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Updated October 16th, 2012

So it's about time I did one of these ;p

Just to clarify in case anything is too vague.

These are the rules I have so far posted on each picture;

1.) You can use the image in any way you want, a portion of it or the whole thing, it doesn't matter to me.
2.) Credit me
3.) As long as you credit me, you can make prints of your artwork that uses my stock, or post to other sites (let me know via comment or note though please so I know what site)
4.) Don't use for hateful purposes
5.) You don't have to tell me before you use it, but link me when you are done (I will fave your deviation!)
6.) Faves are obviously not required, but super appreciated
7.) If you use as a reference only for things like pose or lighting (in other words, you aren't trying to make your artwork look like my photo) then you do not have to credit me, but I still want to see your artwork when you're done! If you are using it as a reference and are trying to make it look like my photo, then I still expect credit

1.) There are times when I'm looking for a specific thing in a stock picture and I find it...except that it's not the main focus of the photo (for example; looking for a drapery reference and I find a model photo including drapery) I'm always unsure if the stocker would be offended if I scrapped the model and used only the drapery, so just to make it clear, you can use any part of my images, even if they aren't the main focus. Some people get mad if you cut off their head and paste a different one on, I'm fine with it. And so on.

2.) This one isn't hard yet I've caught a couple people not doing me by linking back to my profile or the image(s) that you used. If I see that you didn't credit me, I'll send you a note. If you don't change it I'll send one more note asking you to take it down and then I'll just report you ._.
Also; put your deviations in the photomanipulation or painting/drawing category etc...basically anything but "photography"
Exception: if you use a texture of mine or something for your photo where the main focus is YOUR photo. If you use things other than texture, such as model/object/animal stock I would then consider that more of a manipulation.

3.) You don't have to ask my permission to make prints or use for commercial purposes (If you use it for things like a book cover, a copy of the book would be nice, but I wouldn't make you send me one ;) ) BUT YOU DO NEED TO NOTE ME WHEN YOU USE MY STOCK COMMERCIALLY OR FOR OTHER PURPOSES THAN DA PRINTS (DA prints get automatic permission-unless otherwise stated in the description box) It is unlikely I'd ever revoke my permission as long as you follow my rules, but I do want to know where and how my stock is being used commercially. I'm not asking for a fee, so this is a simple thing you can do to keep me in the loop. Basically I want to know things such as:
a.) How/where will I be credited?
b.) When will it be released?
c.) Would I get a copy?
d.) Possibly a quick explanation of the project
If you don't have the answers to some of these questions, that's fine. But let me know.
If you post to another site, I'd prefer you credit me on the image or somewhere on the same page as the artwork, but I understand this is not always possible (in which case, NOTE me with a link and an explanation of why)
To credit me in places where you can't link back to my page (a book, for example) I'd like to be credited by my actual name (Melissa Offutt or even M. K. Offutt)

4.) Pretty straightforward but if you have any question as to what boundaries I have, note me. I am especially against any art discriminating against homosexuals, races, genders or even animals. So don't even try.
If you happen to use any child stock of mine, don't make anything overly gory, pedophilic etc...Feel free to gorify any adult stock I have though ;) In addition to this I'd like to make it clear I understand the difference between hate art and art that is aimed to make a social change using vivid imagery. If that is the case, please note me explaining your project so there aren't any misconceptions.

5.) LINK ME BACK TO YOUR DEVIATION, PEOPLE. I know some people think they can get away with just crediting me and then not telling me about it, but one of the reasons I upload stock is because I enjoy seeing how people interpret images and use them in their own creative ways.  If you don't link me back, I can't see. I understand that sometimes people forget as they might have several stockers to notify, so I will note you to remind you about it, not to bite your head off. But I would be grateful if I was told instead of having to find out on my own randomly. And eventually I will get pissed.

6.) ....All I can say is that I really do appreciate every fave, comment, view and even download. <3

7.) Some people have expressed confusion over this, so I'll try to explain it better.
Sometimes when I look for stock, I'm not looking for a photo of a model to copy exactly every detail. In fact, a lot of times I already have an idea in my mind of how I want whatever person I'm painting or drawing to look like, but might have issues picture what lighting or pose I want to use. I might find a stock photo in which the pose is perfect, but I apply said pose to the characteristics of the person I have already thought up, I don't necessarily paint exactly what I see. If that is the case, crediting me is not necessary. You still must link back because your deviation is still partly inspired by my stock, and if I deem your deviation to be too similar to my stock, I will ask you to credit me. If you want to credit me either way, I'd obviously be fine with that :)

I usually put this one only if there is a model in the picture, but /respect my model./ Seriously. It can be intimidating putting photos of yourself on the internet and it's very discouraging to hear inappropriate comments or insults. I am okay with constructive criticism, as long as it's constructive, not petty.  Although if you criticize me (constructive or not) I reserve the right to defend why I may have done what I did... ;p
Let it also be clear that this includes comments like "nice tits lolol" or other pervy things that Kelly and myself would rather not read. This is supposed to be art, not porn. Your comment will be hidden, so don't bother saying it at all.  

UPDATE 9/6/2014
This goes along with Rule #3 where I state that I'm okay with commercial use, however some of my stock is taken at a museum and therefore cannot be used for commercial purposes. I'll state this in the description box so there's no confusion. I apologize for any inconvenience, but obviously I have no control over the museum's rules.

Lastly, if you have any questions/concerns, NOTE ME. I am happy to answer any inquiries you have about my stock or otherwise :D

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What if I use some of your stock for other social network than Devianart? I work at a not lucrative organization that makes book covers for Wattpad writers, and once I do the cover I don't own it anymore, can I use your artwork anyway?