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Venomaw Closed Species Guide | 2018 by Melyuni Venomaw Closed Species Guide | 2018 by Melyuni
Finally the species has a brand new guide!! I am very happy with this new version, it has every trait and looks much better ^^
All of the information has been cleaned up and updated! There is also more information about the specie's anatomy, behavior, background, and their home planet Terralumen. I hope everyone enjoys this new guide :)

:star: Reminder that the 4th MYO event will be held this week on August 3rd! It will be the same as the past events: Venomaw 3rd MYO Event | CLOSED


-Always credit MelBaka for the species! Please also be a member of the group: VenoMaws
-Do not create a Venomaw without my permission! They can be made from MYO events and customs.
-Finished Venomaw designs must be sent to me for approval!
-Minor design edits are allowed but send it for approval (gender, body type, clothes edits don’t need approval).
-Only I (and approved guest artists) may make and sell adoptables.
- Legendary traits are for adopts only and special events for MYOs and Customs.
-Venomaws can’t be used for commercial use (prints, etc).
-Anyone is allowed to sell Venomaw YCHs and commissions.
-You may sell/trade your Venomaw for their actual worth only.
-Make sure to update your Venomaw on the masterlist when they change owners: VenoMaw-Masterlist
-Any rule breaking may result in a ban and/or blacklist from my work and species.

C = Common  |  UC = Uncommon  |  R = Rare  |  L = Legendary

- Eyes Face: 1 = R  |  2 = C  |  3-4 = UC  |  5 = R  |  6+ = L
- Extra Eyes Body: 0-1 = C  |  2-6 = UC  |  7-9 = R  |  10+ = L
- Extra Mouth Number: 0 = C  |  1 = UC  |  2-4 = R  |  5+ = L
- Body Spikes Number: 0=C  |  1-9=R  |  10+=L

- Ear Types: Fox,Wolf,Cat = C  |  Bear,Dog,Bat,Demon = UC  |  Deer,Rabbit = R  |  Wings = L
- Ear Number: 1 pair = C  |  2 pairs = C  |  3 pairs = R
- Tail Type: Bob,Short,Dragon = C  |  Cat,Wolf,Dog,Cow = UC  |  Devil,Horse,Tailmouth,Spiked = R  | Shark,Tentacle = L
- Tail Number: 1 = C  |  2 = UC  |  3 = R  |  4-6 = L
- Horn Number: 0 = C  |  1 = UC  |  2 = C  |  3 = R  |  4+ = L

- Mane = C  |  None = R
- Hackles = C  |  None = R
- Body Fur: None = C  |  Light = C  |  Medium = UC  |  Heavy = R

- Hands: No pads = C  |  Pads = UC
- Feet: Paws = C  |  Hooves = R
- Arms: 1 pair=C  |  2-3 pair = R
- Tongue: Tapered = C  |  Forked = UC
- Eyes: Normal = C  |  All one color = R

- Wings: Small = R  -  Large = L
- Black Venom = L
- Extra Heads 1 or 2 = L
- Body Growths (Gem, Flowers, Mushrooms) = L

-Venomaws originate from a far off alien planet named Terralumen. They were not discovered for a long time because of their reclusive nature. As time passed, other species like humans expanded into new territories, they have become more docile and social. As they came into contact with more advanced races such as humans, they expanded and began to travel to other worlds. They are found on various types of worlds, they do better on planets with species that coexist. Planets like Earth are still difficult since humans are dominant and usually fear alien creatures, but they are slowly becoming more accepted.
-Their home planet is still quite reclusive, it is described as primal planet full of lush wildlife and fauna. It is a bit larger than Earth, and has 2 orbiting moons. The majority of the planet is a warm climate with dense forests and jungles, most of the planet’s creatures (including Venomaws) live in these jungles. The planet’s jungles are very large with tall trees covered in a thick canopy. Venomaws live here very comfortably, they can easily travel, climb, and hide from enemies. The other biomes such as grasslands, forests, deep caves, deserts, tundra, and arctic pepper the planet. The planet has many rivers, lakes and waterways, with smaller oceans compared to Earth. Venomaws adapt to live in these regions, those in colder climates tend to have more body fur and lighter colors, while those in the jungles usually have less fur and deeper coloring.
-One of the noted qualities of Terralumen is the high amount of bioluminescent creatures and foliage. Plants, mushrooms, insects, and amphibians are the most common to have these glowing qualities, other creatures like Venomaws can glow as well in the dark. The nights on the planet are longer than Earth, and is full of brilliant colors. The daytime is much like Earth’s, with exceptions like the jungles which are still fairly dark during the day. The planet is beautiful, but dangerous and full of unknown things.
-The planet’s most common resources are plants, mushrooms, gems, crystals, and precious metals. Most of these resources are easiest to find within caves and in mountainous regions, but they can be dangerous due to temperature, terrain, and other hazards. Caves especially are perilous, they often have hostile creatures including feral Venomaws within. Most feral Venomaws live in caves and will protect them fiercely.
-Terralumen is still largely undiscovered and undisturbed, although there is a danger of alien beings taking over then using up the resources. However, Venomaws will push to protect it.

-Their intelligence aids them well in integrating to new environments and cultures, so they are wide spread. They adapt well to new places and within a few generations they can be very integrated into a new environment or society, living comfortably alongside other species. Although, there are still many who are still secluded and feral. It is in their nature to be cautious of other beings, so they often stay away until they feel less threatened. Their appearance can make other species wary of them as well, it is wise to be careful around a Venomaw until you know their intentions because they are often dangerous.
-In some cultures, Venomaws are well accepted parts of society, but in others they are unknown or feared as monsters. Venomaws may be targeted and possibly hunted for their venom, horns, and claws which are sold illegally on the black market or to medical industries for their various useful effects.

