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 Wow it's been years since I've added anything to this account! Decided to start doing fan art again just not anime related anymore. I'm working on realism trying my hand at drawing real people which is hard! Current Obsession is the new TV show Outlander. I've been reading the books since about 2002, I really didn't expect much from a TV adaption. When I originally looked at the cast my reaction was, "Absolutely not! That person’s too small, this one’s too big, that one’s too old, he's not old enough." So I like many others figured I would just ignore it as I've ignored Game of Thrones. But then I came across a Buzzfeed that stated all the reasons why Sam Heughan makes the perfect Jamie Fraser and I found myself thinking "...maybe." So when I saw Starz was offering the first episode for free at the beginning of August I gave in and gave it a try.

I was totally and completely blown away! Caitriona Balfe NAILED Claire so completely, perfectly capturing her sarcastic witty nature and her wonderfully expressive face. Tobias Menzies was almost scary in his transformation between loving sweet Frank and the monster that is Black Jack Randall. Sam Heughan, OMG SAM HEUGHAN!!!! Needless to say the man is more than big enough for the role! While there are lots of big good looking men in the world who would have looked the part, I believe few have the comedic timing and delivery of lines that Sam has. Sam and Cait together are everything I think the Outlander fandom could have wished for! They have such great chemistry, made me fall in love with the story all over again. The rest of the Cast is amazing too not one complaint about any of them, could not be more pleased with this production! That being said as part of my jumping on the Outlander Fan Art band wagon, I'm doing a sketch a day of the cast of Outlander as a way of improving my drawing skills and specifically my people drawing skills.
Robert Jordan "James Oliver Rigney"  writer of the Wheel of Time series passed away yesterday not many famous peoples deaths upset me but his does his journal postings online where touching and his fight against his disease was inspiring.

he will be mourned
  Well Otakon was incredible, although I could not have done it without encouragement and help from brandiyorkart and druihd they both totally rock my world!!!!!!   I can't say enough about what an incredibly invigorating experience it was to have people actually spend money on my art work it was just an amazing feeling.

  At one point PZB grinned at me after I had signed a print and pointed out that few people can say they have ever been asked for their signature I think I probably just grinned like an idiot the whole time.  People even walked up to the table and asked for me to look through their sketch books and give them advice which in reality most of the sketches were either just as good if not better then my own, but still uberly flattering.  A few people looked at my artwork and recognized it from online, which was cool!

  Granted I didn't make a lot of money but then again my artwork tends to be Inuyasha oriented and right now it's kind of a dieing fandom there is not as much interest in it as there was a few years ago.  And I only had 8 prints I think if I had more images I would have done a lot better.  But over all I think the whole experience was so gratifying that I can't complain it was well worth it and I would love to do it again.  If for nothing else being able to sit and chatter with PZB and Druihd made the trip well worth it.

OTAKON!!!!! and stuff!

Sat Jun 17, 2006, 12:15 PM
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So I am shelling out the money and headed to Otakon!!!!!  Not sure if I should do this with my current moneys but hey there are soooo many people I will get to meet there if I go!!!  I plan on hanging out with :iconbrandiyorkart: and :icondruihd: again cause they were such a blast at Sakura con!!!! And hopefully I will get an opportunity to meet many other peoples there too!!!!

Other news I think I am going back to school  **scary**  I already have a BA but I think I would like to go back for graphic design and illustration I have been trying to get a job in the field without the degree but have not been having much in the way of luck so maybe some school and someone to point me in the right direction and help me figure out what I am doing wrong will help!

I am thinking about trying to sell some original art online or maybe selling original fanart pieces off my website you know painted by hand sorts of things just to help cover the bills.  We shall see how that all goes!  I'll post more about that later for those that are interested.

I also think I may have my own original idea for a comic....  I am far from being a storyteller but the idea is interesting to me but it's FAR from a finished idea I need to do some research and really sit down and think about the plot.  But yay!!!  STORY IDEAS!!!

Not much else I am horrible about these journal things I try to update occasionally I am just teh lazeh!!!  Oh well I suppose I should drag myself out of bed and be productive today!  I need to go out and buy pants.  I hate spending money!

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TAGGED!!!!!!!!! :D

Fri Apr 14, 2006, 2:47 PM
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The things we do at work when avoiding what we are SUPPOSED to be doing!  :D

I have been tagged by Kitsune-Ryune !!!!

teh RULES!

1. The one tagged with this will say 6 weird habits/ things about themselves.
2. The Tag'd victim/player must Tag another 6 dA members with this in the journal entry, and leave a comment in the guestbook/userpage saying that they've been tagged.

