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Vintage lady Gloria Swanson



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Alice and Claude Askew

Alice Askew (18 June 1874 – 6 October 1917)along with her husband, Claude Askew (27 November 1865 – 6 October 1917)were British authors, who together wrote "over ninety novels, many published in sixpenny and sevenpenny series, between 1904 and 1918".        

  • The Shulamite (1904)
  • The Plains of Silence (1907)
  • Lucy Gort: A Study in Temperament (1907)
  • The Rod of Justice (1910)
  • Two Apaches of Paris (1911)
  • The Stricken Land: Serbia As We Saw It (1916)
  • Solomon uses passionate language to describe his bride and their love (Song 4:1–15). Solomon clearly loved the Shulammite—and he admired her character as well as her beauty (Song 6:9). Everything about the Song of Solomon betrays the fact that this bride and groom were passionately in love and that there were mutual respect and friendship, as well (Song 8:6–7). This points to the fact that the Song of Solomon is the story of Solomon’s first marriage, before he sinned by adding many other wives (1 Kings 11:3). Whoever the Shulammite was, she was Solomon’s first and truest love.  wiki help alot  !