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Rough Texture Brush Pack 1

The source photo for this pack is kind of weird and obscure so I didn't know what to title these xD
Some of them kind of look like dragon skin or stone textures or rocky landscapes..... :chaosdragon:  :miner: 

Made with Photoshop CS5
Brush size: 1500px

4 of them are texture brushes and will appear in the preview as just a soft round brush, so beware >:B
Texture brushes also look better the larger they are, for some reason o.O the preview isn't really a good representation of what they look like at a larger scale. In order to work with these on a smaller scale (and have more detail in the texture) click on the brushes palette and then go to the texture category and resize the scale percentage to be less than 100.

Terms of use:…

More of my brushes:
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These are incredible! Thank you for sharing :)

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These are wonderful-thank you!
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thanks for sharing!!!!
you rock!
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These are great.  Thank you!
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Thank you and you're welcome :D
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Is there ANY way to get these as bmp or pngs to convert them to brushes or textures for old old versions of Paint Shop Pro? They are really nice! But I can't even open abr format in my version of PSP (it's ancient, the version right before it was bought out, which was in 2003) but it could import as pngs or bitmaps.
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I'll note you. I can upload the 3 textures to my DA account, but the files for the majority of the brushes are a little trickier
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Oh yay thank you very much!!
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Thank you for sharing these brushes/textures. :) 
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They re amazing! Thanks!
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Glad you think so :D you're welcome!
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