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AA: Cake Walk (OPEN)



This booth is free to play!

Avocado ( )

The delicious scent of baked goods leads to to the cake walk, an event sponsored by the very popular maid cafe called Wonderland! The grass is littered with cakes of all kinds: blueberry, peanut butter, angel food, devil food... They tempt you with their sugary goodness. The girl running the booth seems a little confused, though... You aren't actually supposed to walk /on/ the cake! Isn't that a safety hazard....? Maybe you should just fly over them instead. 

"Care to join in?" Avocado says, beaming brightly. She doesn't seem to notice someone about to fall face first into one of the prizes behind her. "Our next round is about to start! And you just might win one of these *super yummy* handmade cakes!"

- To participate in this booth you must either draw or write about your Helyum mains joining the cake walk! Or perhaps eyeing whichever cake they hope to win!
- All art entries must be at least a flat colored (or detailed monochrome) halfbody with a simple background.
- All writing must be at least 300 words.
- Please do not complain if you receive a prize you do not like; these are randomized and we have no control over what you get.
- To participate you just use an Aerolin, Aurolis, or Techkrit. If you do not have one, you may use an NPC, or another person’s character with permission.
- A mod will respond to your entry and you will receive a randomly rolled prize on a generator from 1-20.
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