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Park Sungjin x Reader - Lazy Days
Lazy days were your favorite with your fiancé.  Days when neither of you worked and just hung out at home with each other, they were wonderful.
They'd start out in bed.  You and him would be cuddled up to one another in your sleep and he'd wake up first like always.  He'd turn over and watch you when you were most vulnerable and most adorable.  You'd punch him if you knew he did that.  But he wouldn't mind.  You'd punch him when he teased you or bragged about you or make a particularly bad Dad Joke.  It was how you showed affection to him.
He'd smile his half smile like always and kiss you until you woke up - your lips, your cheeks, your forehead, your nose, your temple, your jaw.  You'd wake up giggling and happy, which is one of his favorite looks on you.  Your smile was always his favorite thing to see, especially if he was the one that caused it.  You made him happy.
"Good morning," you'd say tiredly, rubbing your eyes.  H
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Do Kyungoo x Reader - Coffee Author
The shorter man was one who always stole your breath.  Not that you would ever tell him.  You weren't brave enough to actually go and talk to him.  That's why you always hung in the back of the cafe with your laptop as you wrote and shipped your tea or coffee or hot chocolate.  Really, it depended on your mood.
Today was a hot chocolate day, you had decided, and you were waiting in line to order.  You were picking through your music playlist with a specific genre in mind, you just didn't know what it was yet.  So you pressed shuffle and kept skipping songs.  You skipped at least a few dozen by the time you had settled on The Rose.
"Hey [y/n], you weren't here yesterday, is everything okay?"  The man behind the till, and co-owner of the cafe/book store usually saw you every day, since you were always in there writing.
"Oh!  Yeah, I'm fine, thank you Junmyeon!  I had a meeting with my publisher.  He just wanted to check up on my prog
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Yoon Jeonghan x Reader - I Love You
You pouted. He smiled and rubbed at your cheek lovingly.
"Stop that!" You pushed his hand away. "I'm angry at you!" Your bottom lip protruded further, your cheeks puffing out. Your boyfriend, Yoon Jeonghan chuckled. He found your pout to be absolutely adorable, and you hated that. But that's not why you were mad at him.
"Are you really?" His smooth voice tried to penetrate your defenses, but you wouldn't let him win this. He pet your hair and his eyes were so kind and affectionate towards you. You brushed his hand off of you.
"Yes! I can't believe you would do that to me." You crossed your arms and turned away from him.  His image was offending you.
"Do what?" He knew what he did. He was just playing with you at this point. You glared at him, and he was smirking.
"You know what you've done." You narrowed your eyes at him. How dare he? How could he? You looked at him again. "I hate you." He feigned shock.
"Surely you don't?" He smiled and you had to look away again. His smile was y
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Mark Tuan x Reader - No
The way he looked at you took your breath away.  The was he walked was adorable and you watched him with adoration as you stifled giggles.
Your boyfriend stood next to you angrily.  He didn't look especially mad, but you could tel that he was upset.  His arms were crossed and and a frown adorned the corners of his mouth.  He wasn't happy.  It was weird to see him without a smile on his face, but he wasn't going to move.
He wasn't going to let you get that puppy, no matter how adorable it was.  Mark had joint custody of Coco, so that practically made you a step-parent to her.  And she was a handful sometimes, so you could see why Mark wouldn't want another dog, especially untrained and young.
Especially a territorial male dog who would no doubt end up humping either him, you, or Coco at one point or another, and Mark didn't want any of it.
So he wasn't going to let you go into that pet store.  Not with the intent of looking at that dog.
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Mature content
The Most Beautiful Moments in Life, Ch.4 :iconmelynie:Melynie 3 0
Mature content
Kpop Omegaverse Chapter 2 :iconmelynie:Melynie 1 0
Mature content
The Most Beautiful Moments in Life, Ch.3 :iconmelynie:Melynie 2 0
Mature content
Kpop Omegaverse Chapter 1 :iconmelynie:Melynie 2 0
Kang Daesung x Reader - Dilemma
        "Thanks, love," Jiyong mumbled as he kissed your cheek in a hurry. He knew that Seunghyun (jr?) would chastise him again if he was caught. You rolled your eyes and pushed him out the door. Seunghyun (jr?) always thought that Jiyong acted like you two were a couple, which he didn't like. It would cause rumors if he did it in public, and that was the last thing that they needed. 
        You were a prominent idol yourself, part of a band called ANO, also under YG Entertainment. You wouldn't have thought that you'd become such great friends with the kings of K-Pop themselves when you signed on to become a trainee, but you came a long way in six years. Including to many award shows, which is where you met Lee Seunghyun. He was really nice and the same age as you, so you got along well. 
        He probably regretted introducing you to his band mates abou
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Choi Youngjae x Reader - Luck
        Honestly, you had been waiting forever for this day to come. You remember being a mere fangirl, and it honestly freaked you out that You had climbed so high. You remember all of the fanfictions you had written, all of the aesthetics and wallpapers and edits in general that you had made about so many different idols, and now you stand on your one-year anniversary, waiting to go meet the love of your life, Choi Youngjae, at the airport, after having been dating online for a while. Who knew you'd get to be so lucky?
        It started with fan letters. You remember having learned Korean so that you could communicate with the stars that you idolized, and it was the best thing you had ever done. You had sent a few letters, and when you sent four, you decided that you were going to send a picture of yourself as well. It's not like he was going to read it, right? He must have gotten so many letters, he wou
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Mature content
The Most Beautiful Moments in Life, Ch.2 :iconmelynie:Melynie 2 0
Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) x Reader - Chance
*Okay, I’m messing with timelines in this one. If you’re part of both fandoms, you’ll know, but otherwise, nothing really changes. Anyone recognize the second band’s members that I used? Also, this is a Soulmate!AU*
        What were you doing wrong? You were cute, and young, in your mid-twenties, and you still didn’t know who your soulmate was.
        It wasn’t like you were against the idea of soulmates like some people were. You just didn’t have any luck when it came to finding yours. You had been searching for eighteen years, ever since you were taught about soulmates back when you were seven. Your tattoo was on your left thigh, and you weren’t shy about it, usually. When you were swimming or wearing shorts, it was easy to see, and sometimes if your skirt or dress was high enough, you’d also see it.
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Dong Youngbae (Taeyang) x Reader - Plus One
        Your eyes couldn’t help but travel down his well-toned body. It’s not like he minded, right? Why else would he perform without his shirt? And he knew that he was on live television. But here he was, singing ‘Good Boy’ with G-Dragon, in only his pants (that hung dangerously low on his gorgeous hips) and his shoes. At least his pants weren’t too tight. He could get in a lot of trouble for that - you didn’t like when he showed off to anyone but you, but you still had to share him, unfortunately. He was world famous as part of BIGBANG, and solo. His voice was amazing on top of his looks, and you still wondered how you got his attention. You couldn’t help but remember how the two of you got here.
        You were pretty, sure, but not super-model pretty or anything, and you had been a back-up dancer in one of his videos when the two of you met, the one for
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Park Jimin x Reader - Golden
        Jimin couldn't contain his smiled as he sat on his couch. He was excited for you to come over for movie night, because it was your two-year anniversary today. He couldn't sit still, and already had all of your favorite snacks laid out on the coffee table. He had the classic few movies that you both could recite every line to - The Emperor’s New Groove, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Princess Bride. He had a few others too, mostly romantic comedies because they were his favorites, and filled almost all of his shelves.
        He also had a surprise for you, and he knew that you were going to love it. The doorbell went off, and Jimin jumped to his feet and almost slipped when he ran because his socks were so slick on the wooden floor.
        He threw the door open, very eager to see you, and you could see the excitement plain on his face - his cheeks we
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Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) x Reader - Cute Trainee
        "Look!  He's here again, [y/n]!"  Your best friend was standing in front of the dance studio's glass door and was pointing inside.
        "Hana, it's not nice to point!"  You smacked her hand and gave her a reprimanding look.  "And where is Jihee?"  You looked around, but didn't see the wild girl with the ice-blue hair.
        "I dunno..." Hana trailed off.  Somehow, you didn't trust that kind of response.
        "Hana?  Do I have to steal your phone again?"  She shook her head.
        "Oh, no!  She's not at the studio, I know.  Or at the dorm!  I actually don't know where Jihee is.  She told me that she was going to miss practice, and then took off.  I don't know where - probably to go risk rumors with Jisung aga
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Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) x Reader - Dream Knight
        He walked out of his office, stretching, when he heard a sniffling from the TV room.  Confused, Namjoon peered into the den to find all the lights off and the TV on.  Glancing at the couch, he saw a pile of white and a pile of blue.
