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SO this is the final outcome of a sketch I did… wow last summer! I have a love/hate relationship with this image it’s not even close to what I saw in my head when I set out to make this! However it’s my first background so I am proud that I finished it. AND it’s Sesshoumaru!!!! lol I don’t even like Sesshoumaru that much I think he’s an interesting character but…. He doesn’t have puppy ears! :shrug:

Anyway I learned soooo much in the creation of this image and I think that’s what it’s all about you know? Trying to make each image a little better then the last one you did. Seeing your mistakes and trying to grow from it.

Enough chatter! This image is obviously my very late dedication to:

Kaze – “Wind”
Chapter 374, [link]

Yet another chapter that would for me most likely be as of yet unread if it wasn’t for ear-tweak. [link]

This image is totally dedicated to two very close friends of mine whom in my opinion is the best photographer on DA, and . These are two of my biggest cheerleaders in encouraging me to pursue my art and I am eternally grateful to them. Their constant support and wonderful critiques have helped me really improve my art and their friendship is invaluable to me! They even listened to me while I griped and complained about the insane amount of details on Sesshoumaru’s clothing and armor. Their suggestion to my complaints? If I didn’t want to draw Sesshoumaru detailed outfit maybe I should just remove the offending clothing…………… they offered to do it for me………. With their teeth! I luff you guys! XDDDDDD

Because he is "such a mancakes" and you really can't see the detail in this piccy here is a closer shot of the Smexxshoumaru! [link]

InuYasha © Rumiko Takahashi / Viz
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Dream-Paint|Hobbyist General Artist
Really beautiful nice job! :D This was really a great scene.
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kitkatnis|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, beautiful
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LordSesshomaruFan's avatar
LordSesshomaruFan|Student Traditional Artist
OMG SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB I MISS KAGURA !!!! And so dose Sesshomaru !!! Hey we have something in common .... mwa ha ha !!! :3
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InuYasha--4Ever's avatar
InuYasha--4Ever|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow thats Amazing!!!
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FanasY's avatar
omg, really nice!!
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MademoiselleMeg's avatar
How sweet and moving! *sigh*
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Safiriel|Hobbyist General Artist
aaaaah...what a wonderful work :3
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pokeinuyasha|Hobbyist Digital Artist
FFFFFFF Sesshoumaru :'D That chapter was just so wow. I loved it, personally.

The picture's gorgeous as well, especially the background and the feather, FFFF how ogrgeous the feather is! <33 The flowers are just so... wow, amazing. And Sessh's expression... *-* Amazing job!

His outfit sounds like it's very hard to draw, tho >.<
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Reiinji|Hobbyist General Artist
<3333 Pretty and sad.
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Mistress-Kagura's avatar
I have no words to say!!!! The only I can say is that I felt tears in my eyes when I saw this fanart.It is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!
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NekoMimi15's avatar
Awesomeness! I cried at this part of the manga...DAMN YOU NARAKU!!!!!!:cries:
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TenkenSmile's avatar
TenkenSmile|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful! Both Sesshomaru and the background! :love:
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CaptainNinjaPants's avatar
CaptainNinjaPants|Student General Artist
awesome job on sesshomaru!
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That chapter was so sad both me and my friend cried at the end. But at least Sesshomaru cares. Favs.
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Madamecitrus|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
damn! another wonderful art
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musicyoh's avatar
:tears: How sad yet so gooooooood! :D Even though the bg was tough for you, I think it looks really pretty. I especially like how the feather has a soft glow to it. :nod:
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Yukkari's avatar
this is beautiful. definitely a fave. i love the work you did with sesshomaru and the background. he looks absolutely entranced by the things around him, which is wonderful. does the feather belong to kagura? just curious. great job!
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Reiinji|Hobbyist General Artist
Of course!
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I-n-u--Y-a-s-h-a's avatar
Beautiful background =D
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Alusa's avatar
Very beautyful picture. Backgroun very wounderful. I like you picture.
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Wow... this is stunning!!! I :heart: it!
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twosen's avatar
The detail of the feather, the background, the colouring = fantastic!
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