1.  I chew on my tongue when I am concentrating really hard.  When I was younger I used to get sent to the office for chewing gum even though I explained I wasn't chewing gum I was just chewing on my tongue LOL the teachers always thought I was trying to pull a fast one on them.  XD

2.  I call my older brother Fuddy!  His name is David but for some reason, that I don't remember, I have called him Fuddy since I was a child.  I even have his wife calling him fuddy.  ;)

3.  I have only ever dated and kissed one guy in my life......  and I am not a teenie bopper!  So that can only mean one of a couple of things I am either A. extremely hideous B. a total looser C. I just don't get out enough.  LOL I tend to be extremely painfully shy around guys so it's probably a combination! :D

4.  Coffee is my life blood I drink like a gallon a day!  I would not survive without it!

5.  I own a zoo!  LOL okay maybe not but I DO have 1 dog (blake)… a cat (akiko)… and two ferrets! (spookey)… and (boo)… was not allowed to have pets as a child so I tell my parents that I am making up for it now!

6. Spelling and Grammar sucks I hate it!  and I suck at it!!! :D

now I tag.......

:iconrurounitriv: :iconinuyoukaimama: :icondawnfire84: :iconbrandiyorkart: :iconfoxy-gabi: :iconthe-heaven:

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Sakura Con 2006!!!

Tue Mar 28, 2006, 1:04 PM
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Okay so maybe I am not!!!!  But that is me in the picture and I spent a short period of time manning druihd 's  table and selling her prints while she was off doing a panel.  And well everyone walking up to the table ASSUMED I was her so unless they asked me directly I didn't discourage them of that opinion! ;)

Spent most of the convention harrassing her and brandiyorkart they are both insanely nice and PZB told me it was nice to meet someone at a con that was obsessive but not scary even when I was standing on a chair waving a print around yelling "get your half naked hot hanyou here"  well I would have thought I was scary!!!!  Anyway both girls are really really very nice if your ever at a convention don't be afraid to say hello to them and buy a print!

Oh that print on the front of the table of the half naked Miroku says "Buy prints or the Monk gets it!"

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What an insane past couple of monthes it's been! First off let me explain why I have not posted anything in forever.  I MOVED!  Yes I moved from the east coast to the west coast.  Packed up my car and my zoo, one dog, one cat and two ferrets, and headed west!  Took me five days and a ton of money later ::sighs looking in her pocket book:: and I have landed in Seattle Washington!  Good stuff!  I have a project with Sesshoumaru that is ALMOST finished......  It's been almost finished for a few monthes now but I swear I will get on it shortly now that I am settled and maybe get it posted before the new year!  

Secondly I know there are gonna be some people very pissed off at me out there cause I have yet to contact them since I got here :: smiles at Triv and promises to contact Lissy and Annie and others soon!::  I have pictures from my cross country trek as soon as I get them developed I will start posting them!  Not that anyone is interested but I am so proud!  On the down side moving so close to christmas means I am stuck here over the holiday season so everyone send warm wishes to me on christmas day I plan on sitting around with my fur children drinking egg nog and having an anime marathon!

So new updates should be coming soon and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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Flowers and other happy things.

Mon Jul 25, 2005, 2:49 PM
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HAPPY DAYS!!!!  Okay to get this out of the way GO LANCE!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!  Lance Armstrong won his 7th straight Tour Du France on Sunday what a way to head into retirement I am a huge fan and he is one of my personal heros.

Okay next topic my flowers are all in bloom! I said before that when they were blooming I would share some pics I won't post all, but I will post a few of my favs.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Okay left to right or top to bottem depending on how many of these fit on your screen.  Most people who follow my page know the first flower.  It's known in the US as a Balloon Flower or Japanese Bell Flower.  But to the japanese and to Inuyasha fans everywere it't called a Kikyou.  This has long been a personal fav of mine before I even saw it in Inuyasha this bloom is the first bloom off the plant this season when it has more blooms on it I will be sure to take another picture it's really a gorgeous plant. The next is much more commen a pink Zinnia my grandmother used to grow these and I can't help but think of her when I see this flower.  This delicate little flower is a Swan River Daisy, I have it growing in a hanging basket with dark purple Verbena and white Million Bells.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

This little purplish blue flower is called Streptocorpis .....  that may not be spelled right but... I am too lazy to look it up :D  Its a fav of mine (anything blue is) and does well as an indoor plant too, given alot of light.  Next picture is of Nicotina (red flower)  and Torena (blue flower) they grow in my rose garden the butterflys bees and humming birds go nuts for these flowers one of these days I will have a camera on me to catch the hummers.  Unfortunatly my roses are in between blooms right now so I have no pictures to show of them but they are my pride and joy I spent a little bit of time everyday babying my rose bushes I will try to rember to take pictures of them the next time they are in bloom.  The next flower is fairly commen just a pink impatiens I love these they add a nice splash of color to all the shadowy corners of my garden that does not get enough light for my other plants.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

This yellow flower is a Gazenia which I have never planted before the tag claims it will grow in the shade but I found it would only bud flowers if I put it in full sun.  Another one of my prides my gardenia bush.  This bush is 13 years old I bring it inside every winter and bring it back outside in the spring when it's in full bloom it can have up to 50 some blooms on the plant at once and it makes the whole backyard smell so pretty.  The last flower is a Dahlia which are just fun I have reds, pinks, and yellows growing in different parts of my garden.