        The pile of white was of tissues; crumpled after being used to wipe away tears (thankfully, instead of the sleeve of Namjoon's favorite jacket, again).
        The pile of blue was you, all curled up under the blanket that Jimin had gotten you for your birthday.  He had bought it in the first place because Yoongi was complaining about you always taking his jackets when you couldn't find Namjoon's.  You were usually cold in the house, but that was because Namjoon keeps the temperature low out of habit - at the dorm, Seokjin had been frugal, and he knew heating was expensive.
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Cold Shoulder (Dean x Reader)
#46 “It was a joke, baby. I swear.” requested by melynie :heart:
You inched the door open careful not to make any noise. Steam blurred your vison as you crept in silently. Dean didn’t notice you and kept singing “Brandy you’re a fine girl”. It was actually really good but you didn’t let yourself get distracted. You snuck your way to the shower and extended your arm up, grasping the cup of ice cold water tightly.
At night when the bars close down Brandy walks through a silent town and- Agh what the hell!” Your laughter echoed against the linoleum tiles. “Damn it (y/n!)” You scurried away and threw yourself on the lumpy motel bed, still giggling.
Not too long after you heard the shower switch off. Dean soon emerged in a cloud of steam, his brow set in a hard scowl.
“Did you have a relaxing shower?” you asked innocently. Dean threw you a look
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 39 8
Nine Confessions Of A Skinny Girl
The difference between being thin and being skinny
is that when you’re skinny,
everyone is constantly trying to get you to eat.
As if you are deliberately starving yourself.
As if they are soldiers
and you are a war they must win,
food instead of guns in their hands.
Seven years ago, when I first realised
that I couldn’t sleep on my side anymore
because my hipbones cut like knives into my skin,
that I could count every single one of my ribs,
I ate everything I found in the fridge till I threw up,
and my mother assumed I was doing it on purpose.
It took me three sessions of intensive therapy
to convince the therapist that I wasn’t sick
when honestly, I wasn’t sure myself anymore.
Girls who look in the mirror
and see a collection of bones
and stories and thigh gaps and brittle wrists
are called beautiful in magazines,
so why do I only see hollow eyes and skin
that is just barely stretched over a skeletal frame?
The first time a boy grasped my wr
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 238 164
Namjoon- YNWA by Jen-senpai Namjoon- YNWA :iconjen-senpai:Jen-senpai 4 4 Jae- I smile by Jen-senpai Jae- I smile :iconjen-senpai:Jen-senpai 10 7 Victor .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Victor .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,516 269 Prompto by sakimichan Prompto :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,563 262
Nanbaka Seven Minutes in Heaven - Yamato
      “No need to call me up, I'm already ready to go.” Before the Warden could utter a single word, Yamato rushed to the center of the room and handed her his slip of paper. “I already know who my partner is too, so you don't have to worry about that either.” After a quick salute, he excitedly walked up to where you were sitting. “I saw your paper earlier in the game. You're also number four, correct?”
Holding your paper up so that he could see your number, you nodded. “Yup, that's me.”
“Then let's go!” Already laughing, Yamato lifted you out of your seat and into his arms. Without skipping a beat, or putting you down, he ran into the closet and shut the door. All of this had been done without the Warden saying a word. “Here we are. Let the seven minutes begin.”
Still in his arms, you offered a feeble smile. “You're really excited about this, aren't you?”
“I am very excited.”
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 39 2
Spring Will Come (Ace x Reader)
You knew the universe was taunting you when, even months later, you were still finding clothes he had left behind. A virtual mountain of laundry was beginning to pile up in your living room, but you could not bear to throw it away. Not when that stupid Hawaiian shirt reminded you of your first date at the fair—awkward and sweetly innocent. Or the shorts he wore on your trip to the beach, when he fell asleep on the sand and ended up looking like a lobster for the following month.
They still smelled like him—burnt matches and cinnamon and that terrible cologne you had bought him for your first Christmas together that he insisted on wearing anyway. You could close your eyes and inhale and it was almost as if he was right there in front of you—fresh out of the shower smelling like his coconut shampoo. It all melted away once you opened them again, the spring morning sun illuminating the dust mites in the air as you tossed yet another shirt on t
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 46 12
lockscreen. | yuri plisetsky
lockscreen | yuri p x reader
You watched your boyfriend, Yuri Plisetsky, skate gracefully from your spot across the rink. Today, you decided that you’d come along to his practice and give some moral support. The Russian fairy would never admit it, but he thought he’d skate better as long as you were there. And, maybe Yakov wouldn’t yell at him as much if you were there to witness it.
The sound of a phone going off broke you from the beautiful figure skating-induced trance. You turned to your left and noticed that the noise came from Yuri’s bag, which he left next to you before he started practicing. His phone, which was on top of his bag, was lit up with a text notification from Viktor.
But, you noticed something else.
There was a text notification, meaning whatever photo he set as his lockscreen was blurred out. That, however, didn’t stop you from noticing what the lockscreen seemed to be. It was a human shape, that’s for sure. It kind
:iconmei-and-miyoko:Mei-and-Miyoko 77 4
Ignis taste test .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Ignis taste test .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,436 215
Mystic Messenger Seven Minutes in Heaven - Zen
     “We didn't have as many people left here as I thought.” With all the remaining party goers now seated in a circle around him, Zen slowly made his way around the room gathering items in an empty punch bowl. “That's too bad. I had hoped this would be more of an event.” All items now collected, he placed the bowl on a nearby table  “Still, we should have enough players for a few turns. So, let's begin.” Graceful, as always, Zen once again began to move through the crowd, this time in search of a player. After a moment, he stopped in front of you and extended a hand. “Would you do me the honor of playing first?”
“Sure I would. Actually, I'd love to.” Taking his hand without pause, you stood to your feet with a nod. “I've played this game once before, so there's no need for you to explain the rules to me. I know what I'm doing.”
“I see. That's convenient, isn't it?” Expecting you to
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 112 2
Voltron Legendary Defender Seven in Heaven - Shiro
       Standing in the center of the room with his hand to his chin, Lance looked over the remaining group of people and thought. “You know, this would be a lot simpler if I could see who actually looked excited to play and who didn't.” He sighed. “I tell you what, instead of me picking, one of you should just come up here.” Smiling to himself, Lance picked up the bottle and waited for someone to claim it. He didn't have to wait long either. The moment he'd allowed you to volunteer yourself, you did. Surprised at how quickly you'd appeared, Lance actually took a step back. “Man, you must be seriously excited to play. You practically ran up here.”
Already grasping for the bottle he held in his hands, you eagerly nodded. “Of course I'm excited to play. Why wouldn't I be?”
“I'm just making sure. That's my job as host you know.” Leaning in close, Lane painting the most charming smile he could muster on his lips
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 105 5
Mature content
And I'll Walk Back To You (Logan x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 63 15
First Impressions (Ignis x Reader)
You had just finished cleaning up the horrid mess left in a booth from the last lot of customers when four more walked through the door. The bell chimed at you, mockingly cheerful as they entered, almost drowned out by their incessant chatter.
You closed your eyes and sighed. You did not need this today.
These damn tourists. Longwythe was little more than a pit stop for them. They would breeze in, stay for a spell, then breeze right out again, leaving you to clean up the leavings. What did they care? It wasn’t like they would ever see you again. There was no need for courtesy or small talk in their eyes because any first impressions they made—good or bad—would surely be forgotten. They were partially right. You saw so many pass through that you forgot individual faces, but the bad experiences always left a lasting impression and fuelled a deep-seated animosity toward any and all outsiders that happened by your tiny little corner of the world.
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 181 57
Eyeballs (Uta x Reader)
(A/N: This has swears in it. I wasn't sure if it needed a warning label or not so I decided not to put one.)
You were specifically told not to go in the closet. But did you listen?
~Flash Back to Ten Minutes Previous~
"[Name], please refrain from snooping through that closet," Uta pointed to a door sandwiched between two other doors. He stared down at you and raised his eyebrows, as if saying 'Do you understand?'
"Okay, yeah, got it. No discovering the prize behind door number two," you nodded and walked across the room to his desk. Huffing as your bum hit the chair, you looked at him, "I promise I won't go through that closet," you raised your hands in surrender before sending a sweet smile. He stared at you for another few seconds before nodding and stepping up to you.
"Thank you," he paused, running his fingers through your hair, "I'll be back later. Don't open the door for anyone. I really don't want to come home to you splattered across my masks."
He kissed you lovingly before
:iconzigsterbruh420:ZigsterBruh420 12 6
someone's smoking so i covered face by Tabanei someone's smoking so i covered face :icontabanei:Tabanei 1,231 44