-Venomaws have primarily humanoid anatomy. They have large forearms, hands, and thighs. Small waists and feet. Four clawed fingers on each hand, 3 toes on each pawed foot. Their eyes have slit pupils with dark sclera, and a human nose. They have sharp teeth and claws, and a long tongue.
-Venomaws have strong vision and hearing, especially at night. Their claws and strong bodies help them run fast, climb to find prey, and travel. They move very fast by running on all fours.
-Venomaw bodies are typically slim and lean, but they have various body types such as muscular or chubby. There are some differences between females and males. Females are typically taller, have curvier bodies, and have varying breast sizes. Venomaws are taller than humans, usually 5’ 8’’ to 7’ 5’’. They grow at around the same rate as humans and reach full adulthood at 18 years. Average lifespan is 90-130 years, some may live closer to 200 years.
-Their skin colors vary from human tones to unnatural colors. Their skin can have various markings, scars, tattoos, and more. Venomaws have bright colors on the body like many venomous creatures, typically on the mouth, claws, eyes, and face. Their flesh and blood is usually bright colored too. The bright colored parts of their body can faintly glow.

-One of their most noted traits is that every Venomaw secretes venom from their mouths. It can paralyze, numb, poison, inflict pain, burn, corrode, and so on. They may also cause changes in the victim’s behavior or senses like hallucinations, aggression, psychosis, mind control. Some Venomaws have venom with positive effects like healing, pain relief, and regeneration. Their venom’s effects are an endless possibility.
-The duration of the venom depends on many factors. Where it enters the victim, the amount that is injected, the strength of the Venomaw’s venom, the victim’s body mass and strength. Some effects last more or less than others. Venom effects may last as little as a few minutes, hours, days, or even a lifetime. Venomaw venom is generally weaker against other Venomaws since they have evolved to be used to it.

- Most have fur on parts of their body, it varies in length and texture. Most Venomaws have a mane around their neck, and a strip of fur down their back like a mammal’s hackles. When angered or scared, it will stand up more to intimidate their enemy. Venomaws have various types of ears and tails, they can also have multiples of each. It is most common to have 2 or 4 ears, and only 1 tail.
-Venomaws often have extra eyes on their body. They react to and follow objects even if the Venomaw isn’t looking, it helps ward away enemies since they always seem like they are being watched. They can have extra eyes on their face too, some rare individuals have one large eye on their face instead of two. Venomaws may also have extra mouths on their body, these also secrete venom, have a set of teeth, and a tongue.

-Venomaws are mainly carnivorous. Raw or cooked meat is the majority of their diet. They mainly eat fruit, nuts, mushrooms, and vegetables as the rest of their diet. Foods like grains, dairy, and sweets can be eaten in smaller doses since it gives them little nutrition and could upset their systems. They are big creatures so they need a large amount of food to stay healthy, but they will live without food for about a month.

-Venomaws typically communicate with body language, expression, and noises like purrs or growls. Some of their noises are too quiet for most to hear unless very close. They also excel at learning languages and can be very vocal that way as well.
-Venomaws are very intelligent like humans. People misunderstand them as simple minded since they tend to not speak much and look animalistic, but they are very thoughtful creatures. They learn fairly fast and are eager to learn things, they can learn subjects like mathematics, reading, languages, sciences, and more. They are limited in some tasks though because their anatomy makes it difficult.
-Venomaws are also very observant of the behaviors of other creatures. They have sharp senses and can tell when someone’s mood is different.
-They like colorful and shiny objects, they may collect certain items for themselves or for their friends, or a potential mate. Venomaws like to show their affection with gifts and through touch.

-Some Venomaws act more feral but they vary in personality, Venomaws tend to be fairly impulsive and territorial. Males especially can be aggressive to others and protective of their territory and possessions. Females are usually only aggressive to other females. However, many Venomaws are calm, loving, caring, and social like many humans.
-Venomaws prefer to be alone or in small groups, and in more natural areas like their home world. But they can adapt to enjoy other types of areas like cities with larger populations. They prefer areas with warmer climates, Venomaws with more fur are comfortable in cooler areas. They tend to like places high up or compressed, they don’t like big open spaces as much. Hence why they like to live in caves, trees, mountains, and smaller houses/apartments. Big crowds like in cities sometimes cause them anxiety and may give them sensory overload.
-Their living situations varies a lot depending on how they were raised and their personality. Some may never see humans while others may live with them. A Venomaw can live with various other creatures, in various time periods, and universes.

-Venomaws go in heat during the summer for a few weeks at a time. During this time they can be irritable and more impulsive. Males especially act territorial and aggressive to other males during this. They are most likely to reproduce during the summer, but it can happen any other time of the year. Most Venomaws are secluded so they gather together or seek out a mate during mating seasons since this is when females are most fertile.
-Their heat varies and some are not affected, Venomaws may also choose not to reproduce. They have various sexual orientations, and may choose to mate with other creatures including humans. They can’t reproduce with anything besides another Venomaw since they are infertile with other species. However, in very rare cases Venomaws have successfully procreated with another race.
-Reproduction requires a male and female. The female carries the child for about 8 months then lays an egg which hatches a few weeks later. They are usually breastfed during infancy and later fed meat and other foods. Some couples are monogamous and stay together for life, but some will leave after the child is born to find a new mate.

Artwork and Species © MelBakaDo not use/repost/distribute this without my permission

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