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EDIT: Excuse the wonkiness, this ref is a little old now xD

Finally made this gal's ref! She doesn't have very much of a story yet, just bits and pieces I've come up with. I've been wanting to develop her story through RP on Feralheart, but I have yet to find a partner or a group for her. I want siteless and mapless (Mapless because the new maps are good enough, they're so gorgeous!<3), at least semi-lit to literate, and semi-realistic to realistic. Aaaannnd for my RP partner to download her preset XD 

Even though this stuff is in the sheet, I'ma write it here. vwv 

Name: Jaelyn (JAY-LIN)
Nickname(s): Jae/Jay
Sex: Female 
Species: Liligress (Mother was a liger, father a lion)
Universe: Original/TLK 
Siblings: Milra, Kieji, and Dechs
Cubs: Bize, Binston, and Jariba
Mate: N/A
Personality: Strong-willed, Dependable, Unmindful, Patient, Daredevil, Adventurous, Can be very passive aggressive, Competitive, Itinerant, Caring, Independent, Adrenaline Junkie
- Slow runner and poor hunter 
- Has slightly more stamina than she would have if she wasn't constantly pushing herself. 
- Very strong and powerful, a skilled fighter (aside from being slow) 

Bio: Jaelyn, also known by "Jae" (Jay), is an adventurous daredevil. She has a large and muscular build, and is the size of a large male lion. Many blame it on her tiger genes, but she has an unusual lack of interest in permanently residing in a pride. She'd rather travel and see all she can! She always has a story to tell, and her friendly and approachable personality make it easy for her to find shelter in generous prides. She can be a bit bad at listening to others, resulting in her being somewhat oblivious to others' problems. She won't let anyone hold her back from what she wants to do, but that can be harmful to some relationships. She has friends, but doesn't usually get extremely attached to any of them. Because of this, among other traits of her personality, she does get lonely at times. While she likes her alone time and traveling, she can become depressed if she lacks socialization for too long. This usually results in her visiting her best friend's pride, her birth pride, or any pride that her siblings are in. While she doesn't ALWAYS get attached to others, there are other lions that she deeply loves and would drop even her own ambitions for. 

Jae ended up in a relationship with another kind of liger (in this universe, everyone is fertile xD) who didn't turn out to be the best guy. In fact, he ended up giving her one of the scars on her neck. The only reason she didn't regret being with him were the three cubs he gave her. For a long time she had wanted to start a 'pride' that would travel and share adventures with her, and finally she had them. She had to stay put for a while until the cubs were big enough to travel with her, but she was pleased to see that they were all about as adventurous as she was. Their first destination was to her best friend's pride, where she encouraged her cubs to socialize with the other lions and cubs.

Jaeyln has a tendency to get herself into dangerous situations on her travels and need for adrenaline. One such situation gave her both permanent scars on her paw and her best friend.
She had been climbing a large cliff of rocks, but right when she was at the top, the rocks and dirt crumbled beneath her back paws and her front claws weren't enough to keep her hanging on. Just as her paws slipped down, a stranger bolted forward and snapped her jaws onto one of Jae's paws. Jaelyn was very heavy, especially to be held only by her paw. Luckily, the lionesses who attempted to save her had some help nearby. Together, they hauled Jaelyn on top of the cliff. Aside from a bloody paw on Jae and a bloody mouth on Duman ( ), everyone was alright. Jaelyn stuck around to help out with anything she could to thank them for saving her. She ended up getting along really well with Duman and the other lion, so they became close friends. 

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