I'm leaving DeviantART.  I have my content up on too many websites for me to properly keep  track of, and this was a great starting place, but I've moved on, just as I have already from fanfiction-dot-net.  

I've had a lot of fun here, but I've gotten bored, and maybe I'll come back someday, but I likely won't be posting a whole lot on here anymore.  It's just, getting old?  And my web broswer won't update, so I keep getting annoying notifications and such?

Anyway, if you 'd like to continue following my work, comment or send me a note and I'll give alternate forms of contact.  

It's been a goof few years, and I've had so much fun, I'm just not suited to this place anymore.



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Lazy days were your favorite with your fiancé.  Days when neither of you worked and just hung out at home with each other, they were wonderful.

They'd start out in bed.  You and him would be cuddled up to one another in your sleep and he'd wake up first like always.  He'd turn over and watch you when you were most vulnerable and most adorable.  You'd punch him if you knew he did that.  But he wouldn't mind.  You'd punch him when he teased you or bragged about you or make a particularly bad Dad Joke.  It was how you showed affection to him.

He'd smile his half smile like always and kiss you until you woke up - your lips, your cheeks, your forehead, your nose, your temple, your jaw.  You'd wake up giggling and happy, which is one of his favorite looks on you.  Your smile was always his favorite thing to see, especially if he was the one that caused it.  You made him happy.

"Good morning," you'd say tiredly, rubbing your eyes.  He smiled right back at you.

"Good morning my love." He'd kiss you again.  "Are you ready to get up?" But you'd pout and beg him to stay in bed with you.  He never did.  He'd shake his head and you'd whine and he'd chuckle before sitting up and rolling out of bed, landing on his feet and standing up.  You rolled your eyes at his usual start to the morning (by annoying the downstairs neighbors) and slumped back down from your previous half raised position.

"You suck, Sungjin." You threw an arm over your eyes and yelled out at your fiancé.  He called back like always, taunting you.

"Ah, but do I swallow?" You groaned and removed your arm to glare at the man offending you as he got dressed.  He always insisted on routine, even if you weren't doing anything that day.  It was healthy for the brain or something.   You don't believe him.  You just thought he liked the motions of getting ready.  Even if he was just putting on sweatpants and a t-shirt.  "C'mon baby.  Time to get ready for the day!" He moved over to your side of the bed and kissed you again.  "Come join me for breakfast please." He then left the room.

You made sure he could hear you whining as you got up and clothed. You left the bedroom and headed to the kitchen, which you knew he loved to be in. He really like to cook, especially for you. He liked to see your reactions to certain dishes, and when you made faces, he knew if you liked it or not.

This morning, he already had stuff out for pancakes. He knew that it was hard to go wrong with them, and he knew that they were easy. He had flour and eggs and butter and everything out and he was already throwing measurements into a bowl. You loved to watch him when he was cooking, so you plugged your phone into the speaker system and played his music from when he was in his boy band.

You first fell for him when he was in that five person band. He was so hot back in high school, not that he wasn't hot now, but the leather jacket and the guitar really did it for you. There was a lot of drama that had happened you remembered, and you knew that at one point there were six members, but there was an argument and they keyboardist left, but the second youngest member easily learned to take his place.

You remember the song they wrote when they lost him, it had always been one of your favorites.  Right next to the one that Sungjin had convinced Brian to help write with him, the love song that was meant for you.

You, as a loyal fan, learned all of the words to all of their songs when you attended their live shows when they could have them, and so when they eventually got a record deal, you were the first person they thanked.  You were their most loyal.  And of course, when you purchased the CD to find a song you didn't know, you were so confused.  But the title was simply 'For You' which was different.  Considering they did a lot of break-up songs rather than love songs.

But it was nice.  And it was perfect.  And you remembered how awkward it had been when Sungjin walked up to you in his leather jacket, a CD in hand with your name written after the final track on the back, and he found out that you had already bought one.  He was so embarrassed, it was adorable.

That brought you back to the present, where Sungjin was currently dancing as he flipped his pancakes. You giggled, knowing that he was actually very proficient when it came to slow dancing, but regular dancing, that left some skill to be desired. He was shaking his butt and flailing his arms and you had to stop yourself from full on laughing.

But he was laughing too, so you knew it was in fun. You shook your head and smiled as you watched him, still singing softly. Then your song came on.

And that's when you knew that you were happy. You really were.

"Sungjin?" The man turned to you, having felt the mood shift with the songs. He nodded, still smiling, but not as goofy as it had been, and you moved around the kitchen island counter to stand beside your fiancé. "I love you." You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, letting him know your feelings. And you felt them reciprocated when he kissed back.

And then you could smell a pancake getting kind of dark.

"Ah! [y/n], out!! You're a distraction." With a fake pout, you left the kitchen to set the medium dining room table you two had. You had wanted a small one, but Jaehyung and Brian and Wonpil and Dowoon all came over all the time, so you really didn't have a choice. At least they all had decent table manners.

Soon enough, Sungjin and you were settled into chairs beside one another, and a stack of hot cakes between the both of you. He ate most of them, usually, but he liked the domesticity that came with serving yourselves. The both of you had a nice breakfast, and you would have totally loved to have eaten it in bed, but it was nice to eat at the table, even if Sungjin half forced you to every morning. You really enjoyed it and only complained out of spite now.

"So, my beautiful, what's on the agenda today?" As if he didn't know, Sungjin asked you.

"Hmmm, I think movies? There's a new one with Kim Taehyung in it, and I think it'll be one you like." There was often a difference between the movies that he liked and the movies you liked. This one was an action fic - something to with spies, so you thought that you'd both enjoy it, the side love story and all.

"That sounds perfect." Sungjin then leaned in and gave you a syrupy sweet kiss.

You really did love your lazy days with your fiancé.
The shorter man was one who always stole your breath.  Not that you would ever tell him.  You weren't brave enough to actually go and talk to him.  That's why you always hung in the back of the cafe with your laptop as you wrote and shipped your tea or coffee or hot chocolate.  Really, it depended on your mood.

Today was a hot chocolate day, you had decided, and you were waiting in line to order.  You were picking through your music playlist with a specific genre in mind, you just didn't know what it was yet.  So you pressed shuffle and kept skipping songs.  You skipped at least a few dozen by the time you had settled on The Rose.

"Hey [y/n], you weren't here yesterday, is everything okay?"  The man behind the till, and co-owner of the cafe/book store usually saw you every day, since you were always in there writing.

"Oh!  Yeah, I'm fine, thank you Junmyeon!  I had a meeting with my publisher.  He just wanted to check up on my progress."  The man nodded.

"What am I getting you today?"  You pretended to ponder as if you didn't know what you were getting before you wandered the place.  You tilted your head and put your finger on your chin.

"I'm thinking hot cocoa?  Marshmallows, not whipped cream."  You nodded, resolved.  Junmyeon chuckled.

"Did you want myself or Kyungsoo to deliver it?"  He asked you with a wink.  You blinked, taken aback.

"What?"  He chuckled again.

"Nothing~!  I'll start on your hot chocolate with extra marshmallows now.  Go sit down, I'll surprise you."  You had unease in your stomach.  Did that mean that Minseok, Yifan and Yixing all knew about your crush too?  The staff members of the combo shop liked to gossip, and if Junmyeon knew, then his fiancé, Yifan likely knew as well since there were actually no secrets between them.

You sat down in your booth and pulled out your laptop, booting it up.  Was Kyungsoo even on shift right now?  You hadn't seen him yet.  Maybe he was on break or in the restroom or something.

You had to push the cute boy with the heart-shaped lips out of your mind - you really needed to get the next few chapters dine as quickly as you could, since your editor wanted to screen them for your publisher again.  You wondered why they didn't get along?  Chanyeol and Baekhyun were both great people.  But, you think that they both wanted to be the first to read your stuff though, so you guess that they were friends and just really liked your writing, considering how lax they were on deadlines.  Honestly, you always had found it strange that your publisher wanted to see it first, before it went through Baekhyun.

Quickly, you set yourself to work in the story of Brax and Moonhyun and how the dwarf and elf wandered looking for adventure.  Neither Baekhyun nor Chanyeol knew that you were planning for the mint-haired elf to fall for the lively, freckled dwarf.

"Hot chocolate, extra marshmallows for one [y/n]?"  You jumped at the deep voice of another freckled cutie, and looked up to see Kyungsoo holding your drink.  You blinked for a moment, returning to reality.

"Ah, yes.  Thank you."  You accepted the drink, having paid for it earlier, and bowed your head out of respect.  You took a sip to see how hot Junmyeon had made it this time, but while you had expected Kyungsoo to leave, he stood there watching you, his hand clamped over his black,  half-apron.

"What are you working on?  You're always typing away on your computer."  You really didn't know how to respond, mainly because Kyungsoo had captivated you so much.

"Oh, um.  My book."  You blinked as you looked back at the screen.  The current scene had Brax trying to talk an innkeeper out of charging the two travelers for a night's stay.  It wasn't anything too bad, but not many people knew that you were a novelist.

"Really?  Have you published before?"  He was standing in front of your booth, asking questions, and frankly, you were panicking.  You simply nodded at the boy's question, and he opened his mouth to ask another, but Junmyeon called him back to the counter.  He gave you a look as if to say that your conversation wasn't even close to being over.

You stared back at your laptop screen, and tried to refocus yourself as the gorgeously tanned boy went back to his work as well.

Brax had succeeded in talking the price down from impossible to do-able and frankly, Moonhyun didn't like the price - it was one of his hairs.  Elf hairs were rare and had great magical properties.  He wondered if he could find a substitute, but with the light blue/green color of his being especially rare, that was going to be hard.

You were jolted out of her fantasy world again as Yifan sat down across from you with a huge smile on his face.  That made you nervous.

"What?"  you eyed him suspiciously over your black laptop, fingers freezing over the keys.  His grin widened.

"We just got a new shipment of books."  You nodded, asking him to continue.  "And it just so happens, that we got a few of yours!"  Your eyes widened.  God damn it, Junmyeon.  You regretted telling him your pen name.  He told Yifan, you just knew it.

"Which one?"  Yifan chuckled at your apprehension.

"A few - two romance, a historical fiction and a mystery."  You groaned.  You were fine with 'Like Clockwork, Like Glass,' but the two romance ones, those were how you made your name when you were starting out.  This new book was going to be under your pseudonym as well, since you had your own style and have written some things, let's say.  Romance novels were your guilty pleasure.