Image hosted by

Last but not least I know this picture is kinda blurry I had to hold the camera up and stand on my tip toes to get it but this is a baby Chickadee I believe there are 3 babies taking up residence in this bird house.  Okay now I will be impressed if anyone actually read this and now that I have gotten the flowers out of my system lets move on.

I am lazy and have not been working on coloring that line art of Sesshoumaru mainly because the background I am trying to do for it is being a real...........  ya.  But hopefully I will have it finished in time for Otakon along with the Waiting image of Inuyasha leaning agianst the well.  Both of them images I decided to try my hand at making a REAL background for we shall see I have a bunch of other sketches I will probably be posting to scraps lol it seems that I sketch when I am trying to avoid coloring. :D  Anyway I will be posting stuff in the auction at Otakon if anyone else is going I hope I see you there!

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Anime Next!

Mon Jun 20, 2005, 12:30 PM
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     Okay Anime Next was such a blast I have been attending this convention for 4 or 5 years now and it amazes me how much is has grown.  I took 5 of my images to the art auction and although I didn't make a huge amount I did walk away with about $50 to help pay off my dealors room debt.  :D  I am completely thrilled that my stuff sold I think I will try it again at Otakon.  I need to make a few changes though. I will make my watermark much much smaller and attach a buisness card to the back of each image with the details of my website and DA account and what not.  Now I just need to get off my lazy butt and update my website.

     Besides selling my stuff which was really cool I got the opertunity to meet and talk for a bit with druihd she is incredibley nice and her images were even more beautiful in person then they are on the computer screen.  I highly recomend if you are attending one of the conventions she will be at this summer to head down the the Art show and Artists Alley visit and buy some of her prints it will be well worth it.  I picked up one of the larger images she had in the auction and one of the smaller prints for myself and a bunch of the other smaller prints for some friends.

     Okay I went a little crazy in the dealers room this year... ya it was bad :) Bought a couple of DVD's from the 10 dollar DVD place lots of little trinkets (yes almost all Inuyasha related stuff I am such a sucker.)  But my major expense was I broke down and bought a set of Copic markers......  the BIG set.  Needless to say I am spending my day off playing with my new markers  they are sooo nice I am working on an image with them hopefully I will have time to finish it either this week or next week and I will post it then.  Of course it's Inuyasha. ^^;  Did you expect anything else?  I swear someday I will get the dog eared boy out of my system but not day.  OH and I got Inuyasha figures yay!!!  lol Sesshoumaru's fluffy is actually... FLUFFY!

    Okay last but not least was the anime!  Lots of good shows at the convention I don't even rember the names of everything that I saw and really liked but I know I must see more Chrono Crusade and Scrapped Princess.  I am not big on the panels or going to see the guests speak so I didn't really attend that stuff. The big thing Sunday was the Inuyasha marathon from 9 to 6 of all the not yet aired dubbs.  Okay so ya I have seen all of Inuyasha already but I think it's kinda fun to watch it with lots of other people that love it as much as I do that and I am always curious how they translate certain things and how well the American VA's do stuff.  For those of you that hate the American VA of Jakoutsu well.....  she does get better not as good at her Japanese counter part but I did not think she was bad once she got into doing the charactor.  But the thing that had me practically on the floor in tears was the baka battle.  Those of you that have seen it know what I am talking about. :)  The American dub of the baka battle was really well done I had no complaints I laughed as Kouga and Inuyasha called each other idiots but I about died from laughter when inuyasha said "DOOOOOOOOOFUS!!!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL  okay so the idea of Inuyasha saying the word Doofus just kills me maybe others won't find it as amuseing as I did but well... it was just funny as all hell ya just gotta love that scene sweet happy Yasha/Gome fluffyness that is just well meltingly sweet all wrapped up with Kouga and Inuyasha hilarity.  Great stuff.  I really have to give credit to the American VA's I am partial to the Japanese VA's I adore Yamaguchi Kappei but I think the American VA's for Inuyasha have come a long way and really are doing a good job with this series I am pretty happy watching this series in either the original Japanese or the English dub.  MY other bone to pick was the treatment fans give viz representatives at the conventions it makes me really angry.  The director of the American release of Inuyasha was there on Sunday to answer any questions fans may have.  And fans just were... mean to him "why don't they pronounce the names properly" blah blah blah blah yes some critisim is okay but some fans are just rude if you don't like the dub then why the hell are you there watching it?  Fans should have been thankful that the man was there and answering questions as he could.  Not tossing tomatoes at the guy.  My own personal pet peive ::shrugs:: I am happy Inuyasha is in the states and doing well here.  If we fans support the official release of the series here in the states it will help encourage the release of a second series or OVA.
   Wow this is the longest journal entry I have ever written.......  I am going to stop now kudos to those that got to the bottem of this.


  I am not new to DA!  my other SN is agatto but I am switching everything over to this SN so if you want to see more of my stuff check out me at agatto :D