhorn said through clenched teeth.

“I’m sure it is.” Hartmann then walked past Barkhorn and as she did she gave her a light slap on the ass leaving behind a red handprint. Barkhorn ‘eeped’ from the sudden strike. “But I still plan on holding this over your head for a while.” she then continued down the hall and disappeared around the corner.

“Tch, of course you will.”

After that Barkhorn remained in her room for the rest of the day. The following day a rumor started that some of her fellow witches were trading photos of her ass like they were cards.
Barkhorn's bare bottom day
So let me first start by saying that I LOVE the series Strike Witches. I also LOVE enf. So I decided to give writing a story a try by combining the two things. I went with Barkhorn for this as she is one of my favorite characters to embarrass.
And who knows, maybe I'll write more.


No journal entries yet.


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