"Well, I'm going to read all four from cover to cover, I just thought that I would let you know."  Yifan winked at you and scooted out of the other side of the booth.  Secretly, you were happy that your books were popping up in more places.

You turned to go back to work, but someone slid into the booth across from you again.  You actually closed your laptop this time, fed up with distractions.

It was Kyungsoo.

"Oh, I thought you might be Yixing or Minnie.  I'm sorry."  Kyungsoo smiled at your apology and you melted.  You really wanted to kiss those heart lips of his.  He shook his head and you blinked.

"I want you to tell me about your books."  He slid a piece of coffee sake across the table, over to you.  You looked at him, much shyer than you had been while talking to Yifan.

"Oh, none of them are published under my name."  You pushed your laptop aside and pulled the cake in front of you to pick apart as you spoke, doing your best to avoid eye contact with the cute, perfect man in front of you as well.

"I read a lot.  I might know the books you've written."  He folded his hands out in front of him, his big dark eyes sparkling behind his thick-rimmed glasses.  He smiled, showing his teeth this time.  It had floored you.  Your phone went off, and you glanced at it.  It was a friend from high-school, Sehun.

'You're staring.'

You blinked at your phone and glanced around.  How would he know?  He usually wasn't one to hang out in cafes since he had people to get coffee for him.  You spotted the tall man standing in line with one of his model friends, Zitao.  They often worked together since Sehun was also a model.  Those two were absolute trouble together.  You knew that they were going to come over and annoy you and Kyungsoo.

"Um, I'll have to take a rain check on that.  We're about to be interrupted."  Kyungsoo's eyebrows scrunched together cutely, just before Sehun and Zitao came over.  Sehun sat beside you, his slightly older friend across from him.  They pushed their sunglasses on top of their heads simultaneously.  "That was creepy."  Sehun rolled his eyes.

"You're just jealous that you don't have sunglasses as cool as ours."  Zitao nodded in agreement.

"Oh my God, You're Huang Zitao."  Kyungsoo stared in shock at the pretty boy sitting next to him.  Tao smirked and winked at the shorter boy.    Sehun elbowed you, smiling, and you glared.

"You're really protective of this one, aren't you?"  He whispered to you and you pouted.

Unbeknownst to you, Kyungsoo was watching you with wide eyes.  Zitao smiled and leaned over to him.  "[y/n] is gorgeous, right?"  Kyungsoo nodded and then flushed, embarrassed.  Zitao chuckled.  "It's fine.  I understand.  Both Sehun and I have crushed one [him/her] at some point."

"Really?"  Kyungsoo looked at Zitao as you and Sehun argued about expensive sunglasses.  He was surprised.  Zitao nodded.

"Yeah.  But they were never interested, so neither of us ever told [him/her]."  He smiled a bt regretfully, but then he glanced at Sehun and Kyungsoo saw the real reason behind Zitao giving up on you.  He saw the love that Zitao had in his eyes for the tall blond who was trying to get you to try on his sunglasses.  Kyungsoo smirked.

"Oh, okay."  Besides, he really didn't need to try and compete with a model or two for your attention - they were both better looking that him, he thought, and they probably (definitely) had more money and nicer things and cars - if Zitao's Gucci glasses had to do with anything.

"I look like an asshole now."  Zitao and Kyungsoo looked at you wearing Sehun's sunglasses and looking in his compact mirror.  Kyungsoo thought you looked great, but he was half in love with you, so that was a given.

"Um, those are mine, excuse you."  you made a motion like you were rolling your hidden eyes.

"Ah yes, but Sehun my dear," you clamped a hand on his shoulder.  "You are an asshole."  Zitao giggled (it was adorable) and Kyungsoo smiled fully again while Sehun shrugged.

"I mean, you are what you eat, right?"  The three others at the table all groaned.  You shoved him off of the booth's bench and Zitao covered his face, trying to hide how red it was.  Kyungsoo didn't know what to do with that information.

"You're so gross, Sehun.  That's disgusting."  Junmyeon stopped at your booth with two drinks, setting them on the table.  He looked at you.

"What's disgusting now?"  He was genuinely curious.

"Sehun is talking about his sex life.  We're not a fan magazine, I don't think any of us wanted to know that."  Kyungsoo spoke up after you.

"Zitao did."  Tao's head snapped up, eyes locking with Kyungsoo's, showing his betrayal and shock.

Sehun sat up and winked at Zitao.  "Good, because he's the one I wanted to know."  You rolled your eyes again and took off his sunglasses.

"Gross!  Take these back you perv,  don't have time for you.  Brax and Moonhyun are about to get into an argument."  Sehun rolled his eyes and stood up, collecting his drink.

"Have fun with your gay book.  I think a certain martial artist and I need to have a talk."  Sehun put on his stupid sunglasses and gestured to the door with his head.  Nervously,  and painted a bright scarlet, Zitao bid everyone farewell and disappeared after Sehun with his to-go cup clutched in his hands.

"Well, now that the fun is gone, Kungie my dear?"  Kyungsoo smiled innocently at Junmyeon.  "Get back to work.  I'm not paying you to talk to my cute little resident author."  As much as Kyungsoo wished he was...

Kyungsoo nodded before smiling at you and leaving to work again.  Now, if your heart slowed down from that totally almost-wink, you could get back to your story.

Frankly, Moonhyun was disappointed in Brax.  He had expected more from the ginger-haired dwarf, though honestly, it was just like him to suggest ditching the place super early.  Though a part of Moonhyun - the part that had made him leave the willow forest in the first place - really wanted to listen to Brax.  So he agreed.  They'd stay the night, leave early, and and never give up one of Moonhyun's hairs.  This could only go wrong...

- - - - - - -

"Wait, is he taller than you?"  Your brother, Jongdae, was sitting calmly on your couch, his cup of tea on the paper-riddled coffee table.  You rolled your eyes.

"Does it matter?  Jongdae, he talked to me!"  You we're excited and talking about Kyungsoo to your brother.  This time, he rolled his eyes.

"You're such a silly [boy/girl], [y/n].  It's just a boy."  You glared at Jongdae.

"When has a boy, or girl, ever shown interest in me?"  He knew you always kind of stood apart from the pack when you were in school.  People kind of ignored you or thought you were weird.

"Okay, but when have you ever cared what I guy thought about you?"  You looked at him.

"Jongdae, I care what you think.  And dad.  And a good amount of my readers, too."

"Okay," Jongdae took a sip of his tea.  "But you shouldn't.  I'm an idiot, [y/n].  Most guys are."  You slapped his arm when the teacup was back in the table safely.

"You're ridiculous," you said fondly.  Jongdae smiled.

"I know.  And you love me anyway."  You nodded and reached to hug your brother.  The doorbell went off.  You looked up, and growled.  You didn't get a lot of time with Jongdae since he was always busy with work, so you hated being interrupted.  You stood and answered the door.  One of your few friends from school was standing there.

"Oh, hey Jongin.  What's up?"  You held  the door so that Jongdae couldn't see your friend - he'd make so many dirty jokes and you didn't want to imagine your friend that was at all, as attractive as he was.

"Ah, so, I have a question.  I have a few friends who want to get together for a group date, and we're short."  You thought for a moment.

"Ah, will you be pairing me with a guy or girl this time?  Because last time, you didn't tell me and-"

"A guy.  [y/n], it's gonna be a guy.  He's looking forward to this group date thing, and since another [guy/girl] bailed, I was wondering if you'd be interested."  You shrugged.

I mean, it depends.  When it is?"  You could hear Jongdae getting impatient in the living room behind you.

"Friday at seven.  For dinner, and then we were going I go to a movie."  You nodded.

"Okay.  I'm not sure why you couldn't have just texted me, but okay.  Just, text me the location."  You heard a gasp right behind you and it scared you.  Jongdae had stood up from the couch and wandered to see who you were talking to.

"Holy shit.  Jongin?  Damn, you got hot."  Jongin blushed deeply and looked down.  "If you're ever in the mood, I could totally give you my number?  You're still one of the greatest lays I've ever had."  You shuddered.

"Gross!  I didn't need to know that one of my closest friends has slept with my brother."  You walked away, wailing in anguish, calling a good-bye over your shoulder.  You couldn't look at Jongin in that moment.

You were cleaning up your living room somewhat when Jongdae came back, a smile on his face and a new number in his phone.

"You're so gross, I swear."  You took the two teacups into the kitchen, and Jongdae rolled his eyes.

"But you love me anyway!"  He called out to you in the other room.  You couldn't really deny the truth.

- - - - - - -

After another week of stealing glances at Kyungsoo and small bits of conversation in the coffee shop/bookstore, and after finishing another chapter and a half of your novel, you were looking forward to relaxing and maybe meeting some new people with this group date nonsense.

After a nice shower and a quick tooth-brushing, you went to meet up with everyone at the restaurant that Jongin had picked out.  There were two seats empty, next to each other, so you assumed they were probably for you and your date since there were supposed to be eight of you altogether.  It was Jongin and his date - some girl who's name you didn't catch - a doe-faced man called Lu Han and his girlfriend of a few months, Xiaotong, you and your mystery date, as well as Junmyeon and Yifan.  You made the mistake of sitting next to Yifan.

"Oh my God, [y/n], I didn't think that you were capable of writing such indecencies!"  You were blushing bright red before he even asked if you had done things like that in person.

You were really hoping that your date for the evening would hurry up, because Yifan kept asking for details about your current work that you really didn't want to share.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of torturing questions, a warm body filled the seat next to you.

"Hey!"  Jongin was pleased to see him, and when you turned to face him, you nearly died.

All dressed up in a button-up and a tie, was none other than Do Kyungsoo.  Did Jongin know what he was doing when he asked you to come?  All of the glanced in your direction during dinner told you that he probably did.  You'd have to ask later, and both love and hate him forever and ever.

But dinner did go smoothly, which you were thankful for,  It was nice to just sit and talk with Kyungsoo without Junmyeon telling him to get off his ass and get back to work.

You'd have to get his number before the night was over, you decided.

As the four couples headed out, the two that had been together for longer all decided that they were going to head off, leaving you, Kyungsoo, Jongin, and his date.  Something didn't sit right.  Especially since one of the couples that broke off knew about your crush.

"Which movie are we seeing?'  Kyungsoo, with his hands in his pockets, looking so handsome, asked Jongin, who you found out was close to the barista.

"Ah, something Jisoo wants to see."  He looked down fondly at the girl under his arm.  You pretended to gag and Kyungsoo laughed.  He had a beautiful laugh, and you wanted to make him laugh again.

"Indulge him," Kyungsoo whispered to you, slipping an arm around your waist.  You hopped he'd think you were blushing from the drinks you had consumed with dinner, not that you had near anything bad.  You heard the girl - Jongin's, date, Jisoo - ended up picking a romantic comedy.  You should have seen that coming.

The four of you settled down with sodas, up near the back of the theater.  You tried not to freak out about the fact that you would be next to Kyungsoo in a dark room.

You also tried not to scream with you felt him grab ahold of your hand half-way through, intertwining your fingers.

About ten minutes were left of the movie (of which the love story sucked and most of jokes fell flat) when Jisoo stood up and rushed out of the theater.  Jongin followed soon after to make sure she was okay.  He made sure to let you and Kyungsoo know that you could stay sitting.

So you kept watching the shitty movie.  Afterwards, the two of you found Jongin standing outside of the ladies' room.

"Ah, Jisoo just ate something bad earlier, and it really didn't like the soda and dinner joining it in her stomach, I guess."  He smiled sheepishly, apologizing, still as shy as he had been in school.

"Okay.  Sorry about that man."  Kyungsoo looked apologetic as he went to hug Jongin goodnight, figuring that they wouldn't see one another again that night.  He had been wrong, but he didn't know.  "[y/n], did you want to get ice cream or something?  Like coffee?"

You nodded and accepted his hand as the two of you left the movie theater.  The night was cool and felt nice.  It helped you focus on the actual word coming out of Kyungsoo's mouth and not just his lips.

"You never told me your pseudonym, by the way."  You had actually forgotten that he had asked, what with the surprise visit from Sehun (who kept sending you pictures of him and Zitao kissing, by the way.  You were happy for him, and you understood that as a famous person, he couldn't do that in public, but he didn't have to send so many).

"So, I asked Yifan if maybe he knew your pen name.  He then proceeded to collect a stack of books from a few shelves and hand them to me."  Oh God.  "I started with 'Like Clockwork, Like Glass' because I had actually already read 'Splattered Rose.'  I haven't touched either romance novel yet though."  'Splattered Rose' had been your attempt at mystery, and it really wasn't your cup of tea.  You groaned though.

"Why did I ever tell Junmyeon my fake name?"  You looked away from Kyungsoo out of embarrassment.

"You're an amazing author, [y/n].  You shouldn't be so shy about your work."  You shrugged,

"I have a pen name so that if I'm heavily criticized for something, I can quit writing and have a normal job.  I know I have a few people raving about my books, but none of them are best sellers.  None of them are greatly anticipated, but I'm being risky right now.  I'm writing something right now that I know will get backlash, and yet I'm supposed to write to appease the masses."  Kyungsoo stopped walking and pulled you to a stop as well.

"[y/n], take a breath."  You did so and he moved to stand in front of you.  You hadn't started to spill an insecurity like that in a while.  "You're beautiful and amazing and a very talented writer.  Don't doubt yourself, and write what you want to write.  Your emotion affects how the words come out, and if you don't like your work, nobody else will."  He put his hands on your shoulders.  "[y/n], do you like this piece you're currently working on?"

"Yeah.  I do."  Kyungsoo smiled.

"That's good!  Then that means that other people will too!"  He leaned forward and kissed your cheek where a tear had fallen.  "Now, let's go get some ice cream to cheer you up?"  You nodded, falling a bit for the  man holding your hand again as he dragged you off to his favorite ice cream place.  He had already fallen for you a little every day when he saw you typing away on your laptop.

The ice cream place was pretty deserted by the time you got there, considering it was almost eleven at night.  You weren't surprised that it was closed, but Kyungsoo's excitement deflated, and you chuckled before gently tugging him along to a nearby 24-hour convenience store.

"I'm, going to pay."  Kyungsoo spoke up as you chose a frozen treat from one of the freezers.  You shook your head at his insistence, but didn't fight him.  You had gotten to pay for your own dinner after all, and movie ticket as well.

The two of you sat outside of the store eating your ice cream and enjoying the silence.  Looking up, you saw a familiar pair of people down the street.  It was Jisoo and Jongin.  You nudged Kyungsoo's side and he looked up to see them as well.

"Well, she looks fine to me."  Kyungsoo chuckled.  "Did you want to play a prank on them?"  Your eyes sparkled.  You loved to mess with your friends.

Jongin and Jisoo were walking down the street, Jongin's arm around Jisoo's shoulders, but it  didn't look like he enjoyed it as much as she did.  As they neared you and Kyungsoo, you nodded, letting him know that you were down.

Suddenly, Kyungsoo leaned over and kissed you.

It was perfect, like the kisses you wrote about in your romance novels, where the fireworks went off and you could feel it in your toes and rushing through your blood.  It was everything you'd hoped it would be.  You didn't even notice when Jongin and Jisoo passed by, you were so lost in Kyungsoo's touch.  You wrapped your arms around him until you heard the twinkle of the convenience store bell, and you realized where you were.  You pulled back with a gasp.  You blinked at Kyungsoo, both your faces flushed, but he was smiling like an idiot.

"Was that, was the group date, all a ploy so that you could kiss me?"  you glanced away before your eyes were dragged to look into Kyungsoo's again.  He nodded.

"Sorry, was it wrong of me?  Do you really mind?"  He was suddenly sober, his high from the kiss gone.  You shook your head.

"No, it was perfect."  you pulled him into another kiss with your hand on the back of his neck.

Well, you knew how your next romance novel would go.
You pouted. He smiled and rubbed at your cheek lovingly.

"Stop that!" You pushed his hand away. "I'm angry at you!" Your bottom lip protruded further, your cheeks puffing out. Your boyfriend, Yoon Jeonghan chuckled. He found your pout to be absolutely adorable, and you hated that. But that's not why you were mad at him.

"Are you really?" His smooth voice tried to penetrate your defenses, but you wouldn't let him win this. He pet your hair and his eyes were so kind and affectionate towards you. You brushed his hand off of you.

"Yes! I can't believe you would do that to me." You crossed your arms and turned away from him.  His image was offending you.

"Do what?" He knew what he did. He was just playing with you at this point. You glared at him, and he was smirking.

"You know what you've done." You narrowed your eyes at him. How dare he? How could he? You looked at him again. "I hate you." He feigned shock.

"Surely you don't?" He smiled and you had to look away again. His smile was your main weakness. You couldn't give up any ground, or you could potentially forgive him, and that was absolutely unacceptable. You would never forgive him for this crime against humanity.

"Yes I do. I hate you so much right now." You stood up, ready to go to the kitchen or your bedroom to pout in silence, but luck was not on your side, since Jeonghan stood and pulled you to him, yanking you into his lap when he fell to the couch with you in his arms, effectively setting you in his lap.

"I don't think so, [y/n]. I think you still love me~" You rolled your eyes and struggled in his grasp, trying and failing to escape.

"I have never told you that I loved you." Hannie's smile was mischievous.

"Maybe not while you were conscious." Your eyes widened in alarm.

"Do you know how creepy that sounds, sweetie?" He simply shrugged and nuzzled his face into your neck. "Nooo! Let me go! Jeonghan!" You went limp. "This is unfair." He chuckled.

"You aren't really mad are you baby?" His eyes were softer, and honestly, you were falling for him all over again.

"No, I'm not. I'm not actually mad at you. It was probably the company's fault anyway." You re-adjusted yourself to fit comfortably in your boyfriend's lap. You felt his soft grin against your neck and you smiled as well. You glanced back at him, your fingers running through his newly bleached hair. "I'm gonna miss the dark colors, you know." Jeonghan pulled away just a bit so that he could kiss your cheek. You giggled and tried to move away.

"Are you really going to struggle after the last time I held you down and you gave me a bruise? Remember the scolding Cheolie gave you?" You froze. You had gotten in so much trouble.

"But, Jeonghannie, you missed." You smiled and turned your head so that he could kiss you properly.

"What, after you said you hated me? I don't think so." He turned away and put his nose in the air.  You immediately began to pout again.

"I don't hate you though. Please kiss me?" He shook his head. You smiled and then began to turn around in his grip, your legs now on either side of his "I guess I'll just have to steal one then."

"Nope!" He then threw his head back to avoid your kisses.

"Jeonghan, please? I really don't hate you. I promise." You looked to him, pleading. You put your best pleading look on and begged for a kiss.

"God, you're so adorable. How do you know my weaknesses so well?" his lips puckered in fake anger before his features softened again and he finally gave into you and kissed you properly.

"Because I love you." You pecked his lips while he sat in shock and you quickly got off of his lap and ran to lock yourself in the bathroom before he could catch you and smother you with any more love.

"Ya! [y/n], get your cute butt back here!" You heard his socked feet thud after you down the hallway, and you rushed to close the door quickly, but his hand caught the door. You looked up to his eyes would be as he slowly inched it open, a smirk wide on his face.

"No! Don't do it!" You threw your arms out, trying to save yourself.

"I caught you~"
The way he looked at you took your breath away.  The was he walked was adorable and you watched him with adoration as you stifled giggles.

Your boyfriend stood next to you angrily.  He didn't look especially mad, but you could tel that he was upset.  His arms were crossed and and a frown adorned the corners of his mouth.  He wasn't happy.  It was weird to see him without a smile on his face, but he wasn't going to move.

He wasn't going to let you get that puppy, no matter how adorable it was.  Mark had joint custody of Coco, so that practically made you a step-parent to her.  And she was a handful sometimes, so you could see why Mark wouldn't want another dog, especially untrained and young.

Especially a territorial male dog who would no doubt end up humping either him, you, or Coco at one point or another, and Mark didn't want any of it.

So he wasn't going to let you go into that pet store.  Not with the intent of looking at that dog.

"C'mon.  We said we'd meet the guys at eight.  It's already seven thirty and we still have a ways to walk."  You glanced away from the beautiful brown puppy and into your boyfriend's beautiful brown eyes.  You smiled.

"Alright."  You took a step away from the window and held out your hand for Mark to intertwine into his. The two of you and the hyung line of GOT7 were all going clubbing, and you had been distracted your your way to the place from a nice dinner.

You shivered, and Mark shrugged off his jacket.  You weren't really cold, you just hoped he thought you were and give his jacket to you for you to inevitably jack since he'd forget that he had given it to you.  You smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks baby~"  He smiled at your nickname for him.  He was no longer angry about the puppy now that you were paying attention to him again.

"No problem, gorgeous."

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"Psst, c'mon, over here!" Namjoon was smiling, a candy-apple green lollipop keeping his teeth from touching. He was slowly getting off of cigarettes through Taehyung's gift of lollis. Taehyung grinned back. He liked Namjoon's attention, and he found himself looking for his approval or validation.

He didn't want to be alone.

Hurrying, Taehyung ran to keep up with his hyung. He shifted the bag on his shoulder, hearing the cans inside clink against one another noisily.

"Do you know what we're going to do this time?" Taehyung never really got to do it, but he was an accomplice, so he considered he and Namjoon a 'we.' Namjoon nodded though.

"Yeah. A flower." Taehyung nodded like he understood. He didn't, not really. He knew that Namjoon had a significance behind all of the graffiti that Tae had helped him with so far, but he didn't know what it had been yet, for any of the pieces.

So far, he had done a pack of cigarettes, a camera, a record, and a lone Icarus, flying towards the sun. Taehyung thought that maybe it was representative of their friends, but he could only tell the camera and record to be the two oldest. He had actually no idea who the flower could have been.

Taehyung liked watching Namjoon work on his spray-paint designs. He was always so focused. They were small pieces, but he knew exactly what to put where to make it look perfect. Taehyung admired that. Nothing he ever did in life was perfect.

His father had seen to that.

"Hand me the lighter pink?" Namjoon had a cardboard stencil held to the wall with one hand, the other extended towards Taehyun, expectant. Tae liked that Namjoon took him with him. It made him feel wanted and important. Neither of those were common feelings to the college dropout.

Taehyung handed the requested color off and set to watching Namjoon as he focused on his task. Namjoon was good at losing himself. He did it when he wrote as well. Short stories, poems, song lyrics. If either of them could play guitar, Taehyung would have probably taken to singing them by now. Yoongi had always told Tae that he could have made it big as an idol or something.  Maybe a model, as least, with his looks, but Yoongi thought that Taehyung could sing well.

"What do you think?" Namjoon's voice broke into Taehyung's thoughts, preventing the younger from crying. When Taehyung looked at the finished image, he was impressed. Like he usually was with his perfect hyung.

The flower was a light pink and lilac carnation with a broken green stem. It was beautiful.

Taehyung let out a low whistle. "Wow, you really outdid yourself, hyung, it's awesome!" He smiled widely to assure his hyung that he was telling the truth, since he knew how Namjoon was about liars. The now bubble-gum haired man smiled, almost ashamed.

"Really? Thanks, Taehyungie. That means a lot." He glancced at the wall art once more and then around the street, which was still as empty as it had been. Taehyung capped all of the spray cans and placed them back in the black bag before slinging it over his back. He smiled again, remembering the first time Namjoon had brought him, how they had almost gotten caught. That had been a wild ride, and frankly, Taehyung kind of wanted to do it again.

"You might as well move in with me," Namjoon said suddenly as the two boys headed to the subway station. "I mean, you practically live with me anyway. And your place has too many...memories." Neither of them mention that Jeongguk had been killed right outside in the street. Or that there were fights that had gone one a lot between some of them when they were shit-faced drunk or high off their asses, or sometimes even both.

"Might as well. I don't see any point in having my own place if I haven't even been there in a few weeks." Namjoon nodded. In reality, they were both scared. Neither of the boys wanted to be alone while all of their friends were dead, having died from terrible deaths. It was better for them to be together, and Namjoon thought that not only was there safety in numbers, it was less likely for either of them to commit suicide if they were together - Yoongi, Jimin and Hoseok had all been their own downfall, and Namjoon was not liking those odds.

"Do you have anything we need to get from your apartment?" Namjoon figured that it was best to get it now, before they got on a train headed to his own place in the opposite direction of Taehyung's.

"Yeah. Some clothes, a picture or two." Taehyung looked down, knowing the significance of what he was going to get. Namjon nodded and bought the train tickets headed downtown, where Tae's apartment was. Honestly, he wouldn't be surprised if they would have to break in to get the stuff since Taehyung probably hadn't paid rent in a while.

They rode on the train in comfortable silence, Taehyung resting his head on Namjoon's shoulder.  Both of the boys were lost in thought, but woke up when their stop was coming up. Taehyung shifted the bag from the floor, onto his shoulder, enjoying the rebellious 'clink' that the spray-paint cans gave off. They just oozed trouble, and Taehyung loved it. Even downtown, it was somewhat quiet, since it was three in the morning.

Namjoon followed Taehyung even though he knew where the place was. It was like the boy was possessed, headed towards a place he'd hoped he'd never have to see again after this.

Luckily, the door wasn't locked or sealed, even though it had been a few weeks since anyone (Jeongguk, actually) had been there. With a hesitant hand, Taehyung pushed the door open. It smelled bad in the all-but abandoned apartment, but that was to be expected.

Namjoon kept silent as he found a bag in the top of one of Tae's closets. He shook it open and held it out for Taehyung to put his things into. Tae dropped in a few shirts that he liked, a jacket, an extra pair of shoes and pants. And then two picture frames. One of the photos was a picture of all seven friends, taken at that ice rink when they had gone out of the city with Jeongguk, and then the other one that Seokjin had taken - the ones that had won the photography contest back in high school, with Taehyung wearing Jin's had at that dingy and drab playground with the dull bark chips.

Namjoon stayed silent as Taehyung walked around one more time, looking at the walls that had seen more of him that many of his friends ever had.

Namjoon had also kept silent as Taehyung nodded and walked out of the apartment, ready to leave that piece of him behind in the dust, reeking of booze and spoiled food.

The two boys - Namjoon holding Taehyung's bang, and Tae carrying Namjoon's - headed out to the subway station once again, this time to go to Namjoon's place, out in the outskirts of the city rather than in the center.

It was quieter out there, and the two boys didn't always want to fill the silence, but sometimes they did. Sometimes, Taehyung would sing songs that his mother taught to him ages ago, before she disappeared, leaving him and his sister with his father. Sometimes, Namjoon would teach Taehyung what English he remembered. They kind of passed time in a state of purgatory, between life and death, almost lost.

A few months later, Taehyung was walking home from his job at a supermarket. He headed towards Namjoon's job to hang out. He was listening to music, happy that his life was turning around, when he found himself wanting to do something stupid. He knew that Namjoon was almost finished with his 'art pieces,' which had been added to. A pair of wire glasses and a single lily flower joined the first five pieces. Tonight is the last piece.

With a wide smile on his face, Taehyung ran to Namjoon's gas station to ask permission for something.

"Namjoon!" Taehyung was out of breath by the time he got to the gas station, but luckily, Namjoon was outside. He watched with amusement as Taehyung bent over to try and fix his heart beat.

"Hey, what's up Tae? And aren't you forgetting something?" Taehyung blinked.

"Ah, sorry hyung." His heart dropped, realizing how familiar the words sounded.

"It's okay. You look excited." Namjoon smiled. "What did you want to ask?" Namjoon looked around, but there wasn't anything for him to do without customers. He knew Taehyung was itching to ask for something,

"Ah, I want to, when we go out tonight, I want to maybe do a piece like you do?" Or to mess around with the paint?" Taehyung had a light in his eyes that was different from any that Namjoon had seen before. He smiled and nodded to the younger boy. Taehyung's face lit up and was so excited.

"That sounds like fun, Tae. I get off in a little bit if you don't mind waiting for me before we head home?" Taehyung pretended to think.

"Okay, hyung. I'll go wait inside for you." Taehyung's smile, which had been buried for so long, was finally shown, and Namjoon smiled as well. He watched Taehyung go inside the convenience store before turning to watch a truck to pull into the gas station. He walked up to the driver side to ask if they wanted help.

Inside, Taehyung wandered up and down the short aisles, looking at what the decent store had to offer. Tae looked into his wallet and was pleased to find enough for two bowls of ramen. Excited, Tae ran outside to ask if Namjoon wanted any. He did, and for the flavor, he said to surprise him.

Taehyung chose two random flavors of ramen when he went back inside, wanting to try them both. He knew when Namjoon got off, so he waited to make it, sitting outside, chewing gum as he watched.

Gum that he had swiped while the girl at the register had rung him up, but Namjoon didn't know that.

When Namjoon finally got off his shift, Taehyung grabbed the plastic bag with the two cheap ramen bowls and stood up, stretching. Taehyung was supposed to have been thinking about what he was going to paint, but that's not what he did.

Instead, he thought about his sister.

What was she doing? She was a year and a half younger than Taehyung, so he hoped that she was maybe living on her own now, or with a friend. Maybe she went to school, she had always been talking about how much she loved to draw - maybe she had made it into art school? Or maybe she was just working, like him, trying to make ends meet. He'd have to try and visit her sometime. He hoped that she had a phone now.

He'd probably have to go back to his father's house to find out. He wasn't looking forward to that. He hoped that she didn't still live with him, taking his drunk and abusive behavior every day. That would absolutely destroy Taehyung, knowing that he had left her to such a fate. He'd have to go look soon.

When Namjoon and Taehyung were done eating, Taehyung pulled out a notebook and practiced writing different words to see what he thought would look the best.

"Hey hyung, how do you write 'unnecessary' in English?" Taehyung looked up, wondering if the word would look better like that than in hangul. Namjoon looked up from his book and spelt the word aloud for Taehyung. Diligently, he copied it down and thought about how it looked.

"I like it. Namjoon-hyung, I wanna do this one." Taehyung took the notebook over to Namjoon to show him the word. "See?"

"That's nice. Do you know what color yet?" Taehyung shook his head at Namjoon's question.

"I think that I'll figure it out while you're doing your thing. Hopefully." Taehyung chuckled dryly, turning to look again at his handwriting, set to memorizing the spelling.

"You know, you can write it down on your arm, Taehyungie. Unless you want me to write on your arm for you?" Namjoon chuckled, reaching for a pet to write on Tae' shockingly tan skin. Tae grinned and watched he the older boy, admiring the way his letters looked in red ink. Namjoon had very different handwriting from Taehyung's.

"When are we leaving, hyung?" Taehyung looked up innocently, looking ignorant enough for anyone to erase doubts that he had killed a man.

"I think in a little bit. I'll be quick this time since I know where I want to do my piece, but you should decide were you want yours." Taehyung nodded.

"Will we be anywhere near downtown? There's almost no way that we can get anywhere near uptown, so I think that'll be easier."

"Yeah," Namjoon said. "I think that's doable." Namjoon placed the red pen on the table next to Taehyung's half-empty notebook, and then headed to put his book away before changing. It was kind of cold outside, so he needed to dress warmer.

Taehyung started to daydream. Or rather, he slipped into a memory.

He was seventeen, and his sister had yet to turn sixteen. She would in a month or so, she was still fifteen. She was too thin and pale for her age, in Taehyung's opinion.

She was pretty though, and she'd be absolutely stunning if she'd ever have a good night's sleep. But the fear prevented her from that, the nightmares keeping her from sleeping completely through the nights, even if Taehyung slept with his body encasing hers.

His sister was everything then. But when he started to hang out with Jeongguk and when he was given dreams of college, to study the mind and to find out why it happened like this, he jumped and he took it.

Regardless of the price. Taehyung was hoping that it had just been half of his sanity, all but one friend, and any chance of sleeping through the night. He hoped his sister was okay.

Kim Jae-eun was an innocent girl that didn't deserve what life had given her. Taehyung was going to find her as soon as possible.

Taehyung remembered her birthday. Their father was working that day, and some of Jae-eun's friends at school had made her look so nice with makeup. She looked so cute, but she sad;y didn't have anywhere to go, even in that dress that Rae had managed to buy from the secondhand store with money scraped together from vending machines and couch cushions.

Their father didn't share money.

Seokjin had given Taehyung a cupcake earlier that day, and Tae saved it so that Jae-eun could have it. She had loved it, Taehyung knew. It was a nice sixteenth birthday for her, better than any birthday Taehyung had had.

But it hadn't lasted. Their father had some home early, before Jae-eun could wash her face and hide the dress.

That night wasn't the first he had been knocked out, only to wake up with an aching stomach and a bruised, crying Jae-eun.

"Ready to go, Tae?" Taehyung was snapped out of this thoughts by Namjoon.

"What was that? Sorry, hyung." Taehyung looked ashamed, but Namjoon shook his head and repeated himself. "Ah, let me grab my jacket, and we can go!" Taehyung tried to look cheerful again, but when he didn't think that Namjoon was looking, we was serious once more, Namjoon knew that Tae had secrets, but he always tried to let him have his space.

Taehyung grabbed his jacket and shrugged it on, along with grabbing his boots and the designated spray-paint can bag. Taehyung liked to call it his ARMY bag. Namjoon let him leave first, and locked up behind him, even though Taehyung had a key himself, he was too lost in thought. He'd probably forget. Namjoon didn't really want any vagrants to wander or make their way inside of his and Tae's place.

There was a silence between the two boys once again as they made their way to the subway station, but neither of them saw a need to fill it. Taehyung was thinking, and Namjoon was respecting that he needed time to do so, and was even happy to give it. The younger had paid the same respect many times in the years they had known each other.

"You looked spooked earlier, Tae, is everything alright?" Namjoon knew that it was a dangerous question to ask, but he waited up until they were on the train to ask it. Taehyung looked up from place on the floor he had been staring at.

"It's my sister. I'm worried about her." Taehyung confessed to Namjon, figuring that there was no reason to hide anymore. Namjoon blinked.

"You have a sister? I thought you were an only child?" Taehyun smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"It wouldn't be so bad if I was an only child, but I have to worry about Jae-eun. She never was too good at standing up for herself, and she doesn't bite back like I do." Taehyung blinked slowly, looking forlorn and like he missed his sister too. They must have been close, Namjoon thought.

"Why would you have to worry about her? It sounds like she depends on people, but if you're her brother, I'm sure that she has to at least pick out good people." At this, Tae started laughing bitterly.

"Namjoon-hyung, no offense, but I'm fucked up. There's a whole lot wrong with me, so I can only hope that I was selfish and took all the shitty traits, leaving her with all the good ones." Like the ones that made her out to be an easy target, someone their father took his time with when he was even minorly inconvenienced.

"Taehyung, we all make mistakes. We can't help that, it's part of being human. But you have good in you. I mean, I still hang out with you, right? I still sleep right next to you in my bed."

"Mainly because the only other places to sleep are the floor or the couch." Taehyung was in a sour mood, Namjoon could tell.

"I wouldn't let you stay with me, Taehyung, if I didn't want you in my place. You should know this by now." Namjoon put an arm around Tae's shoulders to try and reassure the younger boy. Namjoon didn't really know what else he could have done in that moment.

The train arrived.

The two boys stayed quiet as they headed to where Namjoon wanted his last piece. Taehyung had to resist the urge to hold Namjoon's hand as they walked. It would have made him feel safer.

"Hyung, what's your piece this time?" Taehyung looked both ways before duping the black ARMY bag on the ground, the cans inside clinking noisily against one another. Namjoon grinned.

"Just watch, you'll see." He sent a wink over his shoulder and held his hand out. "White?" Taehyung saw that he was free-handing this piece. The only other one he had done like this was the eyeglasses. Tae dug through the bag and handed the correct can to Namjoon.

The only other color he used was blue. A light blue and a dark blue, and it turned out to be a single butterfly. The pale colors of the wings stood out against the dirty wall, a ray of hope that Tae knew would soon be erased.

"What do you think?" Namjoon glanced at Taehyung, his finger still on the spray nozzle.

"It's perfect," Tae said. "You're brilliant, hyung." Namjoon flushed, still not used to people understanding his intentions. He nodded and capped his spray can. He tossed it in the bag, and Taehyung was amazed that it actually made it.

"Let's get something to drink before we go to your spot?" Tae nodded and zipped up the bag, throwing it over his shoulder. Namjoon and Taehyung made their way to a nearby 24-hour mart and that was when Namjoon realized that he only had money for one drink. He didn't see Taehyung snatch the second drink.

When the boys were far away enough from the store, Taehyung pulled out the stolen drink, and Namjoon was shocked, yet impressed. "Holy cow,Taehyung, that's, well. It's not okay, but that's a cool trick." Namjoon tried to play the part of a concerned parent, but it obviously didn't suit him. It would have suited Seokjin though.

Taehyung shrugged and took a sip. "Aw man, I was going for alcohol." He looked at the label and saw that he had grabbed a cider or soft drink instead. At least it wasn't juice. Namjoon laughed at Taehyung, and then covered his mouth. But then Taehyung started to laugh too.

When Namjoon and Taehyung got home later, a new scarlet word painted on the city, they both fell asleep quickly. It was so late. Taehyung relished in the small distance between him and his hyung. That didn't stop him from having a nightmare.

"How does that look, hyung?" Taehyung looked over to Namjoon, who was leaning against the wall that Taehyung was spray painting. Tae was trying to get Namjoon's seal of approval, and the older man smiled, but before he could speak, a light came on. The cops had caught them in the act, and so they did the most logical thing - they ran.

Of course they were caught. They hadn't gotten far, and Taehyung winced when he was shoved against the patrol car, being handcuffed. He looked to Namjoon, desperate to know if his hyung hated him or not, reaching for any handful of reassurance, but Namjoon just looked pissed and his glare was looking straight through Taehyung, even if he was smiling.

He had failed. Taehyung didn't have anyone left in the world that liked him. Surely his sister hated him, since he had left her with their beast of a father. Taehyung was all alone now.

"Taehyung!" Namjoon's shout had woken Tae, the older man having been moments from shaking Tae. "Taehyung, you were whimpering, and even though you had all the blankets, like usual, you were shivering. What were you dreaming about?" Taehyung didn't say anything and simply started to cry.

"Hyung, I'm sorry." He sat up and hugged Namjoon while bawling. "I'm, so, so sorry hyung. I'm sorry." They sat like that for a while, until Taehyung couldn't cry anymore, and even past that, until Taehyung fell back asleep. Namjoon stroked Taehyung's back the entire time, hoping to help the haunted boy. He reassured him that everything was like it had been and that he only had a nightmare, but Taehyung had just sobbed.

Not just over the nightmare, but over everything. He finally cried over the loss of all of their friends, over how relieved he was to have gotten out of his father's house, over how many bad things he had done. He was sorry for everything, not just allowing Namjoon and himself to be caught in the dream.

He really was sorry.

Because of the restless night, Taehyung ended up sleeping most of the day while Namjoon kept his regular schedule, and even called in for Taehyung, saying that he was sick and couldn't make his shift.

When Taehyung woke up, Namjoon told him the time and made him food. Taehyung was timid and small in the moment, a look that almost scared Namjoon. Taehyung really didn't want Namjoon to work his night shift.

"I can't miss, Taetae, I'm sorry. I can't miss, I don't have any more sick days and we can't afford for me to not work." Taehyung felt like something was wrong when he saw Namjoon leave that evening. He felt like he was making a mistake.

While Namjoon was gone, Taehyung wandered around the small home. He didn't know what to do with time. Eventually, Taehyung pulled out a phonebook to look for one Kim Jae-eun. There wasn't one. It wasn't surprising, but it was really saddening. That left him no choice but to call up his dreaded father.

The phone rang only once before it picked up. Taehyung's father was not the one to pick it up. It was Jae-eun.

"Hello?" Taehyung hadn't heard her voice in so long, that he forgot everything that he was going to say. He was planning on speaking to his father anyway, despite it being some three or four i the morning. Taehyung hadn't even picked up on the fact that Jae-eun was whispering.

"Jae-eun?" He whispered too, but out of a numb, shocked sense rather than a scared one.

"Oh my God, Taehyung?" She got a little loud and realized it, squeaking before falling quiet again. "Where did you dgo?" Taehyung thought for a moment about everything that had happened.

"That's not important. What about you? Jaeeun, are you still with dad?" Taehyung's tongue stung with the question, but it had to be asked, even if he already knew the answer.

"Tae, you don't understand. I tried to leave, but I couldn't make it on my own, and my so called 'friends' were no help. I had nowhere to go." And he couldn't take her in when he had been drunk and high ninety percent of the time. He was sober now though.

"Jae-eun, come live with me and my hyung. Namjoon-hyung would be understanding. Do you have a job?" Taehyung wasn't going to let Jae-eun stay with that bastard if he could help it.

"Yeah, but Taehyung, I can't let you do that." She spoke softly. And that's when Taehyung realized why.

"He's home. Is he asleep, or is he blocking your calls?" she hesitated.

"Well, both. The only reason I can talk is because he's asleep."

"Pack up. I'm coming to get you, Jae-eun. Be quiet, I'll be there soon, I promise." Jae-eun was living a life that nobody should have to live, of course Taehyung was going to get her.

"Okay, I'll see you soon, Tae, I love you." Taehyung smiled. She hadn't said that to him since middle school.

"I love you, Jae-eun." He hung up and grabbed his keys, his wallet and his phone, putting them in his jacket pocket. He made sure to lock the door, and as he was halfway to the subway station, he realized that it was dark out. He didn't know what time it had been, when he left the house, thinking that maybe it was ten at night? It really wasn't.

Taehyung sat on the edge of his seat, bouncing his leg. He couldn't believe that he was doing this.

As Taehyung was on the train, and Jae-eun was packing a little too loudly, Namjoon was standing out by the gas pumps, bundled up against the cold.

He didn't know what was about to happen, in any regards. A truck pulled up to get gas, one that he had seen before, but when the window rolled down, he saw Seokjin.

"Hyung?" Jin smiled at Namjoon's shocked face, and opened his mouth, but the voice wasn't his.

"You're gonna pay for ruining my paint job, lollipop boy." Namjoon linked, and a number of things happened in succession. A loud shot rang around the gas station, resonating in the empty, early morning. Namjoon's mouth opened in shock, a toxic green lollipop falling to the ground. It seemed like slow motion, and he fell too, soon after, as the truck drove away. Namjoon was cold, despite the layers of clothing he wore.

His co-worker was playing his music too loudly to notice and wouldn't know what happened until another two hours later, when another customer found Namjoon's lifeless body, his cell phone ringing in his pockets silently.

While Namjoon was attacked, Jae-Eun had accidentally woken her father, and he saw her packing. He lashed out, hitting her flush against her cheek. A bruise started to form immediately.  Five minutes later, as he was holding her up by her wrists to knee her in the stomach, Taehyung opened the door that Jae-eun had left unlocked for him so that he wouldn't have to knock. He saw the position they were in, and he snapped. It wasn't okay for her to be abused. It wasn't okay for their father to hit them, so Taehyung did what he did next out of pure anger.

He didn't intend for it to go so far. But next he knew, he was grabbing a beer bottle and lurching forward, pulling Jae-eun out of the way and breaking the bottle over his father's head. When the man started to throw punches, Taehyung took that as a sign of his not submitting before him, and fought right back.

Up until he stabbed his father with the broken bottle, right in the spot where he could potentially hit vital organs.

It was an accident, but Taehyung wasn't even on anything, not like he had been with Seokjin, he swore. He hadn't taken anything or gotten drunk since Hoseok had cleaned his place out, and he didn't want to insult their memories.

Oh God, this was the second person he's killed. He hoped that he hadn't killed his father, and found himself regretting every time he ever wished that he would go die, but with the blood on his hands and Jae-eun's screaming, he didn't know how likely it would be for his survival.

With Seokjin, Taehyung had been frozen with realization and pain, but this time, Taehyung fled with fear and a painful glee. He ran, and ran, and ran, until he couldn't anymore.

He ran to the only place he thought he couldn't be found, and that was the abandoned pool that Jeongguk had showed them roughly five years ago. The memories had been nice there, but Taehyung felt like he was tainting the place with the negative vibes rolling off of him in not just waves but in sheets and blocks and entirely impossible amounts for any sane person.

He collapsed in the maintenance shack nearby to try and avoid the main pool area and sat, shock still for a good hour or two, collecting his thoughts. He didn't even realize that he was crying, shaking, rocking himself until he snapped out of it, the birds around him chirping loudly. He was in the forest after all.

Looking around, face numb yet with tears still leaking at a much slower rate, he spotted a water bottle. Lucky. He wouldn't have to look at the red on his hands anymore. He hated the color red now.

With a sluggish hand, as he swallowed thickly, he hesitated. He tried to call Namjoon, but the man didn't pick up. That was typical of him, since he avoided answering his phone during work. With a still-shaking hand, Taehyung dialed a number of someone he hadn't seen in a year.

"Hyung," he said, when the answering machine prompted him to leave a message - he hadn't been expecting a dead man to answer after all. He tried to not fall apart again, not wanting to sob into the receiver. "I want to see you, hyung